path: root/plat/rockchip/rk3399/drivers/pmu
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-08Standardise header guards across codebaseAntonio Nino Diaz
2018-07-11Remove .func and .endfunc assembler directivesRoberto Vargas
2018-05-15rockchip/rk3399: Add watchdog support in pmusramDerek Basehore
2018-05-15rockchip/rk3399: Split M0 binary into twoLin Huang
2018-05-15rockchip/rk3399: improve pmu powermode configure when suspendLin Huang
2018-03-26plat: fix switch statements to comply with MISRA rulesJonathan Wright
2018-03-20rockchip/rk3399: save/restore watchdog register correctlyLin Huang
2018-02-01Merge pull request #1247 from rockchip-linux/rk3399/fixes-memory-corruptionsdavidcunado-arm
2018-01-30rockchip/rk3399: Fix memory corruptions or illegal memory accessCaesar Wang
2018-01-23rockchip/rk3399: Save and restore GICDerek Basehore
2018-01-23rockchip/rk3399: Add udelay to wait loopsDerek Basehore
2018-01-23rockchip/rk3399: Fix QOS save/restoreDerek Basehore
2018-01-23rockchip/rk3399: Change PD_CTR_LOOP to 10000Derek Basehore
2017-08-29rockchip/rk3399: reinitilize secure sgrf when resumeLin Huang
2017-08-29rockchip/rk3399: disable more powerdomain prepare for shutdown logic railLin Huang
2017-08-29rockchip/rk3399: save and restore pd_alive registerLin Huang
2017-08-29rockchip/rk3399: set ddr clock source back to dpll when ddr resumeLin Huang
2017-08-29rockchip/rk3399: reinitilize debug uart when resumeLin Huang
2017-07-14Fix order of remaining platform #includesIsla Mitchell
2017-06-30rockchip/rk3399: fixes the typo and the WARNINGS during suspend/resumeCaesar Wang
2017-06-08rockchip/rk3399: enable PMU_PERILP_PD_EN bit when suspendLin Huang
2017-06-08rockchip: add pmusram sectionLin Huang
2017-05-03Use SPDX license identifiersdp-arm
2017-03-03Merge pull request #854 from rockchip-linux/pm_platdavidcunado-arm
2017-03-01rockchip: plat_pm.c: Change callbacks implement for our SOCs.tony.xie
2017-02-24rockchip: rk3399: Clean up and seprate secure parts from SoC codesXing Zheng
2017-02-24rockchip: Clean up header and referenced filesXing Zheng
2017-02-24rockchip: rk3399: fix PMU_CRU_GATEDIS_CON0 setting errorLin Huang
2017-02-24FIXUP: rockchip: rk3399: fix the incorrect bit during m0_initXing Zheng
2017-02-24rockchip: rk3399: improve the m0 enable flowLin Huang
2017-02-24rockchip: rk3399: fix hang in ddr set rateDerek Basehore
2017-02-24rockchip: rk3399: add support for ddrfreq suspend/resumeDerek Basehore
2017-02-24rk3399: dram: use PMU M0 to do ddr frequency scalingXing Zheng
2016-12-14Fix incorrect copyright noticesAntonio Nino Diaz
2016-11-24rk3399: Add CFI debug information to SRAM functionsSoren Brinkmann
2016-11-07rockchip: remove no needed code for rk3399Caesar Wang
2016-11-07rockchip: disable watchdog during suspendCaesar Wang
2016-10-27rockchip: close the PD center logic during suspendCaesar Wang
2016-10-27rockchip: move pmu registers into another header for rk3399Caesar Wang
2016-10-25rockchip: clear the power mode status via M0Caesar Wang
2016-10-25rockchip: add M0 source code and build system for RK3399Caesar Wang
2016-10-25rockchip: optimize the link mechanism for SRAM codeCaesar Wang
2016-09-14Merge pull request #700 from rockchip-linux/fixes-typo-and-warningsdavidcunado-arm
2016-09-13rockchip: fixes the gic panic for rk3399 resumeCaesar Wang
2016-09-10rockchip: fixes some typoCaesar Wang
2016-09-10rockchip: set gpio2 ~ gpio4 to input and pull none modeCaesar Wang
2016-09-10rockchip: support disable/enable specific gpio when suspend/resumeCaesar Wang
2016-09-08rockchip: fix the scu idle for rk3399Tony Xie
2016-08-25rockchip: handle some interrupt before enter power mode for rk3399Caesar Wang
2016-08-25rockchip: remove the unused code for rk3399Caesar Wang