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authorKevin Peng <kevin.peng@arm.com>2020-12-07 17:07:39 +0800
committerKevin Peng <kevin.peng@arm.com>2021-01-14 10:14:05 +0800
commitcba37d3bacc5aaecc024062f3a9b08f5db1582ae (patch)
parent7bd5b91dcd83b6a659445903d2f7e14f68e4f597 (diff)
Build: Fetch tf-m-tests repo with fixed versionfeature-fwu-partition
The build system currently fetches the latest tf-m-tests repo always. The build would be broken if there was a dependency change between TF-M repo and test repo and developer was working on a older TF-M commit. This patch changes the version of tf-m-tests to be fetched to specific commits. With this patch, the build system will download a fixed workable version of tf-m-tests. Documentation on how the version will be updated is also added. Change-Id: Ia6fbf824f1cc3e3509aebe3ad71b04291a81c8a2 Signed-off-by: Kevin Peng <kevin.peng@arm.com>
2 files changed, 22 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/config/config_default.cmake b/config/config_default.cmake
index f7e633b624..d5773c3597 100644
--- a/config/config_default.cmake
+++ b/config/config_default.cmake
@@ -151,7 +151,7 @@ set(TFM_MBEDCRYPTO_CONFIG_PATH "${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/lib/ext/mbedcrypto/
set(TFM_MBEDCRYPTO_PLATFORM_EXTRA_CONFIG_PATH "" CACHE PATH "Config to append to standard Mbed Crypto config, used by platforms to cnfigure feature support")
set(TFM_TEST_REPO_PATH "DOWNLOAD" CACHE PATH "Path to TFM-TEST repo (or DOWNLOAD to fetch automatically")
-set(TFM_TEST_REPO_VERSION "master" CACHE STRING "The version of tf-m-tests to use")
+set(TFM_TEST_REPO_VERSION "a1fee3d" CACHE STRING "The version of tf-m-tests to use")
set(CMSIS_5_PATH "DOWNLOAD" CACHE PATH "Path to CMSIS_5 (or DOWNLOAD to fetch automatically")
set(MCUBOOT_PATH "DOWNLOAD" CACHE PATH "Path to MCUboot (or DOWNLOAD to fetch automatically")
diff --git a/docs/getting_started/tfm_build_instruction.rst b/docs/getting_started/tfm_build_instruction.rst
index 12c3bd1591..1a8e4b96ff 100644
--- a/docs/getting_started/tfm_build_instruction.rst
+++ b/docs/getting_started/tfm_build_instruction.rst
@@ -492,6 +492,27 @@ For required versions of the dependencies, refer to ``config/config_default.cmak
.. _sphinx-build: https://www.sphinx-doc.org/en/master/man/sphinx-build.html
.. _Doxygen: https://www.doxygen.nl
+TF-M Tests
+Dependency auto downloading is used by default.
+The TF-M build system downloads the tf-m-tests repo with a fixed version
+specified by ``TFM_TEST_REPO_VERSION`` in ``config/config_default.cmake``.
+The version can be a release tag or a commit hash.
+Developers who want a different version of tf-m-tests can override
+``TFM_TEST_REPO_PATH`` to a local copy with the desired version.
+As the test repo is part of the TF-M project and coupled with TF-M repo a lot,
+The version should be updated when there are dependency changes between the TF-M
+repo and the test repo and when there is a complete change merged in test repo.
+A complete change is one or more patches that are for the same purpose, for
+example a new test suite or enhancements on the test cases.
+Patches in one change can be merge individually provided they do not break
+anything or cause any regressions.
+But the version in the TF-M gets updated only when all the patches are merged.
Example: building TF-M for AN521 platform with local Mbed Crypto