BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bl1-misraIncrease type widths to satisfy width requirementsJimmy Brisson8 months
dev/upstreamMerge "Workaround for Cortex A77 erratum 1508412" into integrationMadhukar Pappireddy8 months
integrationMerge "refactor(gicv3): add helper function to get the limit of SPI INTID" in...Alexei Fedorov3 days
masterMerge "docs: add threat model code owners" into integrationJoanna Farley8 days
topics/ffa_rel_protoRemove copyright header from JSON file.Marc Bonnici8 months
topics/fwu_prototypeAdd prototype disclaimer to readme.rstjmarinho4 months
topics/spci_beta0_spmdSPMD: Add support for SPCI_ID_GETMarc Bonnici19 months
topics/v2.4-changelog[wip] docs: Update changelog for v2.4 releaseChris Kay7 months
v2.5trusted-firmware-a-2.5.tar.gz  Mark Dykes4 weeks
v2.5-rc1trusted-firmware-a-2.5-rc1.tar.gz  Mark Dykes5 weeks
v2.5-rc0trusted-firmware-a-2.5-rc0.tar.gz  Madhukar Pappireddy6 weeks
v2.4trusted-firmware-a-2.4.tar.gz  Olivier Deprez7 months
v2.4-rc2trusted-firmware-a-2.4-rc2.tar.gz  Olivier Deprez7 months
v2.4-rc1trusted-firmware-a-2.4-rc1.tar.gz  Olivier Deprez7 months
v2.4-rc0trusted-firmware-a-2.4-rc0.tar.gz  Olivier Deprez7 months
v2.3trusted-firmware-a-2.3.tar.gz  Joanna Farley14 months
v2.3-rc2trusted-firmware-a-2.3-rc2.tar.gz  Joanna Farley14 months
v2.3-rc1trusted-firmware-a-2.3-rc1.tar.gz  Joanna Farley14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
8 daysMerge "docs: add threat model code owners" into integrationHEADmasterJoanna Farley
10 daysMerge changes from topic "od/cleanup-changes" into integrationOlivier Deprez
11 daysMerge "feat(plat/zynqmp): add SDEI support" into integrationMadhukar Pappireddy
11 daysfeat(plat/zynqmp): add SDEI supportJan Kiszka
11 daysMerge changes from topic "stm32_bl2_io" into integrationMadhukar Pappireddy
11 daysrefactor(plat/st): remove io_dummy code for OP-TEEYann Gautier
11 daysrefactor(plat/st): remove BL2 image loadingYann Gautier
11 daysrefactor(plat/st): rename OP-TEE pager to coreYann Gautier
11 daysperf(spmd): omit sel1 context save if sel2 presentOlivier Deprez
11 daysfix(fvp): spmc optee manifest remove SMC allowlistOlivier Deprez