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authorKévin Petit <kevin.petit@arm.com>2015-03-24 14:03:57 +0000
committerKévin Petit <kevin.petit@arm.com>2015-04-08 13:02:59 +0100
commit8b779620d3bad024b83650ecfeaafd7b3ae26ccf (patch)
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Add support to indicate size and end of assembly functions
In order for the symbol table in the ELF file to contain the size of functions written in assembly, it is necessary to report it to the assembler using the .size directive. To fulfil the above requirements, this patch introduces an 'endfunc' macro which contains the .endfunc and .size directives. It also adds a .func directive to the 'func' assembler macro. The .func/.endfunc have been used so the assembler can fail if endfunc is omitted. Fixes ARM-Software/tf-issues#295 Change-Id: If8cb331b03d7f38fe7e3694d4de26f1075b278fc Signed-off-by: Kévin Petit <kevin.petit@arm.com>
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diff --git a/bl1/aarch64/bl1_entrypoint.S b/bl1/aarch64/bl1_entrypoint.S
index cfc6292198..8babb33c83 100644
--- a/bl1/aarch64/bl1_entrypoint.S
+++ b/bl1/aarch64/bl1_entrypoint.S
@@ -172,3 +172,4 @@ func bl1_entrypoint
bl bl1_main
b panic
+endfunc bl1_entrypoint