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Define code owners and update list of maintainers
This is a follow up of "Project Maintenance Process" created here: ttps://developer.trustedfirmware.org/w/collaboration/project-maintenance-process/ The document defines roles of maintainers, code owners and contributors. This update lists Code owners and maintainers for TF-M project. Added code owners of NXP, STM and Cypress platforms. Change the owner of Audit log to Jamie Fox Signed-off-by: Anton Komlev <anton.komlev@arm.com> Change-Id: Ia47b0587d91f00d64692e838f7dd0b90683d7bfa Signed-off-by: Anton Komlev <anton.komlev@arm.com>
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+Trusted Firmware-M (TF-M) is an open govcommunity project.
+All contributions are ultimately merged by the maintainers listed below.
+Technical ownership of most parts of the codebase falls on the code owners
+listed below. An acknowledgement from these code owners is required before
+the maintainers merge a contribution.
-Trusted Firmware M is a community maintained project. Contributions can only
-be approved and merged by the maintainers listed below.
-Sub-maintainers' approval is required for their specific areas of ownership.
+More details may be found in the `Project Maintenance Process
-Contributions must follow the instructions in
-:doc:`Contributing Guidelines </docs/contributing/contributing>`.
-Main maintainers
Abhishek Pandit
:email: `abhishek.pandit@arm.com <abhishek.pandit@arm.com>`__
@@ -23,8 +23,13 @@ Miklos Balint
:email: `miklos.balint@arm.com <miklos.balint@arm.com>`__
:github: `wmnt <https://github.com/wmnt>`__
+Anton Komlev
+ :email: `Anton.Komlev@arm.com <Anton.Komlev@arm.com>`__
+ :github: `Anton-TF <https://github.com/Anton-TF>`__
+Code owners
@@ -33,8 +38,8 @@ Tamas Ban
:email: `Tamas.Ban@arm.com <Tamas.Ban@arm.com>`__
:github: `tamban01 <https://github.com/tamban01>`__
-Secure Storage (ITS & PS)
+Secure Storage
Jamie Fox
:email: `jamie.fox@arm.com <jamie.fox@arm.com>`__
@@ -52,18 +57,18 @@ SPM & IPC
Ken Liu
:email: `Ken.Liu@arm.com <Ken.Liu@arm.com>`__
- :github: `KenLSoft <https://github.com/KenLSoft>`__)
+ :github: `KenLSoft <https://github.com/KenLSoft>`__
Mate Toth-Pal
:email: `Mate.Toth-Pal@arm.com <Mate.Toth-Pal@arm.com>`__
- :github: `matetothpal <https://github.com/matetothpal>`__)
+ :github: `matetothpal <https://github.com/matetothpal>`__
Audit Log
-Anton Komlev
- :email: `Anton.Komlev <Anton.Komlev@arm.com>`__
- :github: `Anton-TF <https://github.com/Anton-TF>`__
+Jamie Fox
+ :email: `jamie.fox@arm.com <jamie.fox@arm.com>`__
+ :github: `jf549 <https://github.com/jf549>`__
@@ -72,6 +77,52 @@ Tamas Ban
:email: `Tamas.Ban@arm.com <Tamas.Ban@arm.com>`__
:github: `tamban01 <https://github.com/tamban01>`__
+CMake Build System
+Anton Komlev
+ :email: `Anton.Komlev@arm.com <Anton.Komlev@arm.com>`__
+ :github: `Anton-TF <https://github.com/Anton-TF>`__
+Arm Platforms: MPS2, MPS3, Musca(A,B1,S1)
+Mark Horvath
+ :email: `Mark.Horvath@arm.com <mark.horvath@arm.com>`__
+ :github: `mark-horvath-arm <https://github.com/mark-horvath-arm>`__
+Lakshmi Kailasanathan
+ :email: `Lakshmi.Kailasanathan@arm.com <lakshmi.kailasanathan@arm.com>`__
+ :github: `lakkai <https://github.com/lakkai>`__
+NXP Platforms
+Andrej Butok
+ :email: `Andrej.Butok@nxp.com <andrey.butok@nxp.com>`__
+ :github: `AndreyButokNXP <https://github.com/AndreyButokNXP>`__
+STM Platforms: DISCO_L562QE, NUCLEO_L552ZE_Q
+Michel JAOUEN
+ :email: `Michel.Jaouen@st.com <michel.jaouen@st.com>`__
+ :github: `jamike <https://github.com/jamike>`__
+Cypress Platform:
+Chris Brand
+ :email: `Chris Brand@cypress.com <chris.brand@cypress.com>`__
+ :github: `UEWBot <https://github.com/UEWBot>`__
+Raymond Ngun
+ :email: `Raymond.Ngunn@cypress.com <raymond.ngunn@cypress.com>`__
+ :github: `RaymondNgun <https://github.com/RaymondNgun>`__
*Copyright (c) 2017-2020, Arm Limited. All rights reserved.*