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2021-03-12FF-A: Tidying direct messaging API definitionsJ-Alves
2021-03-12SPM: Tidying FF-A Memory Sharing testsJ-Alves
2021-03-12TFTF: Use CACTUS_ECHO_CMD in direct message testsJ-Alves
2021-03-11FF-A: Check FF-A return is a valid direct responseJ-Alves
2021-03-11FF-A: FFA_MSG_DIRECT_RESP call using 5 registersJ-Alves
2021-03-11Merge "FF-A: Accessors for arguments from FF-A calls"Olivier Deprez
2021-03-08Add tests for TRNG SMCsJimmy Brisson
2021-03-03FF-A: Accessors for arguments from FF-A callsJ-Alves
2021-03-02TFTF tests for v8.6 AMU enhancements (FEAT_AMUv1p1)johpow01
2021-02-10[SPM] checks if SIMD vectors are preservedOlivier Deprez
2021-02-10[SPM] tidying common code to tftf and cactusMax Shvetsov
2021-02-04Merge "Nit: Change name from helper function and macro"Olivier Deprez
2021-01-21Nit: Change name from helper function and macroJ-Alves
2021-01-21Cactus: refactor of cactus_test_cmds.hJ-Alves
2021-01-20Cactus: cmd for mem share testsJ-Alves
2021-01-20TFTF: tests to request SP-to-SP memory shareJ-Alves
2021-01-20TFTF: Refactor FF-A memory sharing testsJ-Alves
2021-01-20TFTF: SP-to-SP direct messaging deadlock testJ-Alves
2021-01-20TFTF: trigger direct messaging between SPsJ-Alves
2020-12-23cactus: remove reference to PSA from xml test fileOlivier Deprez
2020-12-17Merge "TFTF: Use MTE instructions in 'test_mte_instructions' test"Madhukar Pappireddy
2020-12-15TFTF: helpers for SPM testsJ-Alves
2020-12-14TFTF: Use MTE instructions in 'test_mte_instructions' testAlexei Fedorov
2020-12-10SPM: RXTX map test on TFTFJ-Alves
2020-11-09Fix race condition in SError inject testDavid Horstmann
2020-10-29Merge changes from topic "mem_share"v2.4-rc0Olivier Deprez
2020-10-29TFTF: tests for FF-A memory sharing operationsJ-Alves
2020-10-29SPM: FFA endpoints headerJ-Alves
2020-10-28plat: tegra: include standard and validation testsanzhou
2020-10-28Tegra194: Add platform tag to serror_sdei_event_handleranzhou
2020-10-27cactus: macros for processing of commandsJ-Alves
2020-10-27SPM: memory sharing functions and structuresJ-Alves
2020-10-27FFA: Mem sharing ABIsJ-Alves
2020-10-23Tegra194: support GET_SMMU_PER testinganzhou
2020-10-23Tegra194: introduce tests to verify the Video Memory resize interfaceVarun Wadekar
2020-10-23timers: remove dependency on SYS_CNT_BASE1Varun Wadekar
2020-10-19SMC fuzzing module integration.Mark Dykes
2020-10-14Merge "Remove dependencies from FVP to generic code"Madhukar Pappireddy
2020-10-09Remove dependencies from FVP to generic codeJavier Almansa Sobrino
2020-10-07Add test for SDEI RM_ANY routing modejohpow01
2020-09-17cactus: re-align secure partition idOlivier Deprez
2020-09-02Minor bug fixes in multicore IRQ spurious testMadhukar Pappireddy
2020-08-19Cactus: Map RXTX region to third partion.Ruari Phipps
2020-08-17Tegra194: support for RAS corrected error testingVarun Wadekar
2020-08-17Tegra194: introduce RAS uncorrectable error injection testsVarun Wadekar
2020-07-28Update SMCCC_ARCH_SOC_ID test caseManish V Badarkhe
2020-07-27Cactus: FFA_PARTITION_INFO_GET test.Max Shvetsov
2020-07-27Cactus: FFA_FEATURES test.Max Shvetsov
2020-07-27SPM: TFTF test of FFA_FEATURES interface.Max Shvetsov
2020-07-17Merge "remove dashes and and sort tests"joanna.farley