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2015-12-14Remove dashes from image names: 'BL3-x' --> 'BL3x'Juan Castillo
2015-12-14Replace all SCP FW (BL0, BL3-0) referencesJuan Castillo
2015-12-14TBB: apply TBBR naming convention to certificates and extensionsJuan Castillo
2015-12-10Merge pull request #465 from jcastillo-arm/jc/tbb_mbedtls_2_xdanh-arm
2015-12-10Move up to mbed TLS 2.xJuan Castillo
2015-12-10Merge pull request #463 from jcastillo-arm/jc/tf-issues/216danh-arm
2015-12-10De-feature PL011 UART driver to match generic UART specJuan Castillo
2015-12-09Merge pull request #462 from soby-mathew/sm/runtime_consoledanh-arm
2015-12-09FWU: Add FWU support to `fip_create` toolYatharth Kochar
2015-12-09FWU: Add Firmware Update support in BL2U for ARM platformsYatharth Kochar
2015-12-09FWU: Add Generic BL2U FWU image support in BL2Yatharth Kochar
2015-12-09FWU: Add Firmware Update support in BL1 for ARM platformsYatharth Kochar
2015-12-09FWU: Add Generic Firmware Update framework support in BL1Yatharth Kochar
2015-12-09Add descriptor based image management support in BL1Yatharth Kochar
2015-12-09Move context management code to common locationYatharth Kochar
2015-12-09Remove `RUN_IMAGE` usage as opcode passed to next EL.Yatharth Kochar
2015-12-09Specify BL31 runtime console for ARM Standard platformsSoby Mathew
2015-12-09Ensure BL31 does not print to boot console by defaultSoby Mathew
2015-12-09Introduce console_uninit() API in ARM Trusted FirmwareSoby Mathew
2015-12-09Merge pull request #460 from sandrine-bailleux/sb/init-vttbrel2-vmiddanh-arm
2015-12-09Initialize VTTBR_EL2 when bypassing EL2Sandrine Bailleux
2015-12-09Merge pull request #456 from soby-mathew/sm/gicv3-tsp-plat-changes-v2danh-arm
2015-12-09Merge pull request #455 from jcastillo-arm/jc/fvp_delay_timerdanh-arm
2015-12-09Enable support for EL3 interrupt in IMFSoby Mathew
2015-12-09Rework use of ARM GIC drivers on ARM platformsAchin Gupta
2015-12-09Prepare platforms to use refactored ARM GIC driversSoby Mathew
2015-12-08Merge pull request #454 from yatharth-arm/vk/deprecate-cci-400danh-arm
2015-12-08Add CCI-400 specific driver to deprecated driver listVikram Kanigiri
2015-12-04Enable use of FIQs and IRQs as TSP interruptsSoby Mathew
2015-12-04Unify interrupt return paths from TSP into the TSPDSoby Mathew
2015-12-04Rename GICv3 interrupt group macrosSoby Mathew
2015-12-04Fix SP804 delay timer on FVPJuan Castillo
2015-12-02Merge pull request #446 from vikramkanigiri/vk/tzc-400danh-arm
2015-12-02Merge pull request #449 from jcastillo-arm/jc/tbb_oiddanh-arm
2015-12-02TBB: add Trusted Watchdog support on ARM platformsJuan Castillo
2015-12-02TBB: add ARM OIDsJuan Castillo
2015-11-27Fix TZC-400 peripheral detectionVikram Kanigiri
2015-11-27Add a simple ARM SP805 watchdog driverJuan Castillo
2015-11-27Add basic NOR flash driver for ARM platformsJuan Castillo
2015-11-26CSS: Enable booting of EL3 payloadsSandrine Bailleux
2015-11-26Deprecate the GIC Legacy driver.Soby Mathew
2015-11-26Add ARM GICv2 driverSoby Mathew
2015-11-26Add ARM GICv3 driver without support for legacy operationAchin Gupta
2015-11-24Replace build macro WARN_DEPRECATED with ERROR_DEPRECATEDSoby Mathew
2015-11-19Merge pull request #435 from sandrine-bailleux/sb/juno-r2Achin Gupta
2015-11-19Juno R2: Configure the correct L2 RAM latency valuesSandrine Bailleux
2015-11-13Add missing RES1 bit in SCTLR_EL1Vikram Kanigiri
2015-11-04Merge pull request #423 from jcastillo-arm/jc/genfw/1211Achin Gupta
2015-11-04Merge pull request #421 from sandrine-bailleux/sb/improve-display_boot_progressAchin Gupta
2015-11-02Remove deprecated IO return definitionsJuan Castillo