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plat/arm/juno: Add support to use hw_config in BL31
To make it possible to use the hw_config device tree for dynamic configuration in BL31 on the Arm Juno platform. A placeholder hw_config has been added that is included in the FIP and a Juno specific BL31 setup has been added to populate fconf with the hw_config. Juno's BL2 setup has been updated to align it with the new behavior implemented in the Arm FVP platform, where fw_config is passed in arg1 to BL31 instead of soc_fw_config. The BL31 setup is expected to use the fw_config passed in arg1 to find the hw_config. Signed-off-by: Mikael Olsson <mikael.olsson@arm.com> Change-Id: Ib3570faa6714f92ab8451e8f1e59779dcf19c0b6
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