AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-01-31build(cmake): add platform variant supporttopics/cmakeChris Kay
2022-01-28build(cmake): add platform metadata supportChris Kay
2022-01-28build(cmake): add support for out-of-tree platformsChris Kay
2022-01-27build(cmake): add platform selection logicChris Kay
2022-01-11build(cmake): configure build typesChris Kay
2022-01-11build(cmake): add metadata management utilitiesChris Kay
2022-01-11build(cmake): add JSON utilitiesChris Kay
2022-01-11build(cmake): add legacy option helperChris Kay
2022-01-11build(cmake): add linker script helperChris Kay
2022-01-11build(cmake): add source preprocessing helperChris Kay
2022-01-11build(cmake): add configuration helpersChris Kay
2022-01-11build(cmake): add secondary expansion helperChris Kay
2022-01-11build(cmake): add assertion helperChris Kay
2022-01-11build(cmake): add module search pathChris Kay
2022-01-11build(cmake): create initial `CMakeLists.txt`Chris Kay
2022-01-11build: pin Python dependenciesChris Kay
2021-05-17Merge changes I10b5cc17,I382d599f into integrationv2.5Madhukar Pappireddy
2021-05-17docs(prerequisites): add `--no-save` to `npm install`Chris Kay
2021-05-17fix(hooks): downgrade `package-lock.json` versionChris Kay
2021-05-14Merge "feat(makefile): incrementing minor version to reflect v2.5 release" in...Madhukar Pappireddy
2021-05-14Merge "docs(juno): update TF-A build instructions" into integrationbipin.ravi
2021-05-14Merge "docs: spm design document refresh" into integrationOlivier Deprez
2021-05-13Merge "build(hooks): update Commitizen to ^4.2.4" into integrationJoanna Farley
2021-05-13Merge "docs(release): add change log for v2.5 release" into integrationMadhukar Pappireddy
2021-05-12docs(juno): update TF-A build instructionsZelalem
2021-05-12feat(makefile): incrementing minor version to reflect v2.5 releaseMadhukar Pappireddy
2021-05-12build(hooks): update Commitizen to ^4.2.4Chris Kay
2021-05-12docs: spm design document refreshOlivier Deprez
2021-05-07docs(release): add change log for v2.5 releaseMadhukar Pappireddy
2021-05-07Merge "fix(plat/arm_fpga): increase initrd size" into integrationv2.5-rc1Mark Dykes
2021-05-05Merge "docs: removing "upcoming" change log" into integrationMark Dykes
2021-05-05docs: removing "upcoming" change loglaurenw-arm
2021-05-05fix(plat/arm_fpga): increase initrd sizeAndre Przywara
2021-05-04Merge "docs: revert FVP versions for select models" into integrationMark Dykes
2021-05-04docs: revert FVP versions for select modelslaurenw-arm
2021-04-30Merge "docs: update list of supported FVP platforms" into integrationv2.5-rc0Lauren Wehrmeister
2021-04-30Merge "docs(threat model): add TF-A threat model" into integrationbipin.ravi
2021-04-30docs(threat model): add TF-A threat modelZelalem
2021-04-30docs: update list of supported FVP platformslaurenw-arm
2021-04-30Merge "plat/st: do not rely on tainted value for dt property length" into int...Manish Pandey
2021-04-30Merge changes from topic "imx8mp_fix" into integrationManish Pandey
2021-04-30plat: imx8mp: change the bl31 physical load addressJacky Bai
2021-04-30plat: imx8m: Fix the macro define errorJacky Bai
2021-04-30Merge changes I8e67a921,I0dc06072,I5e149063,I962cdfc7,I5c5d0444 into integrationManish Pandey
2021-04-30Merge "feat(tc0): update Matterhorn ELP DVFS clock index" into integrationOlivier Deprez
2021-04-30feat(tc0): update Matterhorn ELP DVFS clock indexUsama Arif
2021-04-30Merge "docs: remove PSA wording for SPM chapters" into integrationOlivier Deprez
2021-04-30Merge "revert(commitlint): disable `signed-off-by` rule" into integrationOlivier Deprez
2021-04-30docs: remove PSA wording for SPM chaptersOlivier Deprez
2021-04-29plat/st: do not rely on tainted value for dt property lengthYann Gautier