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integrationMerge "Add support for Branch Target Identification" into integrationPaul Beesley9 hours
masterMerge changes from topic "pb/sphinx-doc" into integrationSandrine Bailleux37 hours
v2.1trusted-firmware-a-2.1.tar.gz  Joanna Farley8 weeks
v2.1-rc1trusted-firmware-a-2.1-rc1.tar.gz  Joanna Farley9 weeks
v2.1-rc0trusted-firmware-a-2.1-rc0.tar.gz  Joanna Farley2 months
v2.0trusted-firmware-a-2.0.tar.gz  Joanna Farley8 months
v2.0-rc0trusted-firmware-a-2.0-rc0.tar.gz  Joanna Farley8 months
v1.6trusted-firmware-a-1.6.tar.gz  Joanna Farley8 months
v1.6-rc1trusted-firmware-a-1.6-rc1.tar.gz  Joanna Farley8 months
v1.6-rc0trusted-firmware-a-1.6-rc0.tar.gz  Joanna Farley8 months
v1.5trusted-firmware-a-1.5.tar.gz  Dan Handley14 months
v1.5-rc3trusted-firmware-a-1.5-rc3.tar.gz  David Cunado14 months
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37 hoursMerge changes from topic "pb/sphinx-doc" into integrationHEADmasterSandrine Bailleux
41 hoursMerge "drivers: scmi: scmi_sq: Modify wrong payload length" into integrationSandrine Bailleux
44 hoursdrivers: scmi: scmi_sq: Modify wrong payload lengthMasahisa Kojima
3 daysdoc: Use proper note and warning annotationsPaul Beesley
3 daysdoc: Refactor contributor acknowledgementsPaul Beesley
3 daysdoc: Reorganise images and update linksPaul Beesley
3 daysdoc: Set correct syntax highlighting stylePaul Beesley
3 daysdoc: Add minimal glossaryPaul Beesley
3 daysdoc: Remove per-page contents listsPaul Beesley
3 daysdoc: Make checkpatch ignore rst filesPaul Beesley