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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-18bl2-el3: Add BL2_EL3 imageRoberto Vargas
2017-12-14Merge pull request #1104 from nmenon/dtb_build-v2davidcunado-arm
2017-12-11Merge pull request #1178 from davidcunado-arm/dc/enable_svedavidcunado-arm
2017-12-04Merge pull request #1168 from matt2048/masterdavidcunado-arm
2017-11-30Enable SVE for Non-secure worldDavid Cunado
2017-11-29ARM platforms: Fixup AArch32 buildsSoby Mathew
2017-11-29Implement support for the Activity Monitor Unit on Cortex A75Dimitris Papastamos
2017-11-23Merge pull request #1145 from etienne-lms/rfc-armv7-2davidcunado-arm
2017-11-23Replace macro ASM_ASSERTION with macro ENABLE_ASSERTIONSMatt Ma
2017-11-22Merge pull request #1165 from geesun/qx/support-sha512davidcunado-arm
2017-11-21tbbr: Add build flag HASH_ALG to let the user to select the SHAQixiang Xu
2017-11-20Change Statistical Profiling Extensions build option handlingDimitris Papastamos
2017-11-13BL31: Add SDEI dispatcherJeenu Viswambharan
2017-11-13BL31: Introduce Exception Handling FrameworkJeenu Viswambharan
2017-11-09Merge pull request #1148 from antonio-nino-diaz-arm/an/spmdavidcunado-arm
2017-11-08SPM: Introduce Secure Partition ManagerAntonio Nino Diaz
2017-11-08ARMv7 may not support Generic Timer ExtensionEtienne Carriere
2017-11-08ARMv7 may not support Virtualization ExtensionsEtienne Carriere
2017-11-08ARMv7 may not support large page addressingEtienne Carriere
2017-11-08ARMv7 target is driven by ARM_ARCH_MAJOR==7Etienne Carriere
2017-11-07Build: introduce ${BUILD_PLAT} target to create the top build directoryMasahiro Yamada
2017-10-16GIC: Add APIs to set interrupt type and query supportJeenu Viswambharan
2017-09-19Makefile: Add ability to build dtbNishanth Menon
2017-08-31Export KEY_ALG as a user build optionSoby Mathew
2017-08-14Merge pull request #1040 from sliai/support-opteed-headerdanh-arm
2017-08-09Support Trusted OS firmware extra images in TF toolsSummer Qin
2017-08-01CCI: Adapt for specific product at run timeJeenu Viswambharan
2017-06-28Add support to link an external lib with ARM TFSoby Mathew
2017-06-28Introduce TF_LDFLAGSDouglas Raillard
2017-06-22aarch64: Enable Statistical Profiling Extensions for lower ELsdp-arm
2017-06-01Remove `DISABLE_PEDANTIC` build optionAntonio Nino Diaz
2017-05-24Merge pull request #938 from masahir0y/tools_sharedanh-arm
2017-05-24cert: move platform_oid.h to include/tools_share for all platformsMasahiro Yamada
2017-05-23Build: fix assert_boolean implementationMasahiro Yamada
2017-05-15AArch32: Add `TRUSTED_BOARD_BOOT` supportdp-arm
2017-05-08Merge pull request #926 from EvanLloyd/win_make_4davidcunado-arm
2017-05-03Use SPDX license identifiersdp-arm
2017-05-02Build: Correct Unix specific echo commandsEvan Lloyd
2017-05-02Build: Fix parallel buildEvan Lloyd
2017-04-19PSCI: Build option to enable D-Caches early in warmbootSoby Mathew
2017-03-31Add support for GCC stack protectionDouglas Raillard
2017-03-02build: Define build option for hardware-assisted coherencyJeenu Viswambharan
2017-02-14Introduce locking primitives using CAS instructionJeenu Viswambharan
2017-01-28fiptool: support --align option to add desired alignment to image offsetMasahiro Yamada
2017-01-19Build: strip trailing slashes from directory paths more simplyMasahiro Yamada
2017-01-19Build: Fix parallel buildingMasahiro Yamada
2017-01-05Build: add -MP option to add dummy rules to *.d filesMasahiro Yamada
2017-01-05Build: generate .d file at the same time as object is createdMasahiro Yamada
2017-01-05Build: use CPP just for pre-processingMasahiro Yamada
2017-01-05Build: exclude -c flag from TF_CFLAGSMasahiro Yamada