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2020-10-19SMC fuzzing module integration.Mark Dykes
2020-10-14Merge "Remove dependencies from FVP to generic code"Madhukar Pappireddy
2020-10-09Remove dependencies from FVP to generic codeJavier Almansa Sobrino
2020-10-07Add test for SDEI RM_ANY routing modejohpow01
2020-09-17cactus: re-align secure partition idOlivier Deprez
2020-09-02Minor bug fixes in multicore IRQ spurious testMadhukar Pappireddy
2020-08-19Cactus: Map RXTX region to third partion.Ruari Phipps
2020-08-17Tegra194: support for RAS corrected error testingVarun Wadekar
2020-08-17Tegra194: introduce RAS uncorrectable error injection testsVarun Wadekar
2020-07-28Update SMCCC_ARCH_SOC_ID test caseManish V Badarkhe
2020-07-27Cactus: FFA_PARTITION_INFO_GET test.Max Shvetsov
2020-07-27Cactus: FFA_FEATURES test.Max Shvetsov
2020-07-27SPM: TFTF test of FFA_FEATURES interface.Max Shvetsov
2020-07-17Merge "remove dashes and and sort tests"joanna.farley
2020-07-14remove dashes and and sort testsLeonardo Sandoval
2020-06-30TFTF doesn't need to boot Secondary CactusJ-Alves
2020-06-26Tidying FFA helpersJ-Alves
2020-06-19SPM: TFTF test of FFA_VERSION interfaceJ-Alves
2020-06-08tests: arm_arch_svc: introduce support for NVIDIA Denver CPUsVarun Wadekar
2020-06-03Merge changes from topic "jb/8.6-features"Manish Pandey
2020-06-03Test that TF-A supports ARMv8.6-ECVJimmy Brisson
2020-05-29Test that TF-A supports ARMv8.6-FGTJimmy Brisson
2020-05-28Bug fix in Multicore IRQ spurious test.Madhukar Pappireddy
2020-05-15SPCI is now called PSA FF-AJ-Alves
2020-04-29Add test case for SMCCC_ARCH_SOC_ID featureManish V Badarkhe
2020-03-26tftf: spci: probe if SPMC is OP-TEE at S-EL1Olivier Deprez
2020-03-23tftf: re-introduce spm tests in the flowOlivier Deprez
2020-03-20tftf: SPCI Beta1 add direct messaging testOlivier Deprez
2020-02-11Switch AARCH32/AARCH64 to __aarch64__Deepika Bhavnani
2020-01-13Make TFTF RFC 4122 compliantOliver Swede
2019-12-23debugfs: add debug filesystem testsAmbroise Vincent
2019-12-05Merge "Support for extended register usage in SMCCC v1.2 spec"Manish Pandey
2019-11-29Merge "TFTF: Add support for FVP platforms with SMT capabilities"Soby Mathew
2019-11-21Support for extended register usage in SMCCC v1.2 specMadhukar Pappireddy
2019-11-13Merge "`requested_irq_received` must be initialized for all tests"Sandrine Bailleux
2019-11-07TFTF: Add support for FVP platforms with SMT capabilitiesAlexei Fedorov
2019-10-30Aarch32: Secure PMU counter leak testsPetre-Ionut Tudor
2019-10-21Merge "Extend SYSTEM_OFF test case"v2.2-rc2Sandrine Bailleux
2019-10-18Extend SYSTEM_OFF test caseDeepika Bhavnani
2019-10-14`requested_irq_received` must be initialized for all testsDeepika Bhavnani
2019-10-10Bugfix for PMU leakage testPetre-Ionut Tudor
2019-10-08Merge "TFTF: ARMv8.3-PAuth test code enhancements"v2.2-rc0Sandrine Bailleux
2019-10-08TFTF: ARMv8.3-PAuth test code enhancementsAlexei Fedorov
2019-10-08Add tests for MTE supportSandrine Bailleux
2019-10-04Merge "Added SYSTEM_RESET test case"Soby Mathew
2019-10-04Merge "Try to leak counter values from secure world."Soby Mathew
2019-10-04Try to leak counter values from secure world.Petre-Ionut Tudor
2019-10-01Added SYSTEM_RESET test caseDeepika Bhavnani
2019-09-30TF-A Test Framework: Rename `ptrauth` to `pauth`Alexei Fedorov
2019-09-30Merge "Separate shutdown and stats after shutdown tests"Sandrine Bailleux