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2019-05-24Add support for Branch Target IdentificationAlexei Fedorov
This patch adds the functionality needed for platforms to provide Branch Target Identification (BTI) extension, introduced to AArch64 in Armv8.5-A by adding BTI instruction used to mark valid targets for indirect branches. The patch sets new GP bit [50] to the stage 1 Translation Table Block and Page entries to denote guarded EL3 code pages which will cause processor to trap instructions in protected pages trying to perform an indirect branch to any instruction other than BTI. BTI feature is selected by BRANCH_PROTECTION option which supersedes the previous ENABLE_PAUTH used for Armv8.3-A Pointer Authentication and is disabled by default. Enabling BTI requires compiler support and was tested with GCC versions 9.0.0, 9.0.1 and 10.0.0. The assembly macros and helpers are modified to accommodate the BTI instruction. This is an experimental feature. Note. The previous ENABLE_PAUTH build option to enable PAuth in EL3 is now made as an internal flag and BRANCH_PROTECTION flag should be used instead to enable Pointer Authentication. Note. USE_LIBROM=1 option is currently not supported. Change-Id: Ifaf4438609b16647dc79468b70cd1f47a623362e Signed-off-by: Alexei Fedorov <Alexei.Fedorov@arm.com>
2019-02-27TSP: Enable pointer authentication supportAntonio Nino Diaz
The size increase after enabling options related to ARMv8.3-PAuth is: +----------------------------+-------+-------+-------+--------+ | | text | bss | data | rodata | +----------------------------+-------+-------+-------+--------+ | CTX_INCLUDE_PAUTH_REGS = 1 | +40 | +0 | +0 | +0 | | | 0.4% | | | | +----------------------------+-------+-------+-------+--------+ | ENABLE_PAUTH = 1 | +352 | +0 | +16 | +0 | | | 3.1% | | 15.8% | | +----------------------------+-------+-------+-------+--------+ Results calculated with the following build configuration: make PLAT=fvp SPD=tspd DEBUG=1 \ SDEI_SUPPORT=1 \ EL3_EXCEPTION_HANDLING=1 \ TSP_NS_INTR_ASYNC_PREEMPT=1 \ CTX_INCLUDE_PAUTH_REGS=1 \ ENABLE_PAUTH=1 Change-Id: I6cc1fe0b2345c547dcef66f98758c4eb55fe5ee4 Signed-off-by: Antonio Nino Diaz <antonio.ninodiaz@arm.com>
2017-05-03Use SPDX license identifiersdp-arm
To make software license auditing simpler, use SPDX[0] license identifiers instead of duplicating the license text in every file. NOTE: Files that have been imported by FreeBSD have not been modified. [0]: https://spdx.org/ Change-Id: I80a00e1f641b8cc075ca5a95b10607ed9ed8761a Signed-off-by: dp-arm <dimitris.papastamos@arm.com>
2016-08-09Move spinlock library code to AArch64 folderSoby Mathew
This patch moves the assembly exclusive lock library code `spinlock.S` into architecture specific folder `aarch64`. A stub file which includes the file from new location is retained at the original location for compatibility. The BL makefiles are also modified to include the file from the new location. Change-Id: Ide0b601b79c439e390c3a017d93220a66be73543
2016-04-01Make:Remove calls to shell from makefiles.Evan Lloyd
As an initial stage of making Trusted Firmware build environment more portable, we remove most uses of the $(shell ) function and replace them with more portable make function based solutions. Note that the setting of BUILD_STRING still uses $(shell ) since it's not possible to reimplement this as a make function. Avoiding invocation of this on incompatible host platforms will be implemented separately. Change-Id: I768e2f9a265c78814a4adf2edee4cc46cda0f5b8
2015-12-14Remove dashes from image names: 'BL3-x' --> 'BL3x'Juan Castillo
This patch removes the dash character from the image name, to follow the image terminology in the Trusted Firmware Wiki page: https://github.com/ARM-software/arm-trusted-firmware/wiki Changes apply to output messages, comments and documentation. non-ARM platform files have been left unmodified. Change-Id: Ic2a99be4ed929d52afbeb27ac765ceffce46ed76
2015-04-28Allow deeper platform port directory structureDan Handley
Update the top level makefile to allow platform ports to exist in subdirectories at any level instead of one level under `plat/`. The makefile recursively searches for all files called `platform.mk` in all subdirectories of `plat/`. The directory containing `platform.mk` is the platform name. Platform names must be unique across the codebase. Replace usage of HELP_PLATFORMS in the Makefile with PLATFORMS since these are both used to report the same information back to the user. Update the TSP and cert_create tool makefiles in a similar way to support a deeper platform port directory structure. Also add PLAT_<plat_name> as a define passed through the top level makefile to the source files, to allow build time variation in common platform code. Change-Id: I213420164808c5ddb99a26144e8e3f141a7417b7
2014-08-19Clarify platform porting interface to TSPDan Handley
* Move TSP platform porting functions to new file: include/bl32/tsp/platform_tsp.h. * Create new TSP_IRQ_SEC_PHY_TIMER definition for use by the generic TSP interrupt handling code, instead of depending on the FVP specific definition IRQ_SEC_PHY_TIMER. * Rename TSP platform porting functions from bl32_* to tsp_*, and definitions from BL32_* to TSP_*. * Update generic TSP code to use new platform porting function names and definitions. * Update FVP port accordingly and move all TSP source files to: plat/fvp/tsp/. * Update porting guide with above changes. Note: THIS CHANGE REQUIRES ALL PLATFORM PORTS OF THE TSP TO BE UPDATED Fixes ARM-software/tf-issues#167 Change-Id: Ic0ff8caf72aebb378d378193d2f017599fc6b78f
2014-08-01Support asynchronous method for BL3-2 initializationVikram Kanigiri
This patch adds support for BL3-2 initialization by asynchronous method where BL3-1 transfers control to BL3-2 using world switch. After BL3-2 initialization, it transfers control to BL3-3 via SPD service handler. The SPD service handler initializes the CPU context to BL3-3 entrypoint depending on the return function indentifier from TSP initialization. Fixes ARM-software/TF-issues#184 Change-Id: I7b135c2ceeb356d3bb5b6a287932e96ac67c7a34
2014-05-22Add support for asynchronous FIQ handling in TSPAchin Gupta
This patch adds support in the TSP to handle FIQ interrupts that are generated when execution is in the TSP. S-EL1 interrupt are handled normally and execution resumes at the instruction where the exception was originally taken. S-EL3 interrupts i.e. any interrupt not recognized by the TSP are handed to the TSPD. Execution resumes normally once such an interrupt has been handled at EL3. Change-Id: Ia3ada9a4fb15670afcc12538a6456f21efe58a8f
2014-05-22Add support for synchronous FIQ handling in TSPAchin Gupta
This patch adds support in the TSP for handling S-EL1 interrupts handed over by the TSPD. It includes GIC support in its platform port, updates various statistics related to FIQ handling, exports an entry point that the TSPD can use to hand over interrupts and defines the handover protocol w.r.t what context is the TSP expected to preserve and the state in which the entry point is invoked by the TSPD. Change-Id: I93b22e5a8133400e4da366f5fc862f871038df39
2014-05-22Use secure timer to generate S-EL1 interruptsAchin Gupta
This patch adds support in the TSP to program the secure physical generic timer to generate a EL-1 interrupt every half second. It also adds support for maintaining the timer state across power management operations. The TSPD ensures that S-EL1 can access the timer by programming the SCR_EL3.ST bit. This patch does not actually enable the timer. This will be done in a subsequent patch once the complete framework for handling S-EL1 interrupts is in place. Change-Id: I1b3985cfb50262f60824be3a51c6314ce90571bc
2014-05-06Remove vpath usage in makefilesDan Handley
Remove all usage of the vpath keyword in makefiles as it was prone to mistakes. Specify the relative paths to source files instead. Also reorder source files in makefiles alphabetically. Fixes ARM-software/tf-issues#121 Change-Id: Id15f60655444bae60e0e2165259efac71a50928b
2014-05-06Move include and source files to logical locationsDan Handley
Move almost all system include files to a logical sub-directory under ./include. The only remaining system include directories not under ./include are specific to the platform. Move the corresponding source files to match the include directory structure. Also remove pm.h as it is no longer used. Change-Id: Ie5ea6368ec5fad459f3e8a802ad129135527f0b3
2014-03-26Separate out BL2, BL3-1 and BL3-2 early exception vectors from BL1Sandrine Bailleux
bl1/aarch64/early_exceptions.S used to be re-used by BL2, BL3-1 and BL3-2. There was some early SMC handling code in there that was not required by the other bootloader stages. Therefore this patch introduces an even simpler exception vector source file for BL2, BL3-1 and BL3-2. Fixes ARM-software/tf-issues#38 Change-Id: I0244b80e9930b0f8035156a0bf91cc3e9a8f995d
2014-03-21TSP: Make the platform-specific makefile mandatorySandrine Bailleux
The Test Secure-EL1 Payload implementation should always have a platform-specific component. Therefore, there should always be a platform-specific sub-makefile for the TSP. If there is none then assume TSP is not supported on this specific platform and throw an error at build time if the user tries to compile it. Change-Id: Ibfbe6e4861cc7786a29f2fc0341035b852925193
2014-03-20Specify image entry in linker scriptJeenu Viswambharan
At present, the entry point for each BL image is specified via the Makefiles and provided on the command line to the linker. When using a link script the entry point should rather be specified via the ENTRY() directive in the link script. This patch updates linker scripts of all BL images to specify the entry point using the ENTRY() directive. It also removes the --entry flag passed to the linker through Makefile. Fixes issue ARM-software/tf-issues#66 Change-Id: I1369493ebbacea31885b51185441f6b628cf8da0
2014-03-05Update Makefiles to get proper dependency checking working.Jon Medhurst
This change requires all platforms to now specify a list of source files rather than object files. New source files should preferably be specified by using the path as well and we should add this in the future for all files so we can remove use of vpath. This is desirable because vpath hides issues like the fact that BL2 currently pulls in a BL1 file bl1/aarch64/early_exceptions.S and if in the future we added bl2/aarch64/early_exceptions.S then it's likely only one of the two version would be used for both bootloaders. This change also removes the 'dump' build target and simply gets bootloaders to always generate a dump file. At the same time the -x option is added so the section headers and symbols table are listed. Fixes ARM-software/tf-issues#11 Change-Id: Ie38f7be76fed95756c8576cf3f3ea3b7015a18dc Signed-off-by: Jon Medhurst <tixy@linaro.org>
2014-02-20Add Test Secure Payload Dispatcher (TSPD) serviceAchin Gupta
This patch adds the TSPD service which is responsible for managing communication between the non-secure state and the Test Secure Payload (TSP) executing in S-EL1. The TSPD does the following: 1. Determines the location of the TSP (BL3-2) image and passes control to it for initialization. This is done by exporting the 'bl32_init()' function. 2. Receives a structure containing the various entry points into the TSP image as a response to being initialized. The TSPD uses this information to determine how the TSP should be entered depending on the type of operation. 3. Implements a synchronous mechanism for entering into and returning from the TSP image. This mechanism saves the current C runtime context on top of the current stack and jumps to the TSP through an ERET instruction. The TSP issues an SMC to indicate completion of the previous request. The TSPD restores the saved C runtime context and resumes TSP execution. This patch also introduces a Make variable 'SPD' to choose the specific SPD to include in the build. By default, no SPDs are included in the build. Change-Id: I124da5695cdc510999b859a1bf007f4d049e04f3 Co-authored-by: Jeenu Viswambharan <jeenu.viswambharan@arm.com>
2014-02-20Add Test Secure Payload (BL3-2) imageAchin Gupta
This patch adds a simple TSP as the BL3-2 image. The secure payload executes in S-EL1. It paves the way for the addition of the TSP dispatcher runtime service to BL3-1. The TSP and the dispatcher service will serve as an example of the runtime firmware's ability to toggle execution between the non-secure and secure states in response to SMC request from the non-secure state. The TSP will be replaced by a Trusted OS in a real system. The TSP also exports a set of handlers which should be called in response to a PSCI power management event e.g a cpu being suspended or turned off. For now it runs out of Secure DRAM on the ARM FVP port and will be moved to Secure SRAM later. The default translation table setup code assumes that the caller is executing out of secure SRAM. Hence the TSP exports its own translation table setup function. The TSP only services Fast SMCs, is non-reentrant and non-interruptible. It does arithmetic operations on two sets of four operands, one set supplied by the non-secure client, and the other supplied by the TSP dispatcher in EL3. It returns the result according to the Secure Monitor Calling convention standard. This TSP has two functional entry points: - An initial, one-time entry point through which the TSP is initialized and prepares for receiving further requests from secure monitor/dispatcher - A fast SMC service entry point through which the TSP dispatcher requests secure services on behalf of the non-secure client Change-Id: I24377df53399307e2560a025eb2c82ce98ab3931 Co-authored-by: Jeenu Viswambharan <jeenu.viswambharan@arm.com>