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Docs: Refine tfm_sw_requirement.rst
Simplify the tfm software requirement document and change the document to 'tfm_getting_started.rst', let it more suitable for new starter. Signed-off-by: Summer Qin <summer.qin@arm.com> Change-Id: I10379aa92ac2c6cd784f0fd1b1b5431243716d74
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@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ Contributions to the TF-M project need to follow the process below.
- Clone the TF-M code on your own machine from `TF-M git repository
- - Follow the :doc:`SW Requirements </docs/getting_started/tfm_sw_requirement>`,
+ - Follow the :doc:`TF-M getting started </docs/getting_started/tfm_getting_started>`,
:doc:`Build Instructions </docs/technical_references/instructions/tfm_build_instruction>` and
:doc:`Coding Guide </docs/contributing/coding_guide>` for the TF-M project.
- Make your changes in logical chunks to help reviewers. Each commit should
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@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ The following short-list provides a quick summary of the rules.
- If the patch modifies a present file, the file's style should be followed
- If creating a new file,
- :doc:`integration guide </docs/getting_started/tfm_sw_requirement>` can be used as a reference.
+ :doc:`integration guide </docs/integration_guide/tfm_integration_guide>` can be used as a reference.
- When a new style is to be expressed, consult the `Python Documentation Guidelines`_
@@ -186,7 +186,7 @@ will not be added to the index (So it cannot be referenced if needed)
Other types of tables such as list-tables and csv-tables are also permitted, as
-seen on :doc:`/docs/getting_started/tfm_sw_requirement` and
+seen on :doc:`/docs/getting_started/tfm_getting_started` and
@@ -236,7 +236,7 @@ A document included in the documentation can be referenced by the `doc:` notatio
.. code-block:: restructuredtext
- :doc:`integration guide </docs/getting_started/tfm_sw_requirement>`
+ :doc:`integration guide </docs/integration_guide/tfm_integration_guide>`
The path is relative to the root of the Trusted Firmware-M code.
@@ -248,7 +248,7 @@ In order to reference a specific section of a document, up to level 4 headers
.. code-block:: restructuredtext
- :ref:`docs/getting_started/tfm_sw_requirement:Tool & Dependency overview`
+ :ref:`docs/getting_started/tfm_getting_started:Tool & Dependency overview`
This can also be used to quickly scroll to the specific section of the current
document. This technique can be used to add complex table in the bottom of a
diff --git a/docs/contributing/tfm_design_proposal_process.rst b/docs/contributing/tfm_design_proposal_process.rst
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@@ -69,8 +69,8 @@ In order to work on TF-M documentation the TF-M git repository has to be
available locally. Setting up the documentation tools will allow pre-viewing the
documentation file in preparation.
For information on what tools are needed please refer to
-:doc:`sw requirements </docs/getting_started/tfm_sw_requirement>`. To see how to get
-a local copy of the TF-M repository please see
+:doc:`TF-M getting started </docs/getting_started/tfm_getting_started>`. To see
+how to get a local copy of the TF-M repository please see
:doc:`build instructions </docs/technical_references/instructions/tfm_build_instruction>`
Process steps