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2019-09-27Merge changes from topic "ld/stm32-authentication" into integrationSoby Mathew
2019-09-27Merge changes from topic "mp/giv3-discovery" into integrationSoby Mathew
2019-09-26Merge changes I0283fc2e,Ib476d024,Iada05f7c into integrationPaul Beesley
2019-09-25GICv3: Enable multi socket GIC redistributor frame discoveryMadhukar Pappireddy
2019-09-20bsec: move bsec_mode_is_closed_device() service to platformLionel Debieve
2019-09-20crypto: stm32_hash: Add HASH driverLionel Debieve
2019-09-18drivers: partition: support different block sizeHaojian Zhuang
2019-09-13rpi3: Move rng driver to driversAndre Przywara
2019-09-13rpi3: Move VC mailbox driver into generic drivers directoryAndre Przywara
2019-09-12Support larger RSA key sizes when using MBEDTLSJustin Chadwell
2019-09-12Merge changes from topic "amlogic-refactoring" into integrationSoby Mathew
2019-09-11Merge "mbedtls: use #include <...> instead of "..."" into integrationSoby Mathew
2019-09-05amlogic: Move the SHA256 DMA driver to common directoryCarlo Caione
2019-09-05meson: Rename platform directory to amlogicCarlo Caione
2019-09-04mbedtls: use #include <...> instead of "..."Masahiro Yamada
2019-09-02mmc: stm32_sdmmc2: manage max-frequency property from DTYann Gautier
2019-09-02stm32mp1: add watchdog supportYann Gautier
2019-08-19console: add a flag to prepend '\r' in the multi-console frameworkMasahiro Yamada
2019-08-01Replace __ASSEMBLY__ with compiler-builtin __ASSEMBLER__Julius Werner
2019-07-25Merge changes from topic "gby/cryptocell-multi-vers" into integrationSoby Mathew
2019-07-25cryptocell: add product version awareness supportGilad Ben-Yossef
2019-07-25cryptocell: move Cryptocell specific API into driverGilad Ben-Yossef
2019-07-23Factor out cross-BL API into export headers suitable for 3rd party codeJulius Werner
2019-07-12Update base code to not rely on undefined overflow behaviourJustin Chadwell
2019-06-28Remove MULTI_CONSOLE_API flag and references to itAmbroise Vincent
2019-06-19Merge changes from topic "yg/clk_syscfg_dt" into integrationJohn Tsichritzis
2019-06-17Merge changes If61ab215,I3e8b0251,I1757eee9,I81b48475,I46b445a7, ... into int...John Tsichritzis
2019-06-17clk: stm32mp1: use defines for mask values in stm32mp1_clk_sel arrayYann Gautier
2019-06-17clk: stm32mp1: move oscillator functions to generic fileYann Gautier
2019-06-14rcar_gen3: console: Convert to multi-console APIMarek Vasut
2019-06-13Fix type of cot_desc_ptrSandrine Bailleux
2019-05-10SMMUv3: Abort DMA transactionsAlexei Fedorov
2019-05-03SMMUv3: refactor the driver codeAlexei Fedorov
2019-04-17drivers/sbsa: add sbsa watchdog driverAditya Angadi
2019-04-08cot-desc: optimise memory furtherJoel Hutton
2019-04-08Reduce memory needed for CoT descriptionJoel Hutton
2019-04-03tzc: remove deprecated typesAmbroise Vincent
2019-04-02meson/gxl: Add support for SHA256 DMA engineRemi Pommarel
2019-04-01Remove several warnings reported with W=1Ambroise Vincent
2019-03-13Merge pull request #1879 from pbeesley-arm/pb/todo-removalSoby Mathew
2019-03-13Merge pull request #1858 from thloh85-intel/dwmmc_fixesSoby Mathew
2019-03-13plat/arm: mhu: make mhu driver genericMasahisa Kojima
2019-03-12drivers: Remove TODO from io_storagePaul Beesley
2019-03-12drivers: synopsys: Fix synopsys MMC driverTien Hock, Loh
2019-03-08Merge pull request #1863 from thloh85-intel/mmc_fixesDimitris Papastamos
2019-03-07drivers: mmc: Fix some issues with MMC stackTien Hock, Loh
2019-02-27rpi3: sdhost: SDHost driver improvementYing-Chun Liu (PaulLiu)
2019-02-20stm32mp1: add minimal support for co-processor Cortex-M4Yann Gautier
2019-02-14stm32mp1: update clock driverYann Gautier
2019-02-14stm32mp1: add timeout detection in reset driverYann Gautier