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4 daysfix(plat/fvp): provide boot files via semihostingStas Sergeev
These files are needed during boot, but they were missing for semihosting. With this patch, the list of files is complete enough to boot on ATF platform via semihosting. Change-Id: I2f0ca25983a6e18096f040780776f19f8040ea79 Signed-off-by: stsp@users.sourceforge.net
4 daysMerge "rpi4: enable RPi4 PCI SMC conduit" into integrationManish Pandey
4 daysrpi4: SMCCC PCI implementationJeremy Linton
The rpi4 has a single nonstandard ECAM. It is broken into two pieces, the root port registers, and a window to a single device's config space which can be moved between devices. Now that we have widened the page tables/MMIO window, we can create a read/write acces functions that are called by the SMCCC/PCI API. As an example platform, the rpi4 single device ECAM region quirk is pretty straightforward. The assumption here is that a lower level (uefi) has configured and initialized the PCI root to match the values we are using here. Signed-off-by: Jeremy Linton <jeremy.linton@arm.com> Change-Id: Ie1ffa8fe9aa1d3c62e6aa84746a949c1009162e0
4 daysrpi4: enable RPi4 PCI SMC conduitJeremy Linton
Now that we have adjusted the address map, added the SMC conduit code, and the RPi4 PCI callbacks, lets add the flags to enable everything in the build. By default this service is disabled because the expectation is that its only useful in a UEFI+ACPI environment. Signed-off-by: Jeremy Linton <jeremy.linton@arm.com> Change-Id: I2a3cac6d63ba8119d3b711db121185816b89f8a2
5 daysMerge "plat/sgi: tag dmc620 MM communicate messages with a guid" into ↵Madhukar Pappireddy
5 daysMerge "fix(rk3399/suspend): correct LPDDR4 resume sequence" into integrationMadhukar Pappireddy
6 daysMerge "fix(plat/imx): do not keep mmc_device_info in stack" into integrationMadhukar Pappireddy
6 daysMerge changes from topic "allwinner_mmap" into integrationAndré Przywara
* changes: refactor(plat/allwinner): clean up platform definitions refactor(plat/allwinner): do not map BL32 DRAM at EL3 refactor(plat/allwinner): map SRAM as device memory by default refactor(plat/allwinner): rename static mmap region constant feat(bl_common): import BL_NOBITS_{BASE,END} when defined
6 daysMerge changes from topic "sve+amu" into integrationManish Pandey
* changes: fix(plat/tc0): enable AMU extension fix(el3_runtime): fix SVE and AMU extension enablement flags
9 daysfix(plat/tc0): enable AMU extensionArunachalam Ganapathy
Recent changes to enable SVE for the secure world have disabled AMU extension by default in the reset value of CPTR_EL3 register. So the platform has to enable this extension explicitly. Signed-off-by: Arunachalam Ganapathy <arunachalam.ganapathy@arm.com> Change-Id: I7d930d96ec22d7c3db961411370564bece0ce272
10 daysrefactor(plat/allwinner): clean up platform definitionsSamuel Holland
Group the SCP base/size definitions in a more logical location. Signed-off-by: Samuel Holland <samuel@sholland.org> Change-Id: Id43f9b468d7d855a2413173d674a5ee666527808
10 daysrefactor(plat/allwinner): do not map BL32 DRAM at EL3Samuel Holland
BL31 does not appear to ever access the DRAM allocated to BL32, so there is no need to map it at EL3. Signed-off-by: Samuel Holland <samuel@sholland.org> Change-Id: Ie8727b793e53ea14517894942266f6da0333eb74
10 daysrefactor(plat/allwinner): map SRAM as device memory by defaultSamuel Holland
The SRAM on Allwinner platforms is shared between BL31 and coprocessor firmware. Previously, SRAM was mapped as normal memory by default. This scheme requires carveouts and cache maintenance code for proper synchronization with the coprocessor. A better scheme is to only map pages owned by BL31 as normal memory, and leave everything else as device memory. This removes the need for cache maintenance, and it makes the mapping for BL31 RW data explicit instead of magic. Signed-off-by: Samuel Holland <samuel@sholland.org> Change-Id: I820ddeba2dfa2396361c2322308c0db51b55c348
10 daysrefactor(plat/allwinner): rename static mmap region constantSamuel Holland
This constant specifically refers to the number of static mmap regions. Rename it to make that clear. Signed-off-by: Samuel Holland <samuel@sholland.org> Change-Id: I475c037777ce2a10db2631ec0e7446bb73590a36
10 daysfeat: disabling non volatile counters in diphdaAbdellatif El Khlifi
At this stage of development Non Volatile counters are not implemented in the Diphda platform. This commit disables their use during the Trusted Board Boot by overriding the NV counters get/set functions. Change-Id: I8dcbebe0281cc4d0837c283ff637e20b850988ef Signed-off-by: Abdellatif El Khlifi <abdellatif.elkhlifi@arm.com>
10 daysfeat: adding the diphda platformAbdellatif El Khlifi
This commit enables trusted-firmware-a with Trusted Board Boot support for the Diphda 64-bit platform. Diphda uses a FIP image located in the flash. The FIP contains the following components: - BL2 - BL31 - BL32 - BL32 SPMC manifest - BL33 - The TBB certificates The board boot relies on CoT (chain of trust). The trusted-firmware-a BL2 is extracted from the FIP and verified by the Secure Enclave processor. BL2 verification relies on the signature area at the beginning of the BL2 image. This area is needed by the SecureEnclave bootloader. Then, the application processor is released from reset and starts by executing BL2. BL2 performs the actions described in the trusted-firmware-a TBB design document. Signed-off-by: Rui Miguel Silva <rui.silva@arm.com> Signed-off-by: Abdellatif El Khlifi <abdellatif.elkhlifi@arm.com> Change-Id: Iddb1cb9c2a0324a9635e23821c210ac81dfc305d
12 daysfix(mediatek/mt8192/spm): add missing bit define for debug purposeRoger Lu
Signed-off-by: Roger Lu <roger.lu@mediatek.com> Change-Id: I6dbf6d4ea6310c3371ca15d1e7cce249a05af2fb
12 daysMerge "fix(plat/mediatek/me8195): fix error setting for SPM" into integrationMadhukar Pappireddy
12 daysMerge changes from topic "fwu-refactor" into integrationManish Pandey
* changes: refactor(plat/arm): use mmio* functions to read/write NVFLAGS registers refactor(plat/arm): mark the flash region as read-only refactor(plat/arm): update NV flags on image load/authentication failure
12 daysMerge changes from topic "marvell-a3k-a8k-updates" into integrationManish Pandey
* changes: fix(plat/marvell/a3k): Fix building uart-images.tgz.bin archive refactor(plat/marvell/a3k): Rename *_CFG and *_SIG variables refactor(plat/marvell/a3k): Rename DOIMAGETOOL to TBB refactor(plat/marvell/a3k): Remove useless DOIMAGEPATH variable fix(plat/marvell/a3k): Fix check for external dependences fix(plat/marvell/a8k): Add missing build dependency for BLE target fix(plat/marvell/a8k): Correctly set include directories for individual targets fix(plat/marvell/a8k): Require that MV_DDR_PATH is correctly set
13 daysfix(plat/mediatek/me8195): fix error setting for SPMGarmin Chang
There is a error setting for SPM, so we need to fix this issue. Signed-off-by: Garmin Chang <garmin.chang@mediatek.com> Change-Id: I741a5dc1505a831fe48fd5bc3da9904db14c8a57
13 daysfix(rk3399/suspend): correct LPDDR4 resume sequenceJimmy Brisson
This change adds 208 bytes to PMUSRAM, pushing the end of text from 0xff3b0de0 to 0xff3b0eb0, which is still shy of the maximum 0xff3b1000. Further, this skips enabling the watchdog when it's not being used elsewhere, as you can't turn the watchdog off. Change-Id: I2e6fa3c7e01f2be6b32ce04ce479edf64e278554 Signed-off-by: Jimmy Brisson <jimmy.brisson@arm.com>
13 daysMerge changes Iebb86a0b,I7fe63311 into integrationMadhukar Pappireddy
* changes: refactor(plat/nxp/lx216x): refine variable definition refactor(plat/nxp/lx216x): use common make variables
13 daysMerge changes I2b3aa9bd,I3237199b into integrationMadhukar Pappireddy
* changes: docs: add mt6795 to deprecated list feat(plat/mediatek/mt8195): add DCM driver
14 daysMerge "fix(plat/marvell/a3k): fix printing info messages on output" into ↵Madhukar Pappireddy
14 daysMerge "fix(rockchip/rk3399): fix dram section placement" into integrationMadhukar Pappireddy
2021-07-16fix(plat/marvell/a3k): fix printing info messages on outputPali Rohár
INFO() macro for every call prepends "INFO: " string. Therefore current code prints unreadable debug messages: "INFO: set_io_addr_dec 0 result: ctrl(0x3fff3d01) base(0x0)INFO: " "INFO: Set IO decode window successfully, base(0xc000)INFO: win_attr(3d) max_dram_win(2) max_remap(0)INFO: win_offset(8)" Fix it by calling exactly one INFO() call for one line. After this change output is: "INFO: set_io_addr_dec 0 result: ctrl(0x3fff3d01) base(0x0) remap(0x0)" "INFO: Set IO decode window successfully, base(0xc000) win_attr(3d) max_dram_win(2) max_remap(0) win_offset(8)" Signed-off-by: Pali Rohár <pali@kernel.org> Change-Id: I6084e64c6f4da6c1929e5300588e4ba2608ca745
2021-07-12Merge "refactor(plat/qemu): increase the non-secure DRAM size" into integrationManish Pandey
2021-07-11fix(plat/marvell/a3k): Fix building uart-images.tgz.bin archivePali Rohár
For UART secure boot it is required also TIMN image, so pack it into uart-images.tgz.bin archive which is created by mrvl_uart target. $(TIMN_IMAGE) and $(TIM_IMAGE) variables are used only for UART images so their content needs to be initialized from $(TIMN_UART_CFG) and $(TIM_UART_CFG) config files. And not from $(TIMN_CFG) and $(TIM_CFG) as it is now because they are not generated during mrvl_uart target. Fix it to allow building mrvl_uart target before mrvl_flash target. To match usage of these variables, rename them to $(TIMN_UART_IMAGE) and $(TIM_UART_IMAGE). To not complicate rule for building uart-images.tgz.bin archive, set list of image files into a new $(UART_IMAGES) variable. Signed-off-by: Pali Rohár <pali@kernel.org> Change-Id: I83b980abb4047a3afb3ce3026842e1d873c490bf
2021-07-11refactor(plat/marvell/a3k): Rename *_CFG and *_SIG variablesPali Rohár
For TIM config file use TIM name instead of DOIMAGE and use underscores to make variable names more readable. Signed-off-by: Pali Rohár <pali@kernel.org> Change-Id: I1282ce11f1431c15458a143ae7bfcee85eed2432
2021-07-10refactor(plat/marvell/a3k): Rename DOIMAGETOOL to TBBPali Rohár
Armada 3700 uses external TBB tool for creating images and does not use internal TF-A doimage tool from tools/marvell/doimage/ Therefore set correct name of variable. Signed-off-by: Pali Rohár <pali@kernel.org> Change-Id: I38a94dca78d483de4c79da597c032e1e5d06d92d
2021-07-10refactor(plat/marvell/a3k): Remove useless DOIMAGEPATH variablePali Rohár
Armada 3700 uses WTP so use WTP variable directly. Signed-off-by: Pali Rohár <pali@kernel.org> Change-Id: I216b40ffee1f3f8abba4677f050ab376c2224ede
2021-07-10fix(plat/marvell/a3k): Fix check for external dependencesPali Rohár
Old Marvell a3700_utils and mv-ddr tarballs do not have to work with latest TF-A code base. Marvell do not provide these old tarballs on Extranet anymore. Public version on github repository contains all patches and is working fine, so for public TF-A builds use only public external dependencies from git. Signed-off-by: Pali Rohár <pali@kernel.org> Change-Id: Iee5ac6daa9a1826a5b80a8d54968bdbb8fe72f61
2021-07-10fix(plat/marvell/a8k): Add missing build dependency for BLE targetPali Rohár
BLE source files depend on external Marvell mv-ddr-marvell tree (specified in $(MV_DDR_PATH) variable) and its header files. Add dependency on $(MV_DDR_LIB) target which checks that variable $(MV_DDR_PATH) is correctly set and ensures that make completes compilation of mv-ddr-marvell tree. Signed-off-by: Pali Rohár <pali@kernel.org> Change-Id: I73968b24c45d9af1e3500b8db7a24bb4eb2bfa47
2021-07-10fix(plat/marvell/a8k): Correctly set include directories for individual targetsPali Rohár
Do not set all include directories, including those for external targets in one PLAT_INCLUDES variable. Instead split them into variables: * $(PLAT_INCLUDES) for all TF-A BL images * BLE target specific $(PLAT_INCLUDES) only for Marvell BLE image * $(MV_DDR_INCLUDES) for targets in external Marvell mv-ddr-marvell tree Include directory $(CURDIR)/drivers/marvell is required by TF-A BL images, so move it from ble.mk to a8k_common.mk. Include directory $(MV_DDR_PATH) is needed only by Marvell BLE image, so move it into BLE target specific $(PLAT_INCLUDES) variable. And remaining include directories specified in ble.mk are needed only for building external dependences from Marvell mv-ddr tree, so move them into $(MV_DDR_INCLUDES) variable and correctly use it in $(MV_DDR_LIB) target. Signed-off-by: Pali Rohár <pali@kernel.org> Change-Id: I331f7de675dca2bc70733d56b768f00d56ae4a67
2021-07-10fix(plat/marvell/a8k): Require that MV_DDR_PATH is correctly setPali Rohár
Target mrvl_flash depends on external mv_ddr source code which is not part of TF-A project. Do not expect that it is pre-downloaded at some specific location and require user to specify correct path to mv_ddr source code via MV_DDR_PATH build option. TF-A code for Armada 37x0 platform also depends on mv_ddr source code and already requires passing correct MV_DDR_PATH build option. So for A8K implement same checks for validity of MV_DDR_PATH option as are already used by TF-A code for Armada 37x0 platform. Signed-off-by: Pali Rohár <pali@kernel.org> Change-Id: I792f2bfeab0cec89b1b64e88d7b2c456e22de43a
2021-07-08fix(plat/xilinx/versal): use sync method for blocking callsAbhyuday Godhasara
All API calls except non-blocking should wait for IPI response and read buffer to check return status from firmware. Some of API calls are not reading status from IPI payload data. Use sync method which reads actual return status from IPI payload. Signed-off-by: Abhyuday Godhasara <abhyuday.godhasara@xilinx.com> Change-Id: I6f568b85d0da639c264f507122e3015807d8423d
2021-07-08fix(plat/xilinx/zynqmp): use sync method for blocking callsAbhyuday Godhasara
All API calls except non-blocking should wait for IPI response and read buffer to check return status from firmware. Some of API calls are not reading status from IPI payload data. Use sync method which reads actual return status from IPI payload. Signed-off-by: Abhyuday Godhasara <abhyuday.godhasara@xilinx.com> Change-Id: I78f9c061a80cee6d524ade4ef124ca88ce1848cf
2021-07-07Merge "feat(plat/zynqmp): extend DT description by TF-A" into integrationMadhukar Pappireddy
2021-07-07Merge changes from topic "stm32_io_update" into integrationMadhukar Pappireddy
* changes: refactor(plat/st): add stm32image_io_setup fix(plat/st): panic if boot interface is wrong
2021-07-06refactor(plat/arm): use mmio* functions to read/write NVFLAGS registersManish V Badarkhe
Used mmio* functions to read/write NVFLAGS registers to avoid possibile reordering of instructions by compiler. Change-Id: Iae50ac30e5413259cf8554f0fff47512ad83b0fd Signed-off-by: Manish V Badarkhe <Manish.Badarkhe@arm.com>
2021-07-06refactor(plat/arm): mark the flash region as read-onlyManish V Badarkhe
In the FVP platform, BL1 uses flash only for read purpose hence marked this flash region as read-only. Change-Id: I3b57130fd4f3b4df522ac075f66e9799f237ebb7 Signed-off-by: Manish V Badarkhe <Manish.Badarkhe@arm.com>
2021-07-06refactor(plat/arm): update NV flags on image load/authentication failureManish V Badarkhe
Erasing the FIP TOC header present in a flash is replaced by updating NV flags with an error code on image load/authentication failure. BL1 component uses these NV flags to detect whether a firmware update is needed or not. These NV flags get cleared once the firmware update gets completed. Signed-off-by: Manish V Badarkhe <Manish.Badarkhe@arm.com> Change-Id: I6232a0db07c89b2373b7b9d28acd37df6203d914
2021-07-06feat(plat/mediatek/mt8195): add DCM driverGarmin Chang
DCM means dynamic clock management, and it can dynamically slow down or gate clocks during CPU or bus idle. 1. Add MCUSYS related DCM drivers. 2. Enable MCUSYS related DCM by default. Change-Id: I3237199bc217bd3682f51d31284db5fd0324b396 Signed-off-by: Garmin Chang <garmin.chang@mediatek.com>
2021-07-05Merge changes from topic "st_fixes" into integrationManish Pandey
* changes: fix(tools/stm32image): improve the tool fix(plat/st): add STM32IMAGE_SRC
2021-07-05refactor(plat/qemu): increase the non-secure DRAM sizeRuchika Gupta
In the qemu memory map 1GB and up is RAM. Change the size of NS DRAM to 3GB to support VM's with more memory requirements. Signed-off-by: Ruchika Gupta <ruchika.gupta@linaro.org> Change-Id: If15cf3b9d3e2e7876c40ce888f22e887893fe696
2021-07-05Merge changes from topic "sb/measured-boot" into integrationSandrine Bailleux
* changes: refactor(plat/fvp): tidy up list of images to measure docs: explain Measured Boot dependency on Trusted Boot
2021-07-02Merge changes Ib8502f9b,I388fd231,I7bd37912,I3a186ed7 into integrationManish Pandey
* changes: feat(plat/mediatek/mt8195): add SPM suspend driver feat(plat/mediatek/mt8195): support MCUSYS off when system suspend feat(plat/mediatek/mt8195): add support for PTP3 fix(plat/mediatek/mt8195): extend MMU region size
2021-07-02Merge "feat(spm): add Ivy partition to tb fw config" into integrationOlivier Deprez
2021-07-02feat(plat/mediatek/mt8195): add SPM suspend driverEdward-JW Yang
Support DRAM/MAINPLL/26M off when system suspend. Signed-off-by: Edward-JW Yang <edward-jw.yang@mediatek.corp-partner.google.com> Change-Id: Ib8502f9b0b4e47aa405e5449f0b6d483bd3f5d77