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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-14Update makefile to build fiptool for WindowsSami Mujawar
2020-09-14Fix fiptool packaging issue on windowsSami Mujawar
2020-09-07tools: Set the tool's default binary nameManish V Badarkhe
2020-08-23tools: Get the tool's binary name from the main makefileManish V Badarkhe
2020-08-14SPM: Alter sp_gen.mk entry depending on owner of partitionRuari Phipps
2020-08-12cert_create: add Platform owned secure partitions supportManish Pandey
2020-08-04Use abspath to dereference $BUILD_BASEGrant Likely
2020-07-16Merge "fiptool: return zero status on help and help <command>" into integrationjoanna.farley
2020-07-10tools: doimage: change the binary image alignment to 16Konstantin Porotchkin
2020-07-10tools: doimage: migrate to mbedtls v2.8 APIsKonstantin Porotchkin
2020-07-06fiptool: return zero status on help and help <command>Leonardo Sandoval
2020-06-24cert_tool: Update cert_tool for fw_config image supportManish V Badarkhe
2020-06-24fiptool: Add fw_config in FIPManish V Badarkhe
2020-06-11cert_create: extend Secure partition support for tbbr CoTManish Pandey
2020-06-08sptool: append cert_tool arguments.Manish Pandey
2020-06-08cert_create: add SiP owned secure partitions supportManish Pandey
2020-03-10Merge changes from topic "sb/dualroot" into integrationSandrine Bailleux
2020-03-06tools: Add firmware authenticated encryption toolSumit Garg
2020-02-26Merge "tools: Small improvement to print_memory_map script" into integrationSandrine Bailleux
2020-02-24cert_create: Define the dualroot CoTSandrine Bailleux
2020-02-20SPMD: generate and add Secure Partition blobs into FIPManish Pandey
2020-02-14tools: Small improvement to print_memory_map scriptLouis Mayencourt
2020-02-10SPM: modify sptool to generate individual SP blobsManish Pandey
2020-01-29cert_create: Remove references to TBBR in common codeSandrine Bailleux
2020-01-29cert_create: Introduce COT build optionSandrine Bailleux
2020-01-29cert_create: Introduce TBBR CoT makefileSandrine Bailleux
2020-01-14cert_create: Remove some unused header files inclusionsSandrine Bailleux
2019-11-25tools: Add show_memory scriptLouis Mayencourt
2019-09-12Remove RSA PKCS#1 v1.5 support from cert_toolJustin Chadwell
2019-09-12Add cert_create tool support for RSA key sizesJustin Chadwell
2019-09-05meson: Rename platform directory to amlogicCarlo Caione
2019-08-16Reduce the number of memory leaks in cert_createJustin Chadwell
2019-07-02tools/fiptool: Add Makefile.msvc to build on Windows.Girish Pathak
2019-04-02meson/gxl: Add tool to create bl31 bootable imagesRemi Pommarel
2019-04-02rcar_gen3: plat: Add initial D3 supportMarek Vasut
2019-03-12tools: Remove TODO from fiptoolPaul Beesley
2019-03-12tools: Remove unused cert_create definesPaul Beesley
2019-01-29tools/fiptool: Fix UUID parsing in blob handlingAndre Przywara
2018-12-11SPM: sptool: Introduce tool to package SP and RDAntonio Nino Diaz
2018-11-08Standardise header guards across codebaseAntonio Nino Diaz
2018-11-01Merge pull request #1623 from MISL-EBU-System-SW/a3700-supportAntonio Niño Díaz
2018-10-22tools: Move doimage to marvell folder for future add-onsKonstantin Porotchkin
2018-10-18Merge pull request #1632 from Yann-lms/stm32mp1_mmcSoby Mathew
2018-10-17rcar-gen3: initial commit for the rcar-gen3 boardsJorge Ramirez-Ortiz
2018-10-15stm32mp1: update platform files to use MMC devicesYann Gautier
2018-10-10Merge pull request #1612 from antonio-nino-diaz-arm/an/toolsSoby Mathew
2018-10-10Merge pull request #1489 from teknoraver/masterSoby Mathew
2018-10-04tools: Make invocation of host compiler correctAntonio Nino Diaz
2018-10-03tools: Fix broken object compilation rulesJan Kiszka
2018-09-28fip_create: Remove fip_create compatibility scriptdp-arm