path: root/lib/compiler-rt
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-20compiler_rt: Import popcountdi2.c and popcountsi2.c filesLionel Debieve
2020-01-02compiler_rt: Import aeabi_ldivmode.S file and dependenciesLionel Debieve
2018-11-06compiler_rt: Import lshrdi3.c fileSandrine Bailleux
2018-11-06compiler_rt: Import latest changes on int_lib.hSandrine Bailleux
2018-08-22libc: Fix all includes in codebaseAntonio Nino Diaz
2017-07-26Import ctzdi2.c from LLVM compiler-rtSandrine Bailleux
2017-05-24compiler-rt: Remove unused int_util.[ch] filesdp-arm
2017-05-12Hook up LLVM compiler-rt in the build systemdp-arm
2017-05-12Import builtins from LLVM compiler-rt projectdp-arm