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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-07fdt: Fix coverity complaint about 32-bit multiplicationAndre Przywara
2020-09-29fdt: Add function to adjust GICv3 redistributor sizeAndre Przywara
2020-09-01Add support to export a /cpus node to the device tree.Javier Almansa Sobrino
2020-01-22FDT helper functions: Fix MISRA issuesAndre Przywara
2019-09-25FDT helper functions: Respect architecture in PSCI function IDsAndre Przywara
2019-09-25FDT helper functions: Add function documentationAndre Przywara
2019-09-13Add fdt_add_reserved_memory() helper functionAndre Przywara
2019-09-13qemu: Move and generalise FDT PSCI fixupAndre Przywara