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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysfeat(plat/st): add a new DDR firewall managementLionel Debieve
12 daysrefactor(plat/st): use TZC400 bindingsYann Gautier
12 daysfeat(plat/st): manage io_policies with FCONFYann Gautier
12 daysfeat(plat/st): use FCONF to configure platformYann Gautier
12 daysfeat(plat/st): improve FIP image loading from MMCYann Gautier
12 daysfeat(plat/st): use FIP to load imagesYann Gautier
13 daysrefactor(plat/st): updates for OP-TEEYann Gautier
2021-08-17fix(plat/st): apply security at the end of BL2Yann Gautier
2021-07-13feat(plat/st): add helper to save boot interfaceYann Gautier
2021-07-13fix(plat/st): improve DDR get size functionLionel Debieve
2021-07-13refactor(plat/st): map DDR secure at bootYann Gautier
2021-07-13refactor(plat/st): rework TZC400 configurationYann Gautier
2021-07-07Merge changes from topic "stm32_io_update" into integrationMadhukar Pappireddy
2021-06-30refactor(plat/st): add stm32image_io_setupPatrick Delaunay
2021-06-30fix(plat/st): panic if boot interface is wrongYann Gautier
2021-06-22fix(plat/st): add STM32IMAGE_SRCYann Gautier
2021-06-22fix(plat/st): correct IO compensation disablingYann Gautier
2021-06-22fix(plat/st): correct BSEC error code managementNicolas Le Bayon
2021-06-17Merge "refactor(plat/st): check boot device only for BL2" into integrationMadhukar Pappireddy
2021-06-16Merge "refactor(plat/st): avoid fixed DT address" into integrationManish Pandey
2021-06-16Merge changes from topic "soc_id" into integrationManish Pandey
2021-06-04refactor(plat/st): avoid fixed DT addressYann Gautier
2021-06-04refactor(plat/st): check boot device only for BL2Yann Gautier
2021-06-04feat(plat/st): add STM32MP_EMMC_BOOT optionVyacheslav Yurkov
2021-06-03refactor(plat/st): remove io_dummy code for OP-TEEYann Gautier
2021-06-03refactor(plat/st): remove BL2 image loadingYann Gautier
2021-06-03refactor(plat/st): rename OP-TEE pager to coreYann Gautier
2021-05-27feat(plat/st): implement platform functions for SMCCC_ARCH_SOC_IDYann Gautier
2021-05-27refactor(plat/st): export functions to get SoC informationYann Gautier
2021-04-29plat/st: do not rely on tainted value for dt property lengthYann Gautier
2021-04-21stm32mp1: enable PIE for BL32Yann Gautier
2021-04-21stm32mp1: set BL sizes regardless of flagsYann Gautier
2021-04-08plat/st: do not keep mmc_device_info in stackYann Gautier
2021-03-23stm32mp1: add TZC400 interrupt managementYann Gautier
2021-03-23stm32mp1: use TZC400 macro to describe filtersYann Gautier
2021-01-27Merge changes from topic "scmi-msg" into integrationMadhukar Pappireddy
2021-01-22stm32mp1: correct plat_crash_console_flush()Yann Gautier
2021-01-20drivers: move scmi-msg out of stPeng Fan
2020-10-14Merge "Don't return error information from console_flush" into integrationMark Dykes
2020-10-13stm32mp1: use %u in NOTICE message for board infoYann Gautier
2020-10-13stm32mp1: get peripheral base address from a defineYann Gautier
2020-10-13stm32mp1: add finished good variant in board identifierPatrick Delaunay
2020-10-13stm32mp1: add asserts in get_cpu_package() and get_part_number()Nicolas Le Bayon
2020-10-13stm32mp1: add support for new SoC profilesLionel Debieve
2020-10-13stm32mp1: support of STM32MP15x Rev.ZLionel Debieve
2020-10-09Don't return error information from console_flushJimmy Brisson
2020-10-09stm32mp1: cosmetics in platform.mkYann Gautier
2020-10-09stm32mp1: update rules for stm32image toolYann Gautier
2020-10-09stm32mp1: add macros to define PLAT_PARTITION_MAX_ENTRIESYann Gautier
2020-10-09stm32mp1: sort platform.mkYann Gautier