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@@ -1045,8 +1045,8 @@ before returning through EL3 and running the non-trusted firmware (BL33):
``bl31_main()`` will set up the return to the normal world firmware BL33 and
continue the boot process in the normal world.
-#. .. rubric:: Crash Reporting in BL31
- :name: crash-reporting-in-bl31
+Crash Reporting in BL31
BL31 implements a scheme for reporting the processor state when an unhandled
exception is encountered. The reporting mechanism attempts to preserve all the
@@ -2333,8 +2333,8 @@ PMF code structure
#. ``pmf_helpers.h`` is an internal header used by ``pmf.h``.
-#. .. rubric:: ARMv8 Architecture Extensions
- :name: armv8-architecture-extensions
+ARMv8 Architecture Extensions
ARM Trusted Firmware makes use of ARMv8 Architecture Extensions where
applicable. This section lists the usage of Architecture Extensions, and build