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PSCI: Publish CPU ON event
This allows other EL3 components to subscribe to CPU on events. Update Firmware Design guide to list psci_cpu_on_finish as an available event. Change-Id: Ida774afe0f9cdce4021933fcc33a9527ba7aaae2 Signed-off-by: Jeenu Viswambharan <jeenu.viswambharan@arm.com>
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+Available Events
+ARM Trusted Firmware core makes some events available by default. They're listed
+below, along with information as to when they're published, and the arguments
+passed to subscribed handlers.
+Other EL3 components that are conditionally compiled in may make their own
+events available, but aren't documented here.
+- ``psci_cpu_on_finish``
+ - When: Published on a PE after it's finished its power-up sequence.
+ - Argument: ``NULL``.
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