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2015-12-14Replace all SCP FW (BL0, BL3-0) referencesJuan Castillo
2015-12-14TBB: apply TBBR naming convention to certificates and extensionsJuan Castillo
2015-12-10Merge pull request #465 from jcastillo-arm/jc/tbb_mbedtls_2_xdanh-arm
2015-12-10Move up to mbed TLS 2.xJuan Castillo
2015-12-10Merge pull request #463 from jcastillo-arm/jc/tf-issues/216danh-arm
2015-12-10De-feature PL011 UART driver to match generic UART specJuan Castillo
2015-12-09Merge pull request #462 from soby-mathew/sm/runtime_consoledanh-arm
2015-12-09FWU: Add Generic Firmware Update framework support in BL1Yatharth Kochar
2015-12-09Introduce console_uninit() API in ARM Trusted FirmwareSoby Mathew
2015-12-09Merge pull request #458 from soby-mathew/sm/rem_tzc_base_assertdanh-arm
2015-12-08Remove the assert for TZC base during initializationSoby Mathew
2015-12-04Rename GICv3 interrupt group macrosSoby Mathew
2015-12-02Merge pull request #446 from vikramkanigiri/vk/tzc-400danh-arm
2015-11-27Fix TZC-400 peripheral detectionVikram Kanigiri
2015-11-27Add a simple ARM SP805 watchdog driverJuan Castillo
2015-11-26Add ARM GICv2 driverSoby Mathew
2015-11-26Add ARM GICv3 driver without support for legacy operationAchin Gupta
2015-11-02Remove deprecated IO return definitionsJuan Castillo
2015-10-12Fix debug assertion in deprecated CCI-400 driverSandrine Bailleux
2015-09-14Add a generic driver for ARM CCN IPAchin Gupta
2015-09-01Remove EL2/EL1 GICv3 register updatesVikram Kanigiri
2015-07-17Merge pull request #335 from jcastillo-arm/jc/sh_writedanh-arm
2015-07-16Fix bug in semihosting write functionJuan Castillo
2015-07-09Use uintptr_t as base address type in ARM driver APIsJuan Castillo
2015-06-25TBB: add TBBR Chain of TrustJuan Castillo
2015-06-25TBB: add mbedTLS authentication related librariesJuan Castillo
2015-06-25TBB: add authentication frameworkJuan Castillo
2015-06-25Use numbers to identify images instead of namesJuan Castillo
2015-06-18Add SP804 delay timer driverRyan Harkin
2015-06-17Add a simple delay timer driver APIRyan Harkin
2015-06-02Merge pull request #305 from achingupta/ag/tf-issues#306Achin Gupta
2015-05-29Driver for 16550 UART interfaceVarun Wadekar
2015-05-19Fix reporting of interrupt ID in ARM GIC driverAchin Gupta
2015-04-28Separate out common console functionalityDan Handley
2015-04-27Add TZC function to configure region 0Dan Handley
2015-04-08Add support to indicate size and end of assembly functionsKévin Petit
2015-03-20Set group status of PPIs and SGIs correctly on GICv3 systemsAchin Gupta
2015-03-16Common driver for ARM Cache Coherent InterconnectsVikram Kanigiri
2015-03-16Add macro to calculate number of elements in an arrayVikram Kanigiri
2015-01-28TBB: authenticate BL3-x images and certificatesJuan Castillo
2015-01-28TBB: authenticate BL2 image and certificateJuan Castillo
2014-11-04Merge pull request #219 from jcastillo-arm/jc/tf-issues/253danh-arm
2014-10-31Improvements to ARM GIC driverJuan Castillo
2014-10-14Juno: Reserve some DDR-DRAM for secure useJuan Castillo
2014-08-14Simplify interface to TZC-400 driverDan Handley
2014-08-14Move IO storage source to drivers directoryDan Handley
2014-08-14Remove platform dependency in CCI-400 driverDan Handley
2014-08-12Rationalize console log outputDan Handley
2014-07-28Merge pull request #177 from jcastillo-arm/jc/tf-issues/096danh-arm
2014-07-28Rework incorrect use of assert() and panic() in codebaseJuan Castillo