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Replace all SCP FW (BL0, BL3-0) references
This patch replaces all references to the SCP Firmware (BL0, BL30, BL3-0, bl30) with the image terminology detailed in the TF wiki (https://github.com/ARM-software/arm-trusted-firmware/wiki): BL0 --> SCP_BL1 BL30, BL3-0 --> SCP_BL2 bl30 --> scp_bl2 This change affects code, documentation, build system, tools and platform ports that load SCP firmware. ARM plaforms have been updated to the new porting API. IMPORTANT: build option to specify the SCP FW image has changed: BL30 --> SCP_BL2 IMPORTANT: This patch breaks compatibility for platforms that use BL2 to load SCP firmware. Affected platforms must be updated as follows: BL30_IMAGE_ID --> SCP_BL2_IMAGE_ID BL30_BASE --> SCP_BL2_BASE bl2_plat_get_bl30_meminfo() --> bl2_plat_get_scp_bl2_meminfo() bl2_plat_handle_bl30() --> bl2_plat_handle_scp_bl2() Change-Id: I24c4c1a4f0e4b9f17c9e4929da815c4069549e58
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