AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-11-26fixup: spmc/mem: Fix mailbox spinlock error pathstopics/ffa_el3_spmcMarc Bonnici
2021-11-26fixup: spmc: Fix Partition Info Get Error PathMarc Bonnici
2021-10-26spmc: Fix mailbox spinlock error pathsMarc Bonnici
2021-10-08Add README to build and run EL3 SPMC PrototypeMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07ioctl: Add userspace test binaryMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07fvp/plat_def: Set SPMC_SHARED_MEMORY_OBJ_SIZEMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07TSP: Enable test casesMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07TSP: Add ffa_helpers to add more FFA functionalityMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07TSP: Increase MAX_XLAT_TABLESMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07spmc/mem: Add initial memory management codeMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07spmc: Export helper functionsMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07spmd: Allow forwarding of FRAG_RX/TX callsMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07ffa_svc: Add FFA memory management #definesMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07spmc: Update mailbox buffers to pointersMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07Add FF-A support to the TSPAchin Gupta
2021-10-07Add support for forwarding a secure interrupt to the SPAchin Gupta
2021-10-07Add support for FF-A power mgmt. messages in the EL3 SPMC for a S-EL1 SPAchin Gupta
2021-10-07REVISIT: Tailor SPMC at EL3 to support a S-EL1 SPAchin Gupta
2021-10-07REVISIT: Separate StMM SP specifics to add support for a S-EL1 SPAchin Gupta
2021-10-07spmc: Add RX Release HandlerMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07spmc: Add FFA_RUN handlerMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07plat/fvp: Accommodate additional memory mappingsMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07debug: Add SPMC debug statementsMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07spmc: Add Support for 32bit direct_req/respMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07spmc: Support FFA_ID_GETMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07spmc: Support FFA_VERSIONMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07spmc: Add support for FFA FeaturesMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07spmc: Auto assign FFA partition ID if not suppliedMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07spmc: Add initial RX/TX (UN)MAP ABIsMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07spmc: Update SPMC Handler Error CodeMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07spmc: Add helper function to find SP context from IDMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07spmc: Refactor to access SPM_SP_ContextMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07spmc: Handle SEL1 SP init completionMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07spmc: Setup SPSR for EL1 SPsMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07DTS: Add S-EL1 SP ManifestMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07spmc: Split initialisation path based on EL in ManifestMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07spmc: Add initial Partition_Info_Get HandlerMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07spmc: Add inital helper function to obtain current ctxMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07spmc: Allocate separate ctx arrary for NwldMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07spmc: Support additional mandatory FFA manifest valuesMarc Bonnici
2021-10-07spmc: Add FFA_ERROR Helper functionMarc Bonnici
2021-10-06spmc: Enable Parsing of UUID from SP ManifestMarc Bonnici
2021-10-06uuid: Rename include guard to be uniqueMarc Bonnici
2021-10-06spmd: Add FFA_SMC_ForwardMarc Bonnici
2021-10-06lsp: Add Test Logical Partition with echoMarc Bonnici
2021-10-06spmc: Add initial mailbox structsMarc Bonnici
2021-10-06lsp: Add initial Logical Partition Skeleton FrameworkMarc Bonnici
2021-10-06STMM: Temporarily move STMM code to LPMarc Bonnici
2021-10-06ffa_svc: Add helper macros to determine FFA ID statesMarc Bonnici
2021-10-06spmc: Enable storing of EL in SP contextMarc Bonnici