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authorSandrine Bailleux <sandrine.bailleux@arm.com>2014-03-24 10:24:08 +0000
committerDan Handley <dan.handley@arm.com>2014-03-26 17:36:36 +0000
commit6c595b3d118d6e72fbbd77bbcd3116310227dd13 (patch)
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parentd8b07aa03f209b6a8143816537105edc63553b8e (diff)
Separate out BL2, BL3-1 and BL3-2 early exception vectors from BL1
bl1/aarch64/early_exceptions.S used to be re-used by BL2, BL3-1 and BL3-2. There was some early SMC handling code in there that was not required by the other bootloader stages. Therefore this patch introduces an even simpler exception vector source file for BL2, BL3-1 and BL3-2. Fixes ARM-software/tf-issues#38 Change-Id: I0244b80e9930b0f8035156a0bf91cc3e9a8f995d
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diff --git a/bl32/tsp/tsp.mk b/bl32/tsp/tsp.mk
index c45a94ffa2..2aedf61a70 100644
--- a/bl32/tsp/tsp.mk
+++ b/bl32/tsp/tsp.mk
@@ -36,7 +36,8 @@ vpath %.c common \
vpath %.S lib/arch/${ARCH} \
include \
- lib/sync/locks/exclusive
+ lib/sync/locks/exclusive \
+ common/${ARCH}
BL32_SOURCES += tsp_entrypoint.S \
tsp_main.c \