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2021-08-26feat(trf): enable trace filter control register access from lower NS ELManish V Badarkhe
2021-08-26feat(trf): initialize trap settings of trace filter control registers accessManish V Badarkhe
2021-08-26feat(sys_reg_trace): enable trace system registers access from lower NS ELsManish V Badarkhe
2021-08-26feat(sys_reg_trace): initialize trap settings of trace system registers accessManish V Badarkhe
2021-08-26feat(trbe): enable access to trace buffer control registers from lower NS ELManish V Badarkhe
2021-08-25feat(trbe): initialize trap settings of trace buffer control registers accessManish V Badarkhe
2021-07-26Merge "fix(sdei): set SPSR for SDEI based on TakeException" into integrationManish Pandey
2021-07-24Merge "refactor(aarch64): remove `FEAT_BTI` architecture check" into integrationJoanna Farley
2021-07-23fix(sdei): set SPSR for SDEI based on TakeExceptionDaniel Boulby
2021-06-28feat(sve): enable SVE for the secure worldMax Shvetsov
2021-06-22refactor(aarch64): remove `FEAT_BTI` architecture checkChris Kay
2021-05-14fix(security): Set MDCR_EL3.MCCD bitAlexei Fedorov
2021-04-21Add PIE support for AARCH32Yann Gautier
2021-04-21Avoid the use of linker *_SIZE__ macrosYann Gautier
2021-04-13Merge changes from topic "dcc_console" into integrationMadhukar Pappireddy
2021-03-31drivers: dcc: Support JTAG DCC consoleVenkatesh Yadav Abbarapu
2021-03-18arch: Enable `FEAT_SB` for supported non-Armv8.5-A platformsChris Kay
2021-02-25Enable v8.6 AMU enhancements (FEAT_AMUv1p1)johpow01
2021-01-15Define registers for FEAT_RNG supportTomas Pilar
2020-12-11Add support for FEAT_MTPMU for Armv8.6Javier Almansa Sobrino
2020-12-03Merge "Aarch64: Add support for FEAT_PANx extensions" into integrationManish Pandey
2020-12-02Aarch64: Add support for FEAT_MTE3Alexei Fedorov
2020-11-30Aarch64: Add support for FEAT_PANx extensionsAlexei Fedorov
2020-10-27aarch64/arm: Add compiler barrier to barrier instructionsAndre Przywara
2020-10-12Increase type widths to satisfy width requirementsJimmy Brisson
2020-08-18Add wrapper for AT instructionManish V Badarkhe
2020-08-18runtime_exceptions: Update AT speculative workaroundManish V Badarkhe
2020-08-10TF-A AMU extension: fix detection of group 1 counters.Alexei Fedorov
2020-06-12Prevent RAS register access from lower ELsVarun Wadekar
2020-06-02Enable ARMv8.6-ECV Self-Synch when booting to EL2Jimmy Brisson
2020-06-02Enable ARMv8.6-FGT when booting to EL2Jimmy Brisson
2020-05-26TF-A: Fix wrong register read for MPAM extensionAlexei Fedorov
2020-05-19Enable v8.6 WFE trap delaysjohpow01
2020-05-16Fix compilation error when ENABLE_PIE=1Varun Wadekar
2020-05-14Implement workaround for AT speculative behaviourManish V Badarkhe
2020-05-13SPMD: code/comments cleanupOlivier Deprez
2020-04-15Provide a hint to power controller for DSU cluster power downMadhukar Pappireddy
2020-04-07locks: bakery: use is_dcache_enabled() helperMasahiro Yamada
2020-04-03Fix MISRA C issues in BL1/BL2/BL31John Powell
2020-03-31Add get_current_el_maybe_constant()Masahiro Yamada
2020-03-19Merge "el3_entrypoint_common: avoid overwriting arg3" into integrationManish Pandey
2020-03-12Merge "Use Speculation Barrier instruction for v8.5 cores" into integrationMark Dykes
2020-03-11Use Speculation Barrier instruction for v8.5 coresMadhukar Pappireddy
2020-03-11Merge "Fix crash dump for lower EL" into integrationMark Dykes
2020-03-09Merge "aarch32: stop speculative execution past exception returns" into integ...Mark Dykes
2020-03-06Fix crash dump for lower ELAlexei Fedorov
2020-03-03SPMD: Adds partially supported EL2 registers.Max Shvetsov
2020-03-02SPMD: save/restore EL2 system registers.Max Shvetsov
2020-03-01aarch32: stop speculative execution past exception returnsMadhukar Pappireddy
2020-02-21el3_entrypoint_common: avoid overwriting arg3Yann Gautier