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6 daysMerge "spm: use virtual counter for sp_sleep"HEADmasterMadhukar Pappireddy
9 daysspm: use virtual counter for sp_sleepManish Pandey
SPs(at S-EL1) can only access virtual counters which is calculated as: Virtual Count = Physical Count - <offset> Offset value is specified in the register CNTVOFF_EL2, which is set as 0 by hafnium. This patch changes sp_sleep() to use virtual counter instead of physical counter. Change-Id: I4245b5efbc0a982686e8fd22060110faa764a729 Signed-off-by: Manish Pandey <manish.pandey2@arm.com>
2021-02-12Merge changes from topic "ffa-simd"Olivier Deprez
* changes: [SPM] checks if SIMD vectors are preserved [SPM] tidying common code to tftf and cactus
2021-02-10[SPM] checks if SIMD vectors are preservedOlivier Deprez
Populates the SIMD registers in the normal world, then modifies those in the secure world. Upon return to the normal world checks that vectors are restored to the original values. Note: Does not check if SIMD vectors are preserved when returning back to the secure world. Signed-off-by: Olivier Deprez <olivier.deprez@arm.com> Signed-off-by: Max Shvetsov <maksims.svecovs@arm.com> Change-Id: I3ae223af64597f83afa6624122109db2cf0077f7
2021-02-10[SPM] tidying common code to tftf and cactusMax Shvetsov
This patch moves the code used to test SPM functionality, not explicitly described in FF-A specification, from ffa_helpers to spm_common which is built for both tftf and cactus. Signed-off-by: Max Shvetsov <maksims.svecovs@arm.com> Change-Id: I461efad977cc4d02701feea7b2215a61453716ef
2021-02-04Merge "Nit: Change name from helper function and macro"Olivier Deprez
2021-02-03Merge "plat/tc0: Change to 8 cores for Theodul"Manish Pandey
2021-01-29plat/tc0: Change to 8 cores for TheodulUsama Arif
This includes changing to 8 cores for header file, dts and topology. The missing uart node is also added to cactus.dts. Signed-off-by: Usama Arif <usama.arif@arm.com> Signed-off-by: Arunachalam Ganapathy <arunachalam.ganapathy@arm.com> Change-Id: I1c70f9fd92273d7b5dc97875707e469d7f39c12d
2021-01-22Merge "Cactus: refactor of cactus_test_cmds.h"Olivier Deprez
2021-01-21Nit: Change name from helper function and macroJ-Alves
Removed reference to Hafnium in name from helper function and macro to make them generic. Signed-off-by: J-Alves <joao.alves@arm.com> Change-Id: I5bdba013b3a0478dc1ef9058e71747480ba5ff1d
2021-01-21Cactus: refactor of cactus_test_cmds.hJ-Alves
Change from macros to static inline functions, to enforce type checking. Signed-off-by: J-Alves <joao.alves@arm.com> Change-Id: I2cbaf99683ca5b2a5689256240894ed05d99e0d8
2021-01-21Merge changes from topic "sp_to_sp_mem_share"Olivier Deprez
* changes: Cactus: cmd for mem share tests TFTF: tests to request SP-to-SP memory share cactus: test SP-to-SP memory share operations cactus: add command to request memory sharing between SPs TFTF: Refactor FF-A memory sharing tests
2021-01-21Merge changes from topic "sp_to_sp_comm"Olivier Deprez
* changes: TFTF: SP-to-SP direct messaging deadlock test cactus: testing deadlock by FF-A direct message TFTF: trigger direct messaging between SPs cactus: handle 'CACTUS_REQ_ECHO_CMD' and 'CACTUS_ECHO_CMD' cactus: add commands CACTUS_ECHO_CMD and CACTUS_REQ_ECHO_CMD
2021-01-20Cactus: cmd for mem share testsJ-Alves
Previously there was no cmd id for the mem share tests in 'cactus_test_cmds.h', the func id was being reused. For consistency added the cmd id 'CACTUS_MEM_SEND_CMD'. Signed-off-by: J-Alves <joao.alves@arm.com> Change-Id: Ia2cee00d444d2b753855f2323578df0f9bcf4fb2
2021-01-20TFTF: tests to request SP-to-SP memory shareJ-Alves
Signed-off-by: J-Alves <joao.alves@arm.com> Change-Id: I06cd2aedf48232dff4c530f1930297f2d962b3f3
2021-01-20cactus: test SP-to-SP memory share operationsJ-Alves
Handle 'CACTUS_REQ_MEM_SEND_CMD' by sending memory to the receiver SP. Signed-off-by: J-Alves <joao.alves@arm.com> Change-Id: I4ca1ff91c52640f3a7204cc63041a091c210d8b7
2021-01-20cactus: add command to request memory sharing between SPsJ-Alves
Signed-off-by: J-Alves <joao.alves@arm.com> Change-Id: Id6f2557b7ae0f9f5d74f194a2cb35f5a571192ff
2021-01-20TFTF: Refactor FF-A memory sharing testsJ-Alves
- Created helper functions to initialize ffa_memory_region and to send the respective memory region to the SP, making it possible to reuse the logic in SP-to-SP memory share tests. - Added comments to document relevant aspects about memory sharing. Signed-off-by: J-Alves <joao.alves@arm.com> Change-Id: Id3c6db092d5b5eeed746a5fae30b8c853876fc53
2021-01-20TFTF: SP-to-SP direct messaging deadlock testJ-Alves
TFTF sends CACTUS_REQ_DEADLOCK_CMD to cactus SP. Signed-off-by: J-Alves <joao.alves@arm.com> Change-Id: I1dc243fc5d22a6fe23b453648d69b7405091e05e
2021-01-20cactus: testing deadlock by FF-A direct messageJ-Alves
Added command CACTUS_DEADLOCK_CMD to file cactus_test_cmds.h to create a deadlock scenario using FF-A direct message interfaces. Added command CACTUS_REQ_DEADLOCK_CMD to trigger the sequence of CACTUS_DEADLOCK_CMD necessary for the deadlock to occur. Handled both commands in cactus message loop. The purpose is to verify a deadlock by FF-A direct messaging cannot happen in Hafnium implementation. Signed-off-by: J-Alves <joao.alves@arm.com> Change-Id: Ia5d6e92a955cd73d8997edaeef055f7b8184850e
2021-01-20TFTF: trigger direct messaging between SPsJ-Alves
Use cactus command 'CACTUS_REQ_ECHO_SEND_CMD' to make cactus SPs communicate with each other using direct message interfaces. Signed-off-by: J-Alves <joao.alves@arm.com> Change-Id: Idc266cfb8b5661d1b2386d20a2758489f8ac894e
2021-01-04cactus: handle 'CACTUS_REQ_ECHO_CMD' and 'CACTUS_ECHO_CMD'J-Alves
Changing message loop to handle newly added commands. The intent is to use these commands to validate FF-A direct messaging between SPs. Signed-off-by: J-Alves <joao.alves@arm.com> Change-Id: Id0ecbfafb13918fa2d349e70164b735f9ade6841
2021-01-04cactus: add commands CACTUS_ECHO_CMD and CACTUS_REQ_ECHO_CMDJ-Alves
Signed-off-by: J-Alves <joao.alves@arm.com> Change-Id: Ide72ffab984b59400b4bdf84fd0ba6542969d0eb
2021-01-04Merge changes I94f90d88,Ieef68c27Olivier Deprez
* changes: spm: update README with list of sample partitions cactus: remove reference to PSA from xml test file
2020-12-24Merge "cactus: reduce tests verbosity in release mode"Alexei Fedorov
2020-12-23spm: update README with list of sample partitionsOlivier Deprez
Signed-off-by: Olivier Deprez <olivier.deprez@arm.com> Change-Id: I94f90d8863c718b042a12c13869617d9c6254c04
2020-12-23cactus: reduce tests verbosity in release modeOlivier Deprez
Update few NOTICE messages to VERBOSE/INFO. Update VM ids to be displayed in hex provided secure partitions use IDs greater than 0x8000. Signed-off-by: Olivier Deprez <olivier.deprez@arm.com> Change-Id: I737d7ef9e71ad9328be9fc599a986a8df4e60810
2020-12-23cactus: remove reference to PSA from xml test fileOlivier Deprez
The FF-A specification as been renamed from PSA FF-A v1.0 to FF-A v1.0. Signed-off-by: Olivier Deprez <olivier.deprez@arm.com> Change-Id: Ieef68c270e6213ff58ff9940b1337c43fb7bd25d
2020-12-17Merge "TFTF: Use MTE instructions in 'test_mte_instructions' test"Madhukar Pappireddy
2020-12-16Merge changes from topics "rxtx_map_test", "sp_to_sp_comm"Olivier Deprez
* changes: SPM: Fix conversion issues on cactus responses TFTF: helpers for SPM tests cactus: Use RXTX mapping helper macros SPM: RXTX map test on TFTF FFA: RXTX map/configure helper macros
2020-12-15SPM: Fix conversion issues on cactus responsesJ-Alves
The checks of cactus responses in TFTF spm tests were failing to detect CACTUS_ERROR, which is used to notify that some tests went wrong. Thus, tests were being logged as finalized with success, when that was not the case. Signed-off-by: J-Alves <joao.alves@arm.com> Change-Id: Id4d915453cd137c9a4a2ec0072c9674f5c5fe0e5
2020-12-15TFTF: helpers for SPM testsJ-Alves
Added functions and macros to help check at the beginning of the test, that system is as expected for SPM tests in which Hafnium is deployed as SPMC. This includes: - Checking SPMC has expected FFA_VERSION; - Checking that expected FF-A endpoints are deployed in the system; - Getting global TFTF mailbox. Signed-off-by: J-Alves <joao.alves@arm.com> Change-Id: I9195bcff8ed93156e838b192bb70a9634e18fbbf
2020-12-14TFTF: Use MTE instructions in 'test_mte_instructions' testAlexei Fedorov
This patch replaces '.inst' AArch64 machine directives with CPU Memory Tagging Extension instructions in 'test_mte_instructions' function. The test code for executing MTE instructions must be compiled with '-march=armv8.5-memtag' option which is provided by setting 'ARM_ARCH_FEATURE=memtag' and 'ARM_ARCH_MINOR=5' build flags in 'tftf_config/fvp-cpu-extensions' when this CI configuration is built separately. Otherwise this compiler's option must be specified explicitly. Signed-off-by: Alexei Fedorov <Alexei.Fedorov@arm.com> Change-Id: I90f1381733113798069bf77d3a03fcb284607fe5
2020-12-11Merge "TFTF: Add build option for Arm Feature Modifiers"Manish Pandey
2020-12-10cactus: Use RXTX mapping helper macrosJ-Alves
Signed-off-by: J-Alves <joao.alves@arm.com> Change-Id: I2774435d85dd9a5c697c19f759994eecd349a236
2020-12-10SPM: RXTX map test on TFTFJ-Alves
Some FF-A interfaces use RXTX buffers to exchange information with SPMC. To avoid repetition of RXTX mapping across the spm-related tests, and prevent allocation of multiple pages for RXTX buffers within TFTF runtime: - Implemented test helpers that hold address of RXTX buffers; - Implemented test to FFA_RXTX_MAP ABI, that also sets value of RXTX buffers; - Cleaned up memory sharing tests that previously implemented RXTX mapping. Signed-off-by: J-Alves <joao.alves@arm.com> Change-Id: I4a67982d3d185bf83809156e4fce03c6edb967d9
2020-12-10FFA: RXTX map/configure helper macrosJ-Alves
Configuring/mapping RXTX buffers results in repetitive code, therefore created helper macros. Signed-off-by: J-Alves <joao.alves@arm.com> Change-Id: I089b072b8b8fc49a445dcfb3967ddd4783b97628
2020-12-10TFTF: Add build option for Arm Feature ModifiersAlexei Fedorov
This patch adds a new ARM_ARCH_FEATURE build option to add support for compiler's feature modifiers. It has the form '[no]feature+...' and defaults to 'none'. This option translates into compiler option '-march=armvX[.Y]-a+[no]feature+...'. Signed-off-by: Alexei Fedorov <Alexei.Fedorov@arm.com> Change-Id: I115a921c777b7932523d2dff8e8e03377d87bb78
2020-12-09Merge changes from topic "secure_no_primary"Olivier Deprez
* changes: spm: update OP-TEE version used for testing to 3.10 cactus: add uart2 to device-regions node
2020-12-03spm: update OP-TEE version used for testing to 3.10Olivier Deprez
SPMC as S-EL1 tests using OP-TEE depend on a static binary stored as a CI file. This binary corresponds to a build of OP-TEE v3.10. Update the version reported to TFTF accordingly. Signed-off-by: Olivier Deprez <olivier.deprez@arm.com> Change-Id: I23f51f8a126152a1345c8180c6e55fe7e2f471b8
2020-11-25cactus: add uart2 to device-regions nodeOlivier Deprez
Now first secure partition behaves equally to other secure partitions. It does no longer have an open access to the full system peripheral range and devices must be explicitelly declared in the SP manifest. Signed-off-by: Olivier Deprez <olivier.deprez@arm.com> Change-Id: I720beaf6b5874098afee19aafb6d81e53450cdad
2020-11-17Merge "Makefile: Update the minor version to indicate 2.4 release"v2.4-rc2v2.4-rc1v2.4Manish Pandey
2020-11-17Makefile: Update the minor version to indicate 2.4 releaseManish V Badarkhe
Updated the minor version to '4' to indicate 2.4 release Change-Id: I0cef2f3aa58808beca2fc48acb3ad39e01619105 Signed-off-by: Manish V Badarkhe <Manish.Badarkhe@arm.com>
2020-11-13Merge "docs: Updated change log for upcoming v2.4 release"Joanna Farley
2020-11-10docs: Updated change log for upcoming v2.4 releaseManish V Badarkhe
Signed-off-by: Manish V Badarkhe <Manish.Badarkhe@arm.com> Change-Id: I73a6041b23186e9bcc53239de8919d818f980db3
2020-11-10Merge "Fix race condition in SError inject test"Alexei Fedorov
2020-11-09Fix race condition in SError inject testDavid Horstmann
tftf/tests/misc_tests/inject_serror.S clears a flag, serror_received, then waits for it to be set by an error handler. However, it currently clears the flag after having started the count down timer to generate the error, so there is a data race between it and the error handler. This can cause the test to fail, if the error is generated and the flag set before it is first cleared. Fix this by clearing the serror_received flag before starting the count down timer. Change-Id: I919ef2a1bba66b19f47bccfcdbee944357881e8f Signed-off-by: David Horstmann <david.horstmann@arm.com>
2020-11-06Merge "cactus: fix access to uninitialized array"Manish Pandey
2020-11-06cactus: fix access to uninitialized arrayJ-Alves
Array 'receivers' of 'struct ffa_memory_region' was being accessed without being initialized, in function 'ffa_memory_management_test'. Changed it to process 'ffa_memory_region' transaction descriptor from the partition's mailbox. Change-Id: If240a3d0bc554558cd06bc8200a2f66d501b7f4f Signed-off-by: J-Alves <joao.alves@arm.com>
2020-10-29Merge changes from topic "mem_share"v2.4-rc0Olivier Deprez
* changes: TFTF: tests for FF-A memory sharing operations SPM: FFA endpoints header SPM: TFTF skip test if FFA endpoint absent cactus: adding memory sharing tests cactus: macros for processing of commands SPM: memory sharing functions and structures FFA: Mem sharing ABIs