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10 daystest(ff-a): notifications set and get interfacesJ-Alves
10 daysfeat(ff-a): notifications set and get ABIsJ-Alves
10 daystest(ff-a): bind and unbind notificationsJ-Alves
10 daystest(ff-a): notifications bitmap create and destroyJ-Alves
10 daysfeat(ff-a): notifications bind and unbind ABIsJ-Alves
14 daysfeat(ff-a): notifications bitmap create and destroy ABIsJ-Alves
2021-10-05Merge changes from topic "ja/notifications"Olivier Deprez
2021-10-04feat(spm): Helper to dump smc_ret_values contentJ-Alves
2021-10-04feat(spm): Test helper to verify responseJ-Alves
2021-10-01fix(ff-a): Fix ffa_features test for indirect msgDaniel Boulby
2021-09-20Merge changes from topic "TrcDbgExt"Manish Pandey
2021-09-17Add test to check PSTATE in the SDEI handlerDaniel Boulby
2021-08-26feat(sys_reg_trace): add trace system registers access testManish V Badarkhe
2021-08-26feat(trf): add trace filter control registers access testManish V Badarkhe
2021-08-26feat(trbe): add trace buffer control registers access testManish V Badarkhe
2021-08-25smc(fuzzer): random seed generation and build parametersjohpow01
2021-08-09feat(ff-a): update FF-A version to v1.1Olivier Deprez
2021-08-04fix(ff-a): set r4-7 to MBZ in ffa_rxtx_map wrapperDaniel Boulby
2021-08-04test(ff-a): add tests for the FFA_RXTX_UNMAP ABIDaniel Boulby
2021-07-15fix(tftf): test ffa_partition_info_get from NWdMax Shvetsov
2021-07-15refactor(ff-a): partition info test functionsMax Shvetsov
2021-06-30Merge "feat(sve): enable SVE tests in tftf"Olivier Deprez
2021-06-29Merge changes from topic "db/sel0"Olivier Deprez
2021-06-29feat(sve): enable SVE tests in tftfMax Shvetsov
2021-06-23Merge "fix(TFTF): ensure robustness of SError inject test"Manish Pandey
2021-06-18Change vector_entry names to match tftf code styleDaniel Boulby
2021-06-18Merge changes from topic "db/spm_id_get"Olivier Deprez
2021-06-11Group FF-A Setup and Discovery interface testsDaniel Boulby
2021-06-11Add tests for FFA function FFA_SPM_ID_GETDaniel Boulby
2021-06-03fix(spm): change error logs to verboseJ-Alves
2021-05-04fix(TFTF): ensure robustness of SError inject testDavid Horstmann
2021-05-04Change the name of type ffa_vm_id_tDaniel Boulby
2021-04-30Cactus test for exercising SMMUv3 driver to perform stage2 translationMadhukar Pappireddy
2021-04-13SPM: test handling of non-secure interrupt while running SPManish Pandey
2021-03-16Merge "TRNG: clean up TRNG test"bipin.ravi
2021-03-15cactus: declare third SP instance as UP SPOlivier Deprez
2021-03-15TFTF: Add secondary cores direct messaging test for SPMMax Shvetsov
2021-03-15TRNG: clean up TRNG testZelalem
2021-03-12SPM: Helpers for error logging after FF-A callsJ-Alves
2021-03-12FF-A: Tidying direct messaging API definitionsJ-Alves
2021-03-12SPM: Tidying FF-A Memory Sharing testsJ-Alves
2021-03-12TFTF: Use CACTUS_ECHO_CMD in direct message testsJ-Alves
2021-03-11FF-A: Check FF-A return is a valid direct responseJ-Alves
2021-03-11FF-A: FFA_MSG_DIRECT_RESP call using 5 registersJ-Alves
2021-03-11Merge "FF-A: Accessors for arguments from FF-A calls"Olivier Deprez
2021-03-08Add tests for TRNG SMCsJimmy Brisson
2021-03-03FF-A: Accessors for arguments from FF-A callsJ-Alves
2021-03-02TFTF tests for v8.6 AMU enhancements (FEAT_AMUv1p1)johpow01
2021-02-10[SPM] checks if SIMD vectors are preservedOlivier Deprez
2021-02-10[SPM] tidying common code to tftf and cactusMax Shvetsov