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authorAlexei Fedorov <Alexei.Fedorov@arm.com>2019-09-13 14:11:59 +0100
committerAlexei Fedorov <Alexei.Fedorov@arm.com>2019-09-13 14:11:59 +0100
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Refactor ARMv8.3 Pointer Authentication support code
This patch provides the following features and makes modifications listed below: - Individual APIAKey key generation for each CPU. - New key generation on every BL31 warm boot and TSP CPU On event. - Per-CPU storage of APIAKey added in percpu_data[] of cpu_data structure. - `plat_init_apiakey()` function replaced with `plat_init_apkey()` which returns 128-bit value and uses Generic timer physical counter value to increase the randomness of the generated key. The new function can be used for generation of all ARMv8.3-PAuth keys - ARMv8.3-PAuth specific code placed in `lib\extensions\pauth`. - New `pauth_init_enable_el1()` and `pauth_init_enable_el3()` functions generate, program and enable APIAKey_EL1 for EL1 and EL3 respectively; pauth_disable_el1()` and `pauth_disable_el3()` functions disable PAuth for EL1 and EL3 respectively; `pauth_load_bl31_apiakey()` loads saved per-CPU APIAKey_EL1 from cpu-data structure. - Combined `save_gp_pauth_registers()` function replaces calls to `save_gp_registers()` and `pauth_context_save()`; `restore_gp_pauth_registers()` replaces `pauth_context_restore()` and `restore_gp_registers()` calls. - `restore_gp_registers_eret()` function removed with corresponding code placed in `el3_exit()`. - Fixed the issue when `pauth_t pauth_ctx` structure allocated space for 12 uint64_t PAuth registers instead of 10 by removal of macro CTX_PACGAKEY_END from `include/lib/el3_runtime/aarch64/context.h` and assigning its value to CTX_PAUTH_REGS_END. - Use of MODE_SP_ELX and MODE_SP_EL0 macro definitions in `msr spsel` instruction instead of hard-coded values. - Changes in documentation related to ARMv8.3-PAuth and ARMv8.5-BTI. Change-Id: Id18b81cc46f52a783a7e6a09b9f149b6ce803211 Signed-off-by: Alexei Fedorov <Alexei.Fedorov@arm.com>
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diff --git a/include/plat/common/platform.h b/include/plat/common/platform.h
index 3f9ab1b662..eeae62141c 100644
--- a/include/plat/common/platform.h
+++ b/include/plat/common/platform.h
@@ -104,7 +104,6 @@ void plat_panic_handler(void) __dead2;
const char *plat_log_get_prefix(unsigned int log_level);
void bl2_plat_preload_setup(void);
int plat_try_next_boot_source(void);
-uint64_t *plat_init_apiakey(void);
* Mandatory BL1 functions