path: root/plat/rockchip/rk3399/drivers/dram
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-08Standardise header guards across codebaseAntonio Nino Diaz
2018-06-13rockchip: Move stdint header to the offending header filePaul Kocialkowski
2018-05-15rockchip/rk3399: Add watchdog support in pmusramDerek Basehore
2018-05-15rockchip/rk3399: Split M0 binary into twoLin Huang
2018-04-06rockchip/rk3399: Fix sram_udelayDerek Basehore
2018-03-26plat: fix switch statements to comply with MISRA rulesJonathan Wright
2017-08-29rockchip/rk3399: do secure timer init in pmusramLin Huang
2017-08-29rockchip/rk3399: use slice1 to restore ddr slice1 ~ slice4Lin Huang
2017-08-29rockchip/rk3399: set ddr clock source back to dpll when ddr resumeLin Huang
2017-07-14Fix order of remaining platform #includesIsla Mitchell
2017-06-08rockchip/rk3399: Move DRAM restore to PMUSRAMDerek Basehore
2017-06-08rockchip/rk3399: convert to for-loops to save code spaceDerek Basehore
2017-06-08rockchip/rk3399: Remove unneeded if statementDerek Basehore
2017-06-08rockchip/rk3399: Remove unneeded register setsDerek Basehore
2017-06-08rockchip/rk3399: remove unneeded DDR restore functionDerek Basehore
2017-06-08rockchip/rk3399: Save space for DRAM suspend dataDerek Basehore
2017-06-08rockchip/rk3399: fix DRAM gate training issueLin Huang
2017-05-03Use SPDX license identifiersdp-arm
2017-04-07rockchip/rk3399: changed printf/tf_printf for console outputCaesar Wang
2017-02-27Merge pull request #835 from rockchip-linux/rk3399-atf-cleanup-20170210davidcunado-arm
2017-02-24rockchip: rk3399: Use tFC value instead of tRFC valueDerek Basehore
2017-02-24rockchip: rk3399: Fix CAS latency settingDerek Basehore
2017-02-24rockchip: rk3399: disable training modules after DDR DFSXing Zheng
2017-02-24rockchip: rk3399: Move DQS drive strength setting to M0Derek Basehore
2017-02-24rockchip: rk3399: Remove dram dfs optimizationDerek Basehore
2017-02-24rockchip: rk3399: Save and restore RX_CAL_DQS valuesDerek Basehore
2017-02-24rockchip: rk3399: Clean up and seprate secure parts from SoC codesXing Zheng
2017-02-24rockchip: Clean up header and referenced filesXing Zheng
2017-02-24rockchip: rk3399: improve the m0 enable flowLin Huang
2017-02-24rockchip: rk3399: dram: set all ddr frequency pll_postdiv values to 0Lin Huang
2017-02-24rockchip: rk3399: enable CA training when do ddr dfsLin Huang
2017-02-24rockchip: rk3399: Enable per CS training at 666MHzDerek Basehore
2017-02-24rockchip: rk3399: add support for ddrfreq suspend/resumeDerek Basehore
2017-02-24rk3399: dram: use PMU M0 to do ddr frequency scalingXing Zheng
2017-02-24rk3399: dram: making phy into dll bypass mode at low frequencyDerek Basehore
2017-02-24rockchip: rk3399: dram: remove dram_init and dts_timing_receive functionDerek Basehore
2017-02-06Replace some memset call by zeromemDouglas Raillard
2016-10-27rockchip: add support save/restore configuration for DDR during enter S3Caesar Wang
2016-10-27rockchip: Change dmc register accesses to ATF style for rk3399Caesar Wang
2016-10-27rockchip: Break out common dram code for rk3399Caesar Wang
2016-09-10rockchip: SIP call use 32 bit return value for rk3399Caesar Wang
2016-08-25rockchip: enable or disable auto power down base on frequencyCaesar Wang
2016-08-25rockchip: rk3399: add dram driverCaesar Wang