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41 min.Merge "fix(rss): remove null-terminator from RSS metadata" into integrationintegrationSandrine Bailleux
3 daysfix(rss): remove null-terminator from RSS metadataDavid Vincze
3 daysMerge "fix(zynqmp): check return status of pm_get_api_version" into integrationHEADmasterJoanna Farley
3 daysMerge "fix(versal): initialize the variable with value 0 in pm code" into int...Joanna Farley
4 daysfix(zynqmp): check return status of pm_get_api_versionNaman Patel
4 daysfix(versal): initialize the variable with value 0 in pm codeNaman Patel
4 daysMerge "feat(qemu): increase size of bl2" into integrationManish Pandey
6 daysMerge "fix(docs): deprecate plat_convert_pk() in v2.9" into integrationJoanna Farley
6 daysfix(docs): deprecate plat_convert_pk() in v2.9Yann Gautier
7 daysMerge "docs(spm): update threat model" into integrationv2.8.0v2.8Manish Pandey
7 daysMerge "docs(qemu): document steps to run in OpenCI" into integrationManish Pandey
7 daysdocs(spm): update threat modelMadhukar Pappireddy
7 daysdocs(qemu): document steps to run in OpenCIHarrison Mutai
7 daysMerge "fix(intel): fix UART baud rate and clock" into integrationSandrine Bailleux
7 daysfix(intel): fix UART baud rate and clockSieu Mun Tang
10 daysMerge "docs(changelog): changelog for v2.8 release" into integrationManish Pandey
10 daysMerge "fix(docs): add v2.9 release schedule" into integrationJoanna Farley
10 daysfix(docs): add v2.9 release scheduleJoanna Farley
11 daysMerge changes I97687f18,I91d5718b into integrationOlivier Deprez
11 daysMerge changes from topic "ja/spm_doc" into integrationOlivier Deprez
11 daysfeat(qemu): increase size of bl2Leo Yan
12 daysdocs(spm): interrupt handling guidance FF-A v1.1 EAC0Madhukar Pappireddy
12 daysdocs(changelog): changelog for v2.8 releaselaurenw-arm
12 daysdocs(spm): partition runtime model and schedule modesMadhukar Pappireddy
12 daysMerge "docs(marvell): fix typo 8K => A8K" into integrationMadhukar Pappireddy
12 daysdocs(spm): ff-a v1.1 indirect messageJ-Alves
12 daysMerge changes If90a18ee,I02e88f8c,Iea447fb5,Ie0570481,Ieeb14cfc into integrationManish V Badarkhe
12 daysMerge "docs(spm): update FF-A manifest binding" into integrationOlivier Deprez
12 daysdocs: add top level section numberingBoyan Karatotev
12 daysdocs(build): clarify getting started sectionBoyan Karatotev
12 daysdocs(build): clarify docs building instructionsBoyan Karatotev
12 daysfix(docs): prevent a sphinx warningBoyan Karatotev
12 daysfix(docs): prevent a virtual environment from failing a buildBoyan Karatotev
13 daysMerge "fix(zynqmp): resolve coverity warnings" into integrationJoanna Farley
13 daysfix(zynqmp): resolve coverity warningsHariBabu Gattem
13 daysMerge "fix(docs): unify referenced Ubuntu versions" into integrationMadhukar Pappireddy
13 daysfix(docs): unify referenced Ubuntu versionsBoyan Karatotev
13 daysMerge "fix(rockchip): align fdt buffer on 8 bytes" into integrationv2.8-rc0Manish Pandey
13 daysdocs(spm): s-el0 partition support updateJ-Alves
13 daysfix(rockchip): align fdt buffer on 8 bytesQuentin Schulz
14 daysMerge changes I256959d7,I721376bf into integrationManish Pandey
14 daysMerge "refactor(stm32mp1): remove STM32MP_USE_STM32IMAGE" into integrationManish Pandey
14 daysfix(cpus): remove plat_can_cmo check for aarch32Okash Khawaja
14 daysfix(cpus): update doc and check for plat_can_cmoOkash Khawaja
14 daysrefactor(stm32mp1): remove STM32MP_USE_STM32IMAGEYann Gautier
14 daysMerge changes from topic "stm32mp1-trusted-boot" into integrationManish Pandey
2022-11-14docs(st): update documentation for TRUSTED_BOARD_BOOTLionel Debieve
2022-11-14fix(build): ensure that the correct rule is called for toolsLionel Debieve
2022-11-14feat(stm32mp1): add the platform specific build for toolsLionel Debieve
2022-11-14fix(stm32mp13-fdts): remove secure statusLionel Debieve