path: root/spm/cactus/cactus_ffa_tests.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-10[SPM] checks if SIMD vectors are preservedOlivier Deprez
2021-02-10[SPM] tidying common code to tftf and cactusMax Shvetsov
2021-01-20cactus: test SP-to-SP memory share operationsJ-Alves
2020-12-23cactus: reduce tests verbosity in release modeOlivier Deprez
2020-11-06cactus: fix access to uninitialized arrayJ-Alves
2020-10-29SPM: FFA endpoints headerJ-Alves
2020-10-27cactus: adding memory sharing testsJ-Alves
2020-10-23cactus: adjust partition info get propertiesOlivier Deprez
2020-10-14cactus: re-structure platform dependent filesArunachalam Ganapathy
2020-09-17cactus: re-align secure partition idOlivier Deprez
2020-08-19Cactus: Add third partion to ffa testsRuari Phipps
2020-07-27Cactus: tidying FFA_VERSION test.Max Shvetsov
2020-07-27Cactus: FFA_PARTITION_INFO_GET test.Max Shvetsov
2020-07-27Cactus: FFA_FEATURES test.Max Shvetsov
2020-06-26Tidying FFA helpersJ-Alves
2020-06-19Cactus: FFA Version TestJ-Alves