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2021-04-20Add SiP service to configure Arm Ethos-N NPUMikael Olsson
By default the Arm Ethos-N NPU will boot up in secure mode. In this mode the non-secure world cannot access the registers needed to use the NPU. To still allow the non-secure world to use the NPU, a SiP service has been added that can delegate non-secure access to the registers needed to use it. Only the HW_CONFIG for the Arm Juno platform has been updated to include the device tree for the NPU and the platform currently only loads the HW_CONFIG in AArch64 builds. Signed-off-by: Mikael Olsson <mikael.olsson@arm.com> Change-Id: I65dfd864042ed43faae0a259dcf319cbadb5f3d2
2021-04-15Merge changes from topic "scmi_v2_0" into integrationMadhukar Pappireddy
* changes: drivers/arm/css/scmi: Update power domain protocol version to 2.0 tc0: update GICR base address
2021-04-14drivers/arm/css/scmi: Update power domain protocol version to 2.0Nicola Mazzucato
The SCMI power domain protocol in firmware has been updated to v2.0, thus update the corresponding version in TF-A too. Signed-off-by: Nicola Mazzucato <nicola.mazzucato@arm.com> Change-Id: If3920ff71136dce94b2780e29a47f24aa09876c0
2021-03-31drivers: dcc: Support JTAG DCC consoleVenkatesh Yadav Abbarapu
The legacy console is gone. Re-add DCC console support based on the multi-console framework. Signed-off-by: Venkatesh Yadav Abbarapu <venkatesh.abbarapu@xilinx.com> Acked-by: Michal Simek <michal.simek@xilinx.com> Change-Id: Ia8388721093bc1be3af40974530d7c9a9ae5f43e
2021-03-23tzc400: add support for interruptsYann Gautier
A new function tzc400_it_handler() is created to manage TZC400 interrupts. The required helpers to read and clear interrupts are added as well. In case DEBUG is enabled, more information about the faulty access (address, NSAID, type of access) is displayed. Change-Id: Ie9ab1c199a8f12b2c9472d7120efbdf35711284a Signed-off-by: Yann Gautier <yann.gautier@st.com>
2021-03-08tzc400: correct FAIL_CONTROL Privileged bitYann Gautier
When bit 20 of TZC400 Fail control register [1] is set to 1, it means Privileged access, the macros FAIL_CONTROL_PRIV_PRIV and FAIL_CONTROL_PRIV_UNPRIV are then updated to reflect this. [1] https://developer.arm.com/documentation/ddi0504/c/programmers-model/register-descriptions/fail-control-register?lang=en Change-Id: I01e522fded5cf66c9827293ddcf543c79f9e509e Signed-off-by: Yann Gautier <yann.gautier@st.com>
2021-02-09tzc400: fix logical error in FILTER_BIT definitionsHeyi Guo
The filters parameter passed to tzc400_configure_region() is supposed to be filter bit flag without bit shift, so the macros TZC_400_REGION_ATTR_FILTER_BIT and TZC_400_REGION_ATTR_FILTER_BIT_ALL should always construct the value without any shift. It is not a functional issue for TZC_REGION_ATTR_F_EN_SHIFT is lucky to be 0. Signed-off-by: Heyi Guo <guoheyi@linux.alibaba.com> Change-Id: I5d363c462b8517256523f637e670eefa56722afd
2020-09-29drivers: arm: gicv3: Allow detecting number of coresAndre Przywara
A GICv3 interrupt controller will be instantiated for a certain number of cores. This will result in the respective number of GICR frames. The last frame will have the "Last" bit set in its GICR_TYPER register. For platforms with a topology unknown at build time (the Arm FPGAs, for instance), we need to learn the number of used cores at runtime, to size the GICR region in the devicetree accordingly. Add a generic function that iterates over all GICR frames until it encounters one with the "Last" bit set. It returns the number of cores the GICv3 has been configured for. Change-Id: I79f033c50dfc1c275aba7122725868811abcc4f8 Signed-off-by: Andre Przywara <andre.przywara@arm.com>
2020-07-29GIC-600: Fix MISRA-2012 defectsAlexei Fedorov
This patch fixes violation of Rules 10.1, 10.4, 11.9 and 13.2 reported by MISRA-2012 scan. Change-Id: Ibe9190cb0f26ae85d9a31db8e92fbd32f1740e25 Signed-off-by: Alexei Fedorov <Alexei.Fedorov@arm.com>
2020-07-27TZ DMC620 driver: Fix MISRA-2012 defectsAlexei Fedorov
This patch fixes defects 10.3, 10.4, 10.7, 20.7 reported by MISRA-2012 scan and adds braces for conditional statements according to the TF-A coding style. Change-Id: If84ed31cdd55bc8e7cdd2a5f48c0dacc25792112 Signed-off-by: Alexei Fedorov <Alexei.Fedorov@arm.com>
2020-06-24fconf: Clean confused naming between TB_FW and FW_CONFIGManish V Badarkhe
Cleaned up confused naming between TB_FW and FW_CONFIG. Signed-off-by: Louis Mayencourt <louis.mayencourt@arm.com> Signed-off-by: Manish V Badarkhe <Manish.Badarkhe@arm.com> Change-Id: I9e9f6e6ca076d38fee0388f97d370431ae067f08
2020-06-22TF-A GIC driver: Add barrier before eoiSandeep Tripathy
It is desired to have the peripheral writes completed to clear the interrupt condition and de-assert the interrupt request to GIC before EOI write. Failing which spurious interrupt will occurred. A barrier is needed to ensure peripheral register write transfers are complete before EOI is done. GICv2 memory mapped DEVICE nGnR(n)E writes are ordered from core point of view. However these writes may pass over different interconnects, bridges, buffers leaving some rare chances for the actual write to complete out of order. GICv3 ICC EOI system register writes have no ordering against nGnR(n)E memory writes as they are over different interfaces. Hence a dsb can ensure from core no writes are issued before the previous writes are *complete*. Signed-off-by: Sandeep Tripathy <sandeep.tripathy@broadcom.com> Change-Id: Ie6362009e2f91955be99dca8ece14ade7b4811d6
2020-06-09GICv3: GIC-600: Detect GIC-600 at runtimeAndre Przywara
The only difference between GIC-500 and GIC-600 relevant to TF-A is the differing power management sequence. A certain GIC implementation is detectable at runtime, for instance by checking the IIDR register. Let's add that test before initiating the GIC-600 specific sequence, so the code can be used on both GIC-600 and GIC-500 chips alike, without deciding on a GIC chip at compile time. This means that the GIC-500 "driver" is now redundant. To allow minimal platform support, add a switch to disable GIC-600 support. Change-Id: I17ea97d9fb05874772ebaa13e6678b4ba3415557 Signed-off-by: Andre Przywara <andre.przywara@arm.com>
2020-04-07TF-A: Add GICv4 extension for GIC driverAlexei Fedorov
This patch adds support for GICv4 extension. New `GIC_ENABLE_V4_EXTN` option passed to gicv3.mk makefile was added, and enables GICv4 related changes when set to 1. This option defaults to 0. Change-Id: I30ebe1b7a98d3a54863900f37eda4589c707a288 Signed-off-by: Alexei Fedorov <Alexei.Fedorov@arm.com>
2020-04-06TF-A GICv3 driver: Add extended PPI and SPI rangeAlexei Fedorov
This patch provides support for GICv3.1 extended PPI and SPI range. The option is enabled by setting to 1 and passing `GIC_EXT_INTID` build flag to gicv3.mk makefile. This option defaults to 0 with no extended range support. Change-Id: I7d09086fe22ea531c5df51a8a1efd8928458d394 Signed-off-by: Alexei Fedorov <Alexei.Fedorov@arm.com>
2020-04-01cryptocell: add support for Cryptocell 713Gilad Ben-Yossef
Add Crypto 713 support as crypto module and NVM counter provider. As files under include/drivers/arm/cryptocell/713/ are copied verbatim from the CryptoCell SBROM lib project they are filtered from checkpatch coding style check. Signed-off-by: Gilad Ben-Yossef <gilad@benyossef.com> Change-Id: I7c361772f00ca7d96481f81ac6cbb2704467e52c
2020-03-10TF-A GICv3 driver: Separate GICD and GICR accessor functionsAlexei Fedorov
This patch provides separation of GICD, GICR accessor functions and adds new macros for GICv3 registers access as a preparation for GICv3.1 and GICv4 support. NOTE: Platforms need to modify to include both 'gicdv3_helpers.c' and 'gicrv3_helpers.c' instead of the single helper file previously. Change-Id: I1641bd6d217d6eb7d1228be3c4177b2d556da60a Signed-off-by: Alexei Fedorov <Alexei.Fedorov@arm.com>
2020-02-25pl011: Use generic console_t data structureAndre Przywara
Since now the generic console_t structure holds the UART base address as well, let's use that generic location and drop the UART driver specific data structure at all. Change-Id: I7a23327394d142af4b293ea7ccd90b843c54587c Signed-off-by: Andre Przywara <andre.przywara@arm.com>
2020-02-07drivers/arm/scmi: allow use of multiple SCMI channelsAditya Angadi
On systems that have multiple platform components that can interpret the SCMI messages, there is a need to support multiple SCMI channels (one each to those platform components). Extend the existing SCMI interface that currently supports only a single SCMI channel to support multiple SCMI channels. Change-Id: Ice4062475b903aef3b5e5bc37df364c9778a62c5 Signed-off-by: Aditya Angadi <aditya.angadi@arm.com>
2020-02-07drivers/mhu: derive doorbell base addressAditya Angadi
In order to allow the MHUv2 driver to be usable with multiple MHUv2 controllers, use the base address of the controller from the platform information instead of the MHUV2_BASE_ADDR macro. Change-Id: I4dbab87b929fb0568935e6c8b339ce67937f8cd1 Signed-off-by: Aditya Angadi <aditya.angadi@arm.com>
2020-01-03drivers: add a driver for snoop control unitVishnu Banavath
The SCU connects one to four Cortex-A5/Cortex-A9 processors to the memory system through the AXI interfaces. The SCU functions are to: - maintain data cache coherency between the Cortex-A5/Cortex-A9 processors - initiate L2 AXI memory accesses - arbitrate between Cortex-A5/Cortex-A9 processors requesting L2 accesses - manage ACP accesses. Snoop Control Unit will enable to snoop on other CPUs caches. This is very important when it comes to synchronizing data between CPUs. As an example, there is a high chance that data might be cache'd and other CPUs can't see the change. In such cases, if snoop control unit is enabled, data is synchoronized immediately between CPUs and the changes are visible to other CPUs. This driver provides functionality to enable SCU as well as enabling user to know the following - number of CPUs present - is a particular CPU operating in SMP mode or AMP mode - data cache size of a particular CPU - does SCU has ACP port - is L2CPRESENT Change-Id: I0d977970154fa60df57caf449200d471f02312a0 Signed-off-by: Vishnu Banavath <vishnu.banavath@arm.com>
2019-12-11cryptocell: add cryptocell 712 RSA 3K supportGilad Ben-Yossef
Add the support needed to enable using CryptoCell integration with with RSA 3K support. Signed-off-by: Gilad Ben-Yossef <gilad.benyossef@arm.com> Change-Id: I95527cb0c41ae012109e8968dd20a4ae9fe67f17
2019-11-11gic/gic600: add support for multichip configurationVijayenthiran Subramaniam
Add support to configure GIC-600's multichip routing table registers. Introduce a new gic600 multichip structure in order to support platforms to pass their GIC-600 multichip information such as routing table owner, SPI blocks ownership. This driver is currently experimental and the driver api may change in the future. Change-Id: Id409d0bc07843e271ead3fc2f6e3cb38b317878d Signed-off-by: Vijayenthiran Subramaniam <vijayenthiran.subramaniam@arm.com>
2019-09-25GICv3: Enable multi socket GIC redistributor frame discoveryMadhukar Pappireddy
This patch provides declaration and definition of new GICv3 driver API: gicv3_rdistif_probe().This function delegates the responsibility of discovering the corresponding Redistributor base frame to each CPU itself. It is a modified version of gicv3_rdistif_base_addrs_probe() and is executed by each CPU in the platform unlike the previous approach in which only the Primary CPU did the discovery of all the Redistributor frames for every CPU. The flush operations as part of gicv3_driver_init() function are made necessary even for platforms with WARMBOOT_ENABLE_DCACHE_EARLY because the GICv3 driver data structure contents are accessed by CPU with D-Cache turned off during power down operations. Change-Id: I1833e81d3974b32a3e4a3df4766a33d070982268 Signed-off-by: Madhukar Pappireddy <madhukar.pappireddy@arm.com>
2019-08-01Replace __ASSEMBLY__ with compiler-builtin __ASSEMBLER__Julius Werner
NOTE: __ASSEMBLY__ macro is now deprecated in favor of __ASSEMBLER__. All common C compilers predefine a macro called __ASSEMBLER__ when preprocessing a .S file. There is no reason for TF-A to define it's own __ASSEMBLY__ macro for this purpose instead. To unify code with the export headers (which use __ASSEMBLER__ to avoid one extra dependency), let's deprecate __ASSEMBLY__ and switch the code base over to the predefined standard. Change-Id: Id7d0ec8cf330195da80499c68562b65cb5ab7417 Signed-off-by: Julius Werner <jwerner@chromium.org>
2019-07-25cryptocell: add product version awareness supportGilad Ben-Yossef
Add support for multiple Cryptocell revisions which use different APIs. This commit only refactors the existing code in preperation to the addition of another Cryptocell revisions later on. Signed-off-by: Gilad Ben-Yossef <gilad.benyossef@arm.com> Change-Id: I16d80b31afb6edd56dc645fee5ea619cc74f09b6
2019-07-25cryptocell: move Cryptocell specific API into driverGilad Ben-Yossef
Code using Cryptocell specific APIs was used as part of the arm common board ROT support, instead of being abstracted in Cryptocell specific driver code, creating two problems: - Any none arm board that uses Cryptocell wuld need to copy and paste the same code. - Inability to cleanly support multiple versions of Cryptocell API and products. Move over Cryptocell specific API calls into the Cryptocell driver, creating abstraction API where needed. Signed-off-by: Gilad Ben-Yossef <gilad.benyossef@arm.com> Change-Id: I9e03ddce90fcc47cfdc747098bece86dbd11c58e
2019-05-10SMMUv3: Abort DMA transactionsAlexei Fedorov
For security DMA should be blocked at the SMMU by default unless explicitly enabled for a device. SMMU is disabled after reset with all streams bypassing the SMMU, and abortion of all incoming transactions implements a default deny policy on reset. This patch also moves "bl1_platform_setup()" function from arm_bl1_setup.c to FVP platforms' fvp_bl1_setup.c and fvp_ve_bl1_setup.c files. Change-Id: Ie0ffedc10219b1b884eb8af625bd4b6753749b1a Signed-off-by: Alexei Fedorov <Alexei.Fedorov@arm.com>
2019-05-03SMMUv3: refactor the driver codeAlexei Fedorov
This patch is a preparation for the subsequent changes in SMMUv3 driver. It introduces a new "smmuv3_poll" function and replaces inline functions for accessing SMMU registers with mmio read/write operations. Also the infinite loop for the poll has been replaced with a counter based timeout. Change-Id: I7a0547beb1509601f253e126b1a7a6ab3b0307e7 Signed-off-by: Alexei Fedorov <Alexei.Fedorov@arm.com>
2019-04-17drivers/sbsa: add sbsa watchdog driverAditya Angadi
Add a driver for configuring the SBSA Generic Watchdog which aids in the detection of errant system behaviour. Change-Id: I5a1e7149c69fd8b85be7dfbcf511f431339946f4 Signed-off-by: Aditya Angadi <aditya.angadi@arm.com>
2019-04-03tzc: remove deprecated typesAmbroise Vincent
Types tzc_action_t and tzc_region_attributes_t are deprecated. Change-Id: Ieefeb8521a0e1130f39d09b5c0d2728f05084773 Signed-off-by: Ambroise Vincent <ambroise.vincent@arm.com>
2019-04-01Remove several warnings reported with W=1Ambroise Vincent
Improved support for W=1 compilation flag by solving missing-prototypes and old-style-definition warnings. The libraries are compiling with warnings (which turn into errors with the Werror flag). Outside of libraries, some warnings cannot be fixed without heavy structural changes. Change-Id: I1668cf99123ac4195c2a6a1d48945f7a64c67f16 Signed-off-by: Ambroise Vincent <ambroise.vincent@arm.com>
2019-03-13plat/arm: mhu: make mhu driver genericMasahisa Kojima
MHU doorbell driver requires arm platform specific macro "PLAT_CSS_MHU_BASE". Rename it to "PLAT_MHUV2_BASE", so that platforms other than arm can use generic MHU doorbell driver. Signed-off-by: Masahisa Kojima <masahisa.kojima@linaro.org>
2019-01-25fvp: pwrc: Move to drivers/ folderAntonio Nino Diaz
Change-Id: I670ea80e0331c2d4b2ccfa563a45469a43f6902d Signed-off-by: Antonio Nino Diaz <antonio.ninodiaz@arm.com>
2019-01-25plat/arm: sds: Move to drivers/ folderAntonio Nino Diaz
Change-Id: Ia601d5ad65ab199e747fb60af4979b7db477d249 Signed-off-by: Antonio Nino Diaz <antonio.ninodiaz@arm.com>
2019-01-25plat/arm: scp: Move to drivers/ folderAntonio Nino Diaz
Change-Id: Ida5dae39478654405d0ee31a6cbddb4579e76a7f Signed-off-by: Antonio Nino Diaz <antonio.ninodiaz@arm.com>
2019-01-25plat/arm: scpi: Move to drivers/ folderAntonio Nino Diaz
Change-Id: Icc59cdaf2b56f6936e9847f1894594c671db2e94 Signed-off-by: Antonio Nino Diaz <antonio.ninodiaz@arm.com>
2019-01-25plat/arm: mhu: Move to drivers/ folderAntonio Nino Diaz
Change-Id: I656753a1825ea7340a3708b950fa6b57455e9056 Signed-off-by: Antonio Nino Diaz <antonio.ninodiaz@arm.com>
2019-01-25plat/arm: scmi: Move to drivers/ folderAntonio Nino Diaz
Change-Id: I8989d2aa0258bf3b50a856c5b81532d578600124 Signed-off-by: Antonio Nino Diaz <antonio.ninodiaz@arm.com>
2019-01-22ti: k3: common: Add support for runtime detection of GICR base addressAndrew F. Davis
Valid addresses for GICR base are always a set calculable distance from the GICD and is based on the number of cores a given instance of GICv3 IP can support. The formula for the number of address bits is given by the ARM GIC-500 TRM section 3.2 as 2^(18+log2(cores)) with the MSB set to one for GICR instances. Holes in the GIC address space are also guaranteed to safely return 0 on reads. This allows us to support runtime detection of the GICR base address by starting from GIC base address plus BIT(18) and walking until the GICR ID register (IIDR) is detected. We stop searching after BIT(20) to prevent searching out into space if something goes wrong. This can be extended out if we ever have a device with 16 or more cores. Signed-off-by: Andrew F. Davis <afd@ti.com>
2019-01-04Sanitise includes across codebaseAntonio Nino Diaz
Enforce full include path for includes. Deprecate old paths. The following folders inside include/lib have been left unchanged: - include/lib/cpus/${ARCH} - include/lib/el3_runtime/${ARCH} The reason for this change is that having a global namespace for includes isn't a good idea. It defeats one of the advantages of having folders and it introduces problems that are sometimes subtle (because you may not know the header you are actually including if there are two of them). For example, this patch had to be created because two headers were called the same way: e0ea0928d5b7 ("Fix gpio includes of mt8173 platform to avoid collision."). More recently, this patch has had similar problems: 46f9b2c3a282 ("drivers: add tzc380 support"). This problem was introduced in commit 4ecca33988b9 ("Move include and source files to logical locations"). At that time, there weren't too many headers so it wasn't a real issue. However, time has shown that this creates problems. Platforms that want to preserve the way they include headers may add the removed paths to PLAT_INCLUDES, but this is discouraged. Change-Id: I39dc53ed98f9e297a5966e723d1936d6ccf2fc8f Signed-off-by: Antonio Nino Diaz <antonio.ninodiaz@arm.com>
2018-12-14GIC: Remove lowest priority constantsJeenu Viswambharan
The GIC lowest priority values for each world depends on the number of priority values implemented in hardware. These constants currently defined in gic_common.h only meant to enumerate lowest possible architectural values. Since these values are not used in generic code or upstream platforms, and that general use of these constants can be wrong, remove these. Platforms should either define and use these as appropriate, or determine correct values at run time. Change-Id: I3805cea8ceb8a592b9eff681ea1b63b7496cec5f Signed-off-by: Jeenu Viswambharan <jeenu.viswambharan@arm.com>
2018-12-04drivers: add tzc380 supportPeng Fan
Add tzc380 support. Signed-off-by: Peng Fan <peng.fan@nxp.com> Signed-off-by: Bai Ping <ping.bai@nxp.com>
2018-11-29Merge pull request #1679 from pangupta/masterAntonio Niño Díaz
ccn: Introduce API to set and read value of node register
2018-11-23ccn: Introduce API to set and read value of node registerPankaj Gupta
Signed-off-by: Pankaj Gupta <pankaj.gupta@nxp.com>
2018-11-21drivers/tzc-dmc620: add driver to setup DMC-620 TZC controllerVijayenthiran Subramaniam
ARM CoreLink DMC-620 Dynamic Memory Controller includes a TZC controller to setup secure or non-secure regions of DRAM memory. The TZC controller allows to setup upto eight such regions of memory in DRAM. This driver provides helper functions to setup the TZC controller within DMC-620. Change-Id: Iee7692417c2080052bdb7b1c2873a024bc5d1d10 Signed-off-by: Vijayenthiran Subramaniam <vijayenthiran.subramaniam@arm.com>
2018-11-08Standardise header guards across codebaseAntonio Nino Diaz
All identifiers, regardless of use, that start with two underscores are reserved. This means they can't be used in header guards. The style that this project is now to use the full name of the file in capital letters followed by 'H'. For example, for a file called "uart_example.h", the header guard is UART_EXAMPLE_H. The exceptions are files that are imported from other projects: - CryptoCell driver - dt-bindings folders - zlib headers Change-Id: I50561bf6c88b491ec440d0c8385c74650f3c106e Signed-off-by: Antonio Nino Diaz <antonio.ninodiaz@arm.com>
2018-11-01plat/arm: Fix types of constants in headersAntonio Nino Diaz
Change-Id: I33eaee8e7c983b3042635a448cb8d689ea4e3a12 Signed-off-by: Antonio Nino Diaz <antonio.ninodiaz@arm.com>
2018-10-23tzc: Fix MISRA defectsAntonio Nino Diaz
The definitions FAIL_CONTROL_*_SHIFT were incorrect, they have been fixed. The types tzc_region_attributes_t and tzc_action_t have been removed and replaced by unsigned int because it is not allowed to do logical operations on enums. Also, fix some address definitions in arm_def.h. Change-Id: Id37941d76883f9fe5045a5f0a4224c133c504d8b Signed-off-by: Antonio Nino Diaz <antonio.ninodiaz@arm.com>
2018-10-11plat/arm: Fix misra warnings in platform codeSathees Balya
Change-Id: Ica944acc474a099219d50b041cfaeabd4f3d362f Signed-off-by: Sathees Balya <sathees.balya@arm.com>