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2021-08-26feat(trf): enable trace filter control register access from lower NS ELManish V Badarkhe
Introduced a build flag 'ENABLE_TRF_FOR_NS' to enable trace filter control registers access in NS-EL2, or NS-EL1 (when NS-EL2 is implemented but unused). Change-Id: If3f53b8173a5573424b9a405a4bd8c206ffdeb8c Signed-off-by: Manish V Badarkhe <Manish.Badarkhe@arm.com>
2021-08-26feat(sys_reg_trace): enable trace system registers access from lower NS ELsManish V Badarkhe
Introduced a build flag 'ENABLE_SYS_REG_TRACE_FOR_NS' to enable trace system registers access in NS-EL2, or NS-EL1 (when NS-EL2 is implemented but unused). Change-Id: Idc1acede4186e101758cbf7bed5af7b634d7d18d Signed-off-by: Manish V Badarkhe <Manish.Badarkhe@arm.com>
2021-02-25Enable v8.6 AMU enhancements (FEAT_AMUv1p1)johpow01
ARMv8.6 adds virtual offset registers to support virtualization of the event counters in EL1 and EL0. This patch enables support for this feature in EL3 firmware. Signed-off-by: John Powell <john.powell@arm.com> Change-Id: I7ee1f3d9f554930bf5ef6f3d492e932e6d95b217
2020-10-27aarch64/arm: Add compiler barrier to barrier instructionsAndre Przywara
When issuing barrier instructions like DSB or DMB, we must make sure that the compiler does not undermine out efforts to fence off instructions. Currently the compiler is free to move the barrier instruction around, in respect to former or later memory access statements, which is not what we want. Add a compiler barrier to the inline assembly statement in our DEFINE_SYSOP_TYPE_FUNC macro, to make sure memory accesses are not reordered by the compiler. This is in line with Linux' definition: https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git/tree/arch/arm64/include/asm/barrier.h Since those instructions share a definition, apart from DSB and DMB this now also covers some TLBI instructions. Having a compiler barrier there also is useful, although we probably have stronger barriers in place already. Change-Id: If6fe97b13a562643a643efc507cb4aad29daa5b6 Reported-by: Alexandru Elisei <alexandru.elisei@arm.com> Signed-off-by: Andre Przywara <andre.przywara@arm.com>
2020-08-10TF-A AMU extension: fix detection of group 1 counters.Alexei Fedorov
This patch fixes the bug when AMUv1 group1 counters was always assumed being implemented without checking for its presence which was causing exception otherwise. The AMU extension code was also modified as listed below: - Added detection of AMUv1 for ARMv8.6 - 'PLAT_AMU_GROUP1_NR_COUNTERS' build option is removed and number of group1 counters 'AMU_GROUP1_NR_COUNTERS' is now calculated based on 'AMU_GROUP1_COUNTERS_MASK' value - Added bit fields definitions and access functions for AMCFGR_EL0/AMCFGR and AMCGCR_EL0/AMCGCR registers - Unification of amu.c Aarch64 and Aarch32 source files - Bug fixes and TF-A coding style compliant changes. Change-Id: I14e407be62c3026ebc674ec7045e240ccb71e1fb Signed-off-by: Alexei Fedorov <Alexei.Fedorov@arm.com>
2020-04-15Provide a hint to power controller for DSU cluster power downMadhukar Pappireddy
By writing 0 to CLUSTERPWRDN DSU register bit 0, we send an advisory to the power controller that cluster power is not required when all cores are powered down. The AArch32 CLUSTERPWRDN register is architecturally mapped to the AArch64 CLUSTERPWRDN_EL1 register Change-Id: Ie6e67c1c7d811fa25c51e2e405ca7f59bd20c81b Signed-off-by: Madhukar Pappireddy <madhukar.pappireddy@arm.com>
2020-04-07locks: bakery: use is_dcache_enabled() helperMasahiro Yamada
bakery_lock_normal.c uses the raw register accessor, read_sctlr(_el3) to check whether the dcache is enabled. Using is_dcache_enabled() is cleaner, and a good abstraction for the library code like this. A problem is is_dcache_enabled() is declared in the local header, lib/xlat_tables_v2/xlat_tables_private.h I searched for a good place to declare this helper. Moving it to arch_helpers.h, closed to cache operation helpers, looks good enough to me. I also changed the type of 'is_cached' to bool for consistency, and to avoid MISRA warnings. Change-Id: I9b016f67bc8eade25c316aa9c0db0fa4cd375b79 Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2019-02-28Cortex-A53: Workarounds for 819472, 824069 and 827319Ambroise Vincent
The workarounds for these errata are so closely related that it is better to only have one patch to make it easier to understand. Change-Id: I0287fa69aefa8b72f884833f6ed0e7775ca834e9 Signed-off-by: Ambroise Vincent <ambroise.vincent@arm.com>
2019-01-11xlat v2: Dynamically detect need for CnP bitAntonio Nino Diaz
ARMv8.2-TTCNP is mandatory from ARMv8.2 onwards, but it can be implemented in CPUs that don't implement all mandatory 8.2 features (and so have to claim to be a lower version). This patch removes usage of the ARM_ARCH_AT_LEAST() macro and uses system ID registers to detect whether it is needed to set the bit or not. Change-Id: I7bcbf0c7c937590dfc2ca668cfd9267c50f7d52c Signed-off-by: Antonio Nino Diaz <antonio.ninodiaz@arm.com>
2019-01-04Sanitise includes across codebaseAntonio Nino Diaz
Enforce full include path for includes. Deprecate old paths. The following folders inside include/lib have been left unchanged: - include/lib/cpus/${ARCH} - include/lib/el3_runtime/${ARCH} The reason for this change is that having a global namespace for includes isn't a good idea. It defeats one of the advantages of having folders and it introduces problems that are sometimes subtle (because you may not know the header you are actually including if there are two of them). For example, this patch had to be created because two headers were called the same way: e0ea0928d5b7 ("Fix gpio includes of mt8173 platform to avoid collision."). More recently, this patch has had similar problems: 46f9b2c3a282 ("drivers: add tzc380 support"). This problem was introduced in commit 4ecca33988b9 ("Move include and source files to logical locations"). At that time, there weren't too many headers so it wasn't a real issue. However, time has shown that this creates problems. Platforms that want to preserve the way they include headers may add the removed paths to PLAT_INCLUDES, but this is discouraged. Change-Id: I39dc53ed98f9e297a5966e723d1936d6ccf2fc8f Signed-off-by: Antonio Nino Diaz <antonio.ninodiaz@arm.com>
2019-01-04Reorganize architecture-dependent header filesAntonio Nino Diaz
The architecture dependant header files in include/lib/${ARCH} and include/common/${ARCH} have been moved to /include/arch/${ARCH}. Change-Id: I96f30fdb80b191a51448ddf11b1d4a0624c03394 Signed-off-by: Antonio Nino Diaz <antonio.ninodiaz@arm.com>