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Build: Semantic versioning support
This patch modifies the project's versioning schema to support semantic versioning. The new schema going forward is: <Major>.<Minor>.Hotfix> The patch updates: • The TF-M version macros * Previous releases' documentation * The version detection logic for documentation to support old and new schema Signed-off-by: Minos Galanakis <minos.galanakis@arm.com> Change-Id: I6baa0cab849d656c8d756d4a70c10c258ef3001c
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Although this document specifies the release cadence, this does not preclude
an adhoc release for specific project requirements.
+Release Version Scheme
+Trusted Firmware-M uses a semantic versioning scheme. A version number is
+compiled as a dot separated set of numbers:
+- <MAJOR>: Major release version for significant feature and API changes.
+- <MINOR>: Minor release version for incremental features and API changes.
+- <HOTFIX>: Used only for backporting **critical bug fix/security patches**.
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