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Merge changes from topic "ld/mtd_framework" into integration
* changes: doc: stm32mp1: Update build command line fdts: stm32mp1: remove second QSPI flash instance stm32mp1: Add support for SPI-NOR boot device stm32mp1: Add support for SPI-NAND boot device spi: stm32_qspi: Add QSPI support fdts: stm32mp1: update for FMC2 pin muxing stm32mp1: Add support for raw NAND boot device fmc: stm32_fmc2_nand: Add FMC2 driver support stm32mp1: Reduce MAX_XLAT_TABLES to 4 io: stm32image: fix device_size type stm32mp: add DT helper for reg by name stm32mp1: add compilation flags for boot devices lib: utils_def: add CLAMP macro compiler_rt: Import popcountdi2.c and popcountsi2.c files Add SPI-NOR framework Add SPI-NAND framework Add SPI-MEM framework Add raw NAND framework
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