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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-26refactor(plat/nxp): refine api to read SVR registerJiafei Pan
2021-08-25refactor(plat/nxp): each errata use a seperate source fileJiafei Pan
2021-08-25refactor(plat/nxp): use a unified errata apiJiafei Pan
2021-08-25refactor(plat/soc-lx2160): move errata to common directoryJiafei Pan
2021-06-25refactor(plat/nxp/lx216x): refine variable definitionJiafei Pan
2021-06-25refactor(plat/nxp/lx216x): use common make variablesJiafei Pan
2021-06-15feat(plat/nxp/lx2): add SUPPORTED_BOOT_MODE definitionJiafei Pan
2021-06-15feat(plat/nxp/common): add build macro for BOOT_MODE validation checkingJiafei Pan
2021-06-15refactor(plat/nxp/common): moved soc make-variables to new soc_common_def.mkJiafei Pan
2021-06-15refactor(plat/nxp/lx216x): clean up platform configure fileJiafei Pan
2021-06-15refactor(plat/nxp/common): moved plat make-variables to new plat_common_def.mkJiafei Pan
2021-03-24nxp lx2160a-aqds: new plat based on soc lx2160aPankaj Gupta
2021-03-24NXP lx2160a-rdb: new plat based on SoC lx2160aPankaj Gupta
2021-03-24nxp lx2162aqds: new plat based on soc lx2160aPankaj Gupta
2021-03-24nxp: errata handling at soc level for lx2160aPankaj Gupta
2021-03-24nxp: make file for loading additional ddr imagePankaj Gupta
2021-03-24nxp: adding support of soc lx2160aPankaj Gupta
2021-03-24nxp: deflt hdr files for soc & their platformsPankaj Gupta
2021-03-24nxp: platform files for bl2 and bl31 setupPankaj Gupta
2021-03-24nxp: warm reset support to retain ddr contentPankaj Gupta
2021-03-24nxp: nv storage api on platformsPankaj Gupta
2021-03-24nxp: supports two mode of trusted board bootPankaj Gupta
2021-03-24nxp: fip-handler for additional fip_fuse.binPankaj Gupta
2021-03-24nxp: fip-handler for additional ddr-fip.binPankaj Gupta
2021-03-24nxp: image loader for loading fip imagePankaj Gupta
2021-03-24nxp: svp & sip smc handlingPankaj Gupta
2021-03-24nxp: psci platform functions used by lib/psciPankaj Gupta
2021-03-24nxp: helper function used by plat & common codePankaj Gupta
2021-03-24nxp: add data handler used by bl31Pankaj Gupta
2021-02-12nxp: added the makefile helper macrosPankaj Gupta