BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
TF-Mv1.1-stack-seal-mitigationSPM: Add a panic after NS jumpingKen Liu4 months
feature-doc-hostingDoc: Added M2R library dependencyGalanakis, Minos19 months
feature-fwu-partitionBuild: Fetch tf-m-tests repo with fixed versionKevin Peng5 days
feature-ipcPlatform: Correct region nameEdison Ai23 months
feature-isolation-level3Test: Add a negative test case for level 3 in tf-m part.Shawn Shan3 months
feature-psa-dev-api-updateSST: Implement PSA Protected Storage 1.0Galanakis, Minos12 months
feature-twincpuBuild: Update PSoC6 documentationAndrei Narkevitch13 months
feature-ux-buildsystemPlatform: stm32l5xx: Create a dedicated stm_tool.pyMichel Jaouen6 months
masterBuild: Make t_cose and QCBOR optionalRaef Coles10 hours
sandbox/twincpu/m0pCore: Support set reverse handle during connectingEdison Ai23 months
TF-Mv1.2.0trusted-firmware-m-TF-Mv1.2.0.tar.gz  Anton Komlev8 weeks
TF-Mv1.2-RC3trusted-firmware-m-TF-Mv1.2-RC3.tar.gz  Anton Komlev9 weeks
TF-Mv1.2-RC2trusted-firmware-m-TF-Mv1.2-RC2.tar.gz  Anton Komlev2 months
TF-Mv1.2-RC1trusted-firmware-m-TF-Mv1.2-RC1.tar.gz  Raef Coles2 months
TF-Mv1.1trusted-firmware-m-TF-Mv1.1.tar.gz  Anton Komlev6 months
TF-Mv1.1-RC2trusted-firmware-m-TF-Mv1.1-RC2.tar.gz  Balint Matyi7 months
TF-Mv1.1-RC1trusted-firmware-m-TF-Mv1.1-RC1.tar.gz  Kevin Peng7 months
TF-Mv1.0trusted-firmware-m-TF-Mv1.0.tar.gz  Minos Galanakis10 months
TF-Mv1.0-RC3trusted-firmware-m-TF-Mv1.0-RC3.tar.gz  Tamas Ban14 months
dualcpu_l2_v01trusted-firmware-m-dualcpu_l2_v01.tar.gz  David Hu15 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
10 hoursBuild: Make t_cose and QCBOR optionalHEADmasterRaef Coles
4 daysBuild: Exclude log source files in silence log levelShawn Shan
4 daysSPM: Override SPM log level according to build typeShawn Shan
4 daysSPRTL: Add log level support for Secure partitionShawn Shan
4 daysSPM: Provide an SVC entrance for the unprivileged logShawn Shan
5 daysBuild: Fetch tf-m-tests repo with fixed versionfeature-fwu-partitionKevin Peng
5 daysDocs: Fixed a minor issue with version stringMinos Galanakis
6 daysDocs: Update URL of API DocumentsXinyu Zhang
7 daysTools: Move UART symbols out of test partition sectionShawn Shan
7 daysHotfix: Fix some typosSummer Qin