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@@ -358,6 +358,12 @@ Common build options
registers to be included when saving and restoring the CPU context. Default
is 0.
+- ``CTX_INCLUDE_PAUTH_REGS``: Boolean option that, when set to 1, will cause
+ the ARMv8.3-PAuth registers to be included when saving and restoring the CPU
+ context. Note that if the hardware supports this extension and this option is
+ set to 0 the value of the registers will be leaked between Secure and
+ Non-secure worlds if PAuth is used on both sides. The default is 0.
- ``DEBUG``: Chooses between a debug and release build. It can take either 0
(release) or 1 (debug) as values. 0 is the default.
@@ -405,6 +411,13 @@ Common build options
partitioning in EL3, however. Platform initialisation code should configure
and use partitions in EL3 as required. This option defaults to ``0``.
+- ``ENABLE_PAUTH``: Boolean option to enable ARMv8.3 Pointer Authentication
+ (``ARMv8.3-PAuth``) support in the Trusted Firmware itself. Note that this
+ option doesn't affect the saving of the registers introduced with this
+ extension, they are always saved if they are detected regardless of the value
+ of this option. If enabled, it is needed to use a compiler that supports the
+ option ``-msign-return-address``. It defaults to 0.
- ``ENABLE_PIE``: Boolean option to enable Position Independent Executable(PIE)
support within generic code in TF-A. This option is currently only supported
in BL31. Default is 0.