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2018-12-10Merge pull request #1700 from jwerner-chromium/JW_crashfixSoby Mathew
2018-12-06drivers/console: Reimplement MUTLI_CONSOLE_API framework in CJulius Werner
2018-12-06drivers/console: Link console framework code by defaultJulius Werner
2018-12-06plat/common/crash_console_helpers.S: Fix MULTI_CONSOLE_API supportJulius Werner
2018-12-06Merge pull request #1706 from Yann-lms/mmc_init_checkAntonio Niño Díaz
2018-12-05tzc380: Fix some assertsAntonio Nino Diaz
2018-12-05Merge pull request #1653 from JackyBai/masterAntonio Niño Díaz
2018-12-04Merge pull request #1702 from MISL-EBU-System-SW/patches-18.12Antonio Niño Díaz
2018-12-04ble: ap807: Switch to PLL mode and update CPU frequencyChristine Gharzuzi
2018-12-04mvebu: cp110: avoid pcie power on/off sequence when called from LinuxIgal Liberman
2018-12-04mvebu: cp110: fix phy selector configuration for XFI1Grzegorz Jaszczyk
2018-12-04drivers: add tzc380 supportPeng Fan
2018-12-04drivers: st: mmc: improve error cases in send_cmd functionYann Gautier
2018-12-04drivers: mmc: check mmc_reset_to_idle returnYann Gautier
2018-11-29Merge pull request #1698 from hzhuang1/rm_emmc_delayAntonio Niño Díaz
2018-11-29Merge pull request #1679 from pangupta/masterAntonio Niño Díaz
2018-11-26mmc: poll eMMC status after EXT_CSD commandHaojian Zhuang
2018-11-23ccn: Introduce API to set and read value of node registerPankaj Gupta
2018-11-21drivers/tzc-dmc620: add driver to setup DMC-620 TZC controllerVijayenthiran Subramaniam
2018-11-19Merge pull request #1682 from MISL-EBU-System-SW/migrate-multi-consoleAntonio Niño Díaz
2018-11-15plat/marvell: Migrate to multi-console APIKonstantin Porotchkin
2018-11-15drivers: st: uart: remove old APIYann Gautier
2018-11-15drivers: st: update console driver to support MULTI_CONSOLE_APIYann Gautier
2018-11-15stm32mp1: add a new file for UART registers definitionYann Gautier
2018-11-13Merge pull request #1676 from Yann-lms/static_analysisAntonio Nino Diaz
2018-11-12cadence: uart: comply to console_register prototypeAlexei Colin
2018-11-09stm32mp1: correct some static analysis tools issuesYann Gautier
2018-11-09drivers: partition: correct some static analysis tools issuesYann Gautier
2018-11-08Standardise header guards across codebaseAntonio Nino Diaz
2018-11-07Merge pull request #1668 from ldts/rcar_gen3/e3_buildSoby Mathew
2018-11-06Remove _tzc_get_max_top_addr() functionSandrine Bailleux
2018-11-06rcar_gen3: E3 target: fix compilation issuesldts
2018-11-01Merge pull request #1623 from MISL-EBU-System-SW/a3700-supportAntonio Niño Díaz
2018-10-31Merge pull request #1646 from Andre-ARM/allwinner/pmic-v2Antonio Niño Díaz
2018-10-29meson: console: Add missing define to fix buildAntonio Nino Diaz
2018-10-26meson: console: Introduce console driverAntonio Nino Diaz
2018-10-25Merge pull request #1640 from soby-mathew/sm/fin_con_regAntonio Niño Díaz
2018-10-23tzc: Fix MISRA defectsAntonio Nino Diaz
2018-10-22drivers: marvell Add support for Armada-37xx UARTKonstantin Porotchkin
2018-10-22drivers: marvell Add Armada-37xx COMPHY driverKonstantin Porotchkin
2018-10-20allwinner: Add RSB driverAndre Przywara
2018-10-19Multi-console: Deprecate the `finish_console_register` macroSoby Mathew
2018-10-18Merge pull request #1632 from Yann-lms/stm32mp1_mmcSoby Mathew
2018-10-18mvebu: cp110: introduce COMPHY porting layerGrzegorz Jaszczyk
2018-10-17rcar_gen3: drivers: watchdogJorge Ramirez-Ortiz
2018-10-17rcar_gen3: drivers: serial controller interfaceJorge Ramirez-Ortiz
2018-10-17rcar_gen3: drivers: spi multio bus controllerJorge Ramirez-Ortiz
2018-10-17rcar_gen3: drivers: rom apiJorge Ramirez-Ortiz
2018-10-17rcar_gen3: drivers: power controllerJorge Ramirez-Ortiz
2018-10-17rcar_gen3: drivers: consoleJorge Ramirez-Ortiz