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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-12-14Remove dashes from image names: 'BL3-x' --> 'BL3x'Juan Castillo
2015-12-14Replace all SCP FW (BL0, BL3-0) referencesJuan Castillo
2015-12-14TBB: apply TBBR naming convention to certificates and extensionsJuan Castillo
2015-12-09FWU: Add FWU support to `fip_create` toolYatharth Kochar
2015-12-09FWU: Add FWU support to `cert_create` toolYatharth Kochar
2015-10-23cert_create: specify command line options in the CoTJuan Castillo
2015-10-23cert_create: improve command line argument checkJuan Castillo
2015-07-16TBB: rework cert_create tool to follow a data driven approachJuan Castillo
2015-07-01TBB: build 'cert_create' with ECDSA only if OpenSSL supports itJuan Castillo
2015-06-25TBB: add ECDSA support to the certificate generation toolJuan Castillo
2015-06-25TBB: use ASN.1 type DigestInfo to represent hashesJuan Castillo
2015-04-28Allow deeper platform port directory structureDan Handley
2015-03-05TBB: use SHA256 to generate the certificate signaturesJuan Castillo
2015-01-28TBB: add support to include certificates in a FIP imageJuan Castillo
2015-01-28TBB: add tool to generate certificatesJuan Castillo
2014-12-10fip_create: don't succeed if one of the passed files doesn't existKévin Petit
2014-11-26Fix problem of dependencies on the fiptool makefile targetSandrine Bailleux
2014-05-19Improve BL3-0 documentationHarry Liebel
2014-05-06Always use named structs in header filesDan Handley
2014-05-06Move include and source files to logical locationsDan Handley
2014-03-21FIP tool: Fix error message for missing FIP filenameSandrine Bailleux
2014-03-21FIP tool: Add support for '--help' option.Sandrine Bailleux
2014-03-21FIP tool: Small optimisation for option parsingSandrine Bailleux
2014-02-20Cleanup FIP build targets and messagesJeenu Viswambharan
2014-02-17Add Firmware Image Package creation toolHarry Liebel