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authorMing Huang <huangming@linux.alibaba.com>2021-04-23 15:06:17 +0800
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services: Fix pmr_el1 rewrote issue in sdei_disaptch_event()
Consider a RAS scenario: Enter EL3 by sync exception, then call spm_mm_sp_call() enter EL0s to handle this error, then call sdei_dispatch_event() to inform OS. Finally, return back to OS from sync exception flow. Similar flow is sgi_ras_intr_handler() in sgi_ras.c. The icc_pmr_el1 register will be change in above flow: 1 cm_el1_sysregs_context_save(NON_SECURE); -> ehf_exited_normal_world(); ##icc_pmr_el1: 0xf8 => 0x80 2 spm_mm_sp_call(); 3 sdei_dispatch_event(); 4 ehf_activate_priority(sdei_event_priority(map)); ##icc_pmr_el1: 0x80 => 0x60 5 restore_and_resume_ns_context(); -> ehf_exited_normal_world(); ##return due to has_valid_pri_activations(pe_data) == 1 6 ehf_deactivate_priority(sdei_event_priority(map)); ##icc_pmr_el1: 0x60 => 0x80 The icc_pmr_el1 was rewrote from 0xf8 to 0x80. This issue will result in OS hang when eret to OS from RAS flow. Move ehf_activate_priority(sdei_event_priority(map)) after restore_and_resume_ns_context() can fix this issue. Signed-off-by: Ming Huang <huangming@linux.alibaba.com> Change-Id: If01ec55cf0aabf1594dece1ad50d3ec3406cdabc
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