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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-12Coding guideline suggest not to use unsigned longDeepika Bhavnani
2019-08-06Fix Coverity #343008, Side affect in assertionJustin Chadwell
2019-07-12Update base code to not rely on undefined overflow behaviourJustin Chadwell
2019-04-03SPM: Move shim layer to TTBR1_EL1Antonio Nino Diaz
2019-02-19ARMv7: support non-LPAE mapping (not xlat_v2)Etienne Carriere
2019-01-30lib/xlat_tables: Add support for ARMv8.4-TTSTSathees Balya
2019-01-04Sanitise includes across codebaseAntonio Nino Diaz
2018-10-08xlat: Fix checks in mmap_add() and mmap_add_ctx()Antonio Nino Diaz
2018-10-03xlat: Change check in mmap_add and mmap_add_ctx()Daniel Boulby
2018-09-28xlat: Remove deprecated interfacesAntonio Nino Diaz
2018-08-22libc: Use printf and snprintf across codebaseAntonio Nino Diaz
2018-08-22libc: Fix all includes in codebaseAntonio Nino Diaz
2018-08-10xlat v2: Support the EL2 translation regimeAntonio Nino Diaz
2018-08-02xlat: Use bool instead of intAntonio Nino Diaz
2018-07-30xlat: Fix MISRA defectsAntonio Nino Diaz
2018-07-15xlat: Remove references to the Trusted FirmwareAntonio Nino Diaz
2018-06-27DynamIQ: Enable MMU without using stackJeenu Viswambharan
2018-06-27xlat v1: Provide direct MMU-enabling stubsJeenu Viswambharan
2018-06-22xlat: Remove mmap_attr_t enum typeAntonio Nino Diaz
2018-05-03Merge pull request #1370 from antonio-nino-diaz-arm/an/fix-parangedanh-arm
2018-05-02xlat: Have all values of PARange for 8.x architecturesAntonio Nino Diaz
2018-04-26xlat: Set AP[1] to 1 when it is RES1Antonio Nino Diaz
2018-02-27Update ULL() macro and instances of ull to comply with MISRADavid Cunado
2017-11-23Merge pull request #1145 from etienne-lms/rfc-armv7-2davidcunado-arm
2017-11-17Add ARMv8.2 ID_AA64MMFR0_EL1.PARange valueAntonio Nino Diaz
2017-11-08ARMv7 may not support large page addressingEtienne Carriere
2017-09-21Set TCR_EL1.EPD1 bit to 1Antonio Nino Diaz
2017-07-26xlat lib: Fix some typesSandrine Bailleux
2017-07-25xlat lib: Reorganize architectural defsSandrine Bailleux
2017-06-27Resolve signed-unsigned comparison issuesDavid Cunado
2017-06-22aarch32: Apply workaround for errata 813419 of Cortex-A57Dimitris Papastamos
2017-05-05Merge pull request #924 from antonio-nino-diaz-arm/an/fix-xn-bitdavidcunado-arm
2017-05-04Merge pull request #925 from dp-arm/dp/spdxdavidcunado-arm
2017-05-03Use SPDX license identifiersdp-arm
2017-05-02Fix execute-never permissions in xlat tables libsAntonio Nino Diaz
2017-05-02Merge pull request #923 from nmenon/fix_xlat_1davidcunado-arm
2017-05-02xlat lib: Don't set mmap_attr_t enum to be -1Nishanth Menon
2017-04-29Merge branch 'integration' into tf_issue_461Scott Branden
2017-04-29Move defines in utils.h to utils_def.h to fix shared header compile issuesScott Branden
2017-04-24Merge pull request #909 from sandrine-bailleux-arm/sb/xlat-lib-misc-improvementsdavidcunado-arm
2017-04-20xlat lib: Use mmap_attr_t type consistentlySandrine Bailleux
2017-04-20Control inclusion of helper code used for assertsAntonio Nino Diaz
2017-03-28Add support to change xlat_tables to non-cacheableSummer Qin
2017-03-08Apply workaround for errata 813419 of Cortex-A57Antonio Nino Diaz
2016-12-13Forbid block descriptors in initial xlat table levelsAntonio Nino Diaz
2016-12-13Add PLAT_xxx_ADDR_SPACE_SIZE definitionsAntonio Nino Diaz
2016-12-13Assert correct granularity when mapping a PAAntonio Nino Diaz
2016-08-23Automatically select initial xlation lookup levelAntonio Nino Diaz
2016-08-10AArch32: Add translation table library supportSoby Mathew
2016-08-09Fix the translation table library for wraparound casesSoby Mathew