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authorSoby Mathew <soby.mathew@arm.com>2018-02-08 17:45:12 +0000
committerSoby Mathew <soby.mathew@arm.com>2018-02-26 16:29:29 +0000
commit566034fc27fc270b240efbef7a7dd9b0caf13c82 (patch)
tree24f63a50889f0d116e7872f3a80aa95406d7cb1e /include/plat/common/platform.h
parent5ff6da948710361dec294f4b5106978501531caf (diff)
Add image_id to bl1_plat_handle_post/pre_image_load()
This patch adds an argument to bl1_plat_post/pre_image_load() APIs to make it more future proof. The default implementation of these are moved to `plat_bl1_common.c` file. These APIs are now invoked appropriately in the FWU code path prior to or post image loading by BL1 and are not restricted to LOAD_IMAGE_V2. The patch also reorganizes some common platform files. The previous `plat_bl2_el3_common.c` and `platform_helpers_default.c` files are merged into a new `plat_bl_common.c` file. NOTE: The addition of an argument to the above mentioned platform APIs is not expected to have a great impact because these APIs were only recently added and are unlikely to be used. Change-Id: I0519caaee0f774dd33638ff63a2e597ea178c453 Signed-off-by: Soby Mathew <soby.mathew@arm.com>
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1 files changed, 4 insertions, 7 deletions
diff --git a/include/plat/common/platform.h b/include/plat/common/platform.h
index e2f1cfdc37..5c0672554d 100644
--- a/include/plat/common/platform.h
+++ b/include/plat/common/platform.h
@@ -155,15 +155,12 @@ struct image_desc *bl1_plat_get_image_desc(unsigned int image_id);
__dead2 void bl1_plat_fwu_done(void *client_cookie, void *reserved);
- * This function can be used by the platforms to update/use image
- * information for BL2.
+ * This BL1 function can be used by the platforms to update/use image
+ * information for a given `image_id`.
-int bl1_plat_handle_pre_image_load(void);
-int bl1_plat_handle_post_image_load(void);
-#endif /* LOAD_IMAGE_V2 */
+int bl1_plat_handle_pre_image_load(unsigned int image_id);
+int bl1_plat_handle_post_image_load(unsigned int image_id);
* Mandatory BL2 functions