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2020-01-24rockchip: Unify Platform specific defines for PSCI moduleDeepika Bhavnani
PLATFORM_CORE_COUNT - Unsigned int PLATFORM_CLUSTER_COUNT - Unsigned int PLATFORM_MAX_CPUS_PER_CLUSTER - Unsigned int PLATFORM_CORE_COUNT_PER_CLUSTER - Unsigned int Signed-off-by: Deepika Bhavnani <deepika.bhavnani@arm.com> Change-Id: I624c15d569db477506a74964bc828e1a932181d4
2019-01-04Sanitise includes across codebaseAntonio Nino Diaz
Enforce full include path for includes. Deprecate old paths. The following folders inside include/lib have been left unchanged: - include/lib/cpus/${ARCH} - include/lib/el3_runtime/${ARCH} The reason for this change is that having a global namespace for includes isn't a good idea. It defeats one of the advantages of having folders and it introduces problems that are sometimes subtle (because you may not know the header you are actually including if there are two of them). For example, this patch had to be created because two headers were called the same way: e0ea0928d5b7 ("Fix gpio includes of mt8173 platform to avoid collision."). More recently, this patch has had similar problems: 46f9b2c3a282 ("drivers: add tzc380 support"). This problem was introduced in commit 4ecca33988b9 ("Move include and source files to logical locations"). At that time, there weren't too many headers so it wasn't a real issue. However, time has shown that this creates problems. Platforms that want to preserve the way they include headers may add the removed paths to PLAT_INCLUDES, but this is discouraged. Change-Id: I39dc53ed98f9e297a5966e723d1936d6ccf2fc8f Signed-off-by: Antonio Nino Diaz <antonio.ninodiaz@arm.com>
2018-09-28rockchip: Migrate to new interfacesAntonio Nino Diaz
- Migrate to new GIC interfaces. - Migrate to bl31_early_platform_setup2(). - Use bl31_warm_entrypoint() instead of psci_entrypoint(). - Use PLAT_VIRT_ADDR_SPACE_SIZE and PLAT_PHY_ADDR_SPACE_SIZE. - Update Makefile paths. - Remove references to removed build options. - Use private definition of bl31_params_t. Change-Id: I860341594b5c868b2fcaa59d23957ee718472ef1 Signed-off-by: Antonio Nino Diaz <antonio.ninodiaz@arm.com>
2018-07-20PSCI: Fix types of definitionsAntonio Nino Diaz
Also change header guards to fix defects of MISRA C-2012 Rule 21.1. Change-Id: Ied0d4b0e557ef6119ab669d106d2ac5d99620c57 Acked-by: Sumit Garg <sumit.garg@linaro.org> Acked-by: Anson Huang <Anson.Huang@nxp.com> Signed-off-by: Antonio Nino Diaz <antonio.ninodiaz@arm.com>
2018-02-27Update ULL() macro and instances of ull to comply with MISRADavid Cunado
MISRA C-2012 Rule 7.3 violation: lowercase l shall not be used as literal suffixes. This patch resolves this for the ULL() macro by using ULL suffix instead of the ull suffix. Change-Id: Ia8183c399e74677e676956e8653e82375d0e0a01 Signed-off-by: David Cunado <david.cunado@arm.com>
2017-06-08rockchip: check wakeup cpu when resumeLin Huang
unlike rk3399 and rk3368, there are some rockchip 64bit SOC do not have CPUPD, and pmu_cpuson_entrypoint() is common function for rockchip platform, so we need to check wakeup cpu when resume. Change-Id: I6313e8a9d7c16b03e033414f0cb281646c2159ff Signed-off-by: Lin Huang <hl@rock-chips.com>
2017-06-08rockchip: add pmusram sectionLin Huang
the function pmu_cpuon_entrypoint() need to run in the pmusram, we just copy bin file to pmusram before, now we add pmusram section and link pmu_cpuon_entrypoint() to pmusram directly Change-Id: Iae31e4c01c480c8e6f565a8f588332b478efdb16 Signed-off-by: Lin Huang <hl@rock-chips.com> Signed-off-by: Caesar Wang <wxt@rock-chips.com>
2017-05-03Use SPDX license identifiersdp-arm
To make software license auditing simpler, use SPDX[0] license identifiers instead of duplicating the license text in every file. NOTE: Files that have been imported by FreeBSD have not been modified. [0]: https://spdx.org/ Change-Id: I80a00e1f641b8cc075ca5a95b10607ed9ed8761a Signed-off-by: dp-arm <dimitris.papastamos@arm.com>
2017-02-24rockchip: rk3399: sperate the BL31 parameters for sharingXing Zheng
Maybe the coreboot will reference the BL31 parameters (e.g the TZRAM_BASE and TZRAM_SIZE for DDR secure regions), we can split them and don't have to hardcode the range in two places. Signed-off-by: Xing Zheng <zhengxing@rock-chips.com>
2017-02-24rockchip: rk3399: configure the DDR secure region for BL31 imageXing Zheng
Move the BL31 loaded base address 0x10000 to 0x1000, and configure the the memory range 0~1MB is secure, the goal is that make sure the BL31 image will be not modified. Signed-off-by: Xing Zheng <zhengxing@rock-chips.com>
2017-02-24rockchip: Clean up header and referenced filesXing Zheng
So far, there are more and more features are supported on the RK3399, meanwhile, these features are increasingly being defined and intertwined. It's time to clean up and make them clearer. Signed-off-by: Xing Zheng <zhengxing@rock-chips.com>
2017-01-24Use #ifdef for IMAGE_BL* instead of #ifMasahiro Yamada
One nasty part of ATF is some of boolean macros are always defined as 1 or 0, and the rest of them are only defined under certain conditions. For the former group, "#if FOO" or "#if !FOO" must be used because "#ifdef FOO" is always true. (Options passed by $(call add_define,) are the cases.) For the latter, "#ifdef FOO" or "#ifndef FOO" should be used because checking the value of an undefined macro is strange. Here, IMAGE_BL* is handled by make_helpers/build_macro.mk like follows: $(eval IMAGE := IMAGE_BL$(call uppercase,$(3))) $(OBJ): $(2) @echo " CC $$<" $$(Q)$$(CC) $$(TF_CFLAGS) $$(CFLAGS) -D$(IMAGE) -c $$< -o $$@ This means, IMAGE_BL* is defined when building the corresponding image, but *undefined* for the other images. So, IMAGE_BL* belongs to the latter group where we should use #ifdef or #ifndef. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2016-07-18rockchip: support the suspend/resume for rk3399Tony Xie
1.Fixes the suspend/resume some bugs. 2.Add the power domain for saving power consumption. 3.Add cpu clusters suspend for rk3399 SoCs Change-Id: Id602779016b41d6281f4ba40a20229d909b28e46
2016-05-27rockchip: support rk3399 gpio driverCaesar Wang
There are 5 groups of GPIO (GPIO0~GPIO4), totally have 122 GPIOs on rk3399 platform. The pull direction(pullup or pulldown) for all of GPIOs are software-programmable. At the moment, we add the gpio basic driver since reset or power off the devices from gpio configuration for BL31.
2016-04-25rockchip: fixes for the requiredCaesar Wang
This patch has the following change for rk3399. * Set the uart to 115200 since the loader decide to set uart baud to 115200Hz. So the ATF also should set uart baud to 115200. * We need ensure the bl31 base is greater than 4KB since there are have the shared mem for coreboot.(Note: the previous vesion was tested with uboot) Otherwise, we will happen the exception crash since the ddr area won't to work from the shared ram address in some cases. For example, the exception crash: CBFS: Found @ offset 19c80 size 24074 exception _sync_sp_el0 ELR = 0x0000000000008000 ESR = 0x0000000002000000 SPSR = 0x600003cc FAR = 0xffffffff00000000 SP = 0x00000000ff8ed230 ... X29 = 0x00000000ff8c1fc0 X30 = 0x000000000030e3b0 exception death Change-Id: I8bc557c6bcaf6804d2a313b38667d3e2517881d7 Signed-off-by: Caesar Wang <wxt@rock-chips.com>
2016-04-05Support for Rockchip's family SoCsTony Xie
This patch adds to support the RK3368 and RK3399 SoCs. RK3368/RK3399 is one of the Rockchip family SoCs, which is an multi-cores ARM SoCs. This patch adds support to boot the Trusted Firmware on RK3368/RK3399 SoCs, and adds support to boot secondary CPUs, enter/exit core power states for all CPUs in the slow/fast clusters. This is the initial version for rockchip SoCs.(RK3368/RK3399 and next SoCs) * Support arm gicv2 & gicv3. * Boot up multi-cores CPU. * Add generic CPU helper functions. * Support suspend/resume. * Add system_off & system_reset implementation. * Add delay timer platform implementation. * Support the new porting interface for the PSCI implementation. Change-Id: I704bb3532d65e8c70dbd99b512c5e6e440ea6f43 Signed-off-by: Tony Xie <tony.xie@rock-chips.com> Signed-off-by: Caesar Wang <wxt@rock-chips.com> Signed-off-by: Shengfei xu <xsf@rock-chips.com>