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authorØyvind Rønningstad <oyvind.ronningstad@nordicsemi.no>2020-06-09 12:34:32 +0200
committerAnton Komlev <Anton.Komlev@arm.com>2020-06-22 10:59:45 +0000
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docs: contributing.rst: Add details about submitting patches to Gerrit
Add HTTPS push link, and add link to where to add credentials. Also add more details about Change-Id, and remove line about "other fields" since it doesn't have any examples and is not required to submit the patch. Also, remove line about adding the task ID since I can't see that it is being done in the commits on master. Change-Id: Ib0db5087f80f726877af00cb8bc4e86e26ff0822 Signed-off-by: Øyvind Rønningstad <oyvind.ronningstad@nordicsemi.no>
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diff --git a/docs/contributing/contributing.rst b/docs/contributing/contributing.rst
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--- a/docs/contributing/contributing.rst
+++ b/docs/contributing/contributing.rst
@@ -47,14 +47,25 @@ Contributions to the TF-M project need to follow the process below.
Sign off authority needs to adhere to the [DCO](./dco.txt) rules.
- - You may add other fields in the commit message. Need to add the Task ID link
- in the comment for the commit.
+ - You must add a `Change-Id
+ <https://review.trustedfirmware.org/Documentation/user-changeid.html>` to
+ the commit message, which can be generated any way you like (e.g. from the
+ SHA of the commit), or use the commit hook.
+ - Create a user in the `TF-M Gerrit <https://review.trustedfirmware.org>`,
+ then add `SSH keys or HTTP credentials
+ <https://review.trustedfirmware.org/settings/>`.
- Submit your patch for review.
.. code-block:: shell
git push ssh://review.trustedfirmware.org:29418/TF-M/trusted-firmware-m.git HEAD:refs/for/master
+ or
+ .. code-block:: shell
+ git push https://review.trustedfirmware.org/TF-M/trusted-firmware-m.git HEAD:refs/for/master
- Add relevant :doc:`maintainers </docs/contributing/maintainers>` for reviewing
the patch.
- You may be asked to provide further details or make additional changes.