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+Trusted Firmware-A Tests - version 2.3
+The Trusted Firmware-A Tests (TF-A-Tests) is a suite of baremetal tests to
+exercise the `Trusted Firmware-A (TF-A)`_ features from the Normal World. It
+enables strong TF-A functional testing without dependency on a Rich OS. It
+mainly interacts with TF-A through its SMC interface.
+It provides a basis for TF-A developers to validate their own platform ports and
+add their own test cases.
+The following TF-A features are currently tested to some extent (this list is
+not exhaustive):
+- `SMC Calling Convention`_
+- `Power State Coordination Interface (PSCI)`_
+- `Software Delegated Exception Interface (SDEI)`_
+- `Performance Measurement Framework (PMF)`_
+- Communication and interaction with the `Test Secure Payload (TSP)`_
+- `Firmware update`_ (or recovery mode)
+- `EL3 payload`_ boot flow
+- `Secure partition`_ support
+These tests are not a compliance test suite for the Arm interface standards used
+in TF-A (such as PSCI).
+They do not cover 100% of the TF-A code. The fact that all tests pass does not
+mean that TF-A is free of bugs.
+They are not reference code. They should not be considered as the official way
+to test hardware/firmware features. Instead, they are provided as example code
+to experiment with and improve on.
+The software is provided under a BSD-3-Clause `license`_. Contributions to this
+project are accepted under the same license with developer sign-off as
+described in the `Contributing Guidelines`_.
+This project contains code from other projects as listed below. The original
+license text is included in those source files.
+- The libc source code is derived from `FreeBSD`_ and `SCC`_. FreeBSD uses
+ various BSD licenses, including BSD-3-Clause and BSD-2-Clause. The SCC code
+ is used under the BSD-3-Clause license with the author's permission.
+- The `LLVM compiler-rt`_ source code is disjunctively dual licensed
+ (NCSA OR MIT). It is used by this project under the terms of the NCSA
+ license (also known as the University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License),
+ which is a permissive license compatible with BSD-3-Clause. Any
+ contributions to this code must be made under the terms of both licenses.
+This release
+This release makes a wide range of tests available for validating the functionality
+of TF-A as well as several improvements to test framework and test suite.
+Please refer to the `change log`_ for more details of the features, known issues and
+limitations in the current release.
+Juno Arm Development Platform
+The AArch64 build of this release has been tested on variants r0, r1 and r2 of
+the `Juno Arm Development Platform`_. The AArch32 build has only been tested on
+variant r0.
+Armv8 Architecture Fixed Virtual Platforms
+The AArch64 build has been tested on the following Armv8 Architecture Fixed
+Virtual Platforms (`FVP`_):
+- ``FVP_Base_AEMv8A-AEMv8A``
+- ``FVP_Base_Cortex-A35x4``
+- ``FVP_Base_Cortex-A57x4-A53x4``
+- ``FVP_Base_RevC-2xAEMv8A``
+- ``Foundation_Platform``
+The AArch32 build has been tested on the following `FVP`_\ s:
+- ``FVP_Base_Cortex-A32x4``
+- ``FVP_Base_RevC-2xAEMv8A``
+NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, the model version is version 11.9, build 41.
+System Guidance for Infrastructure Fixed Virtual Platforms
+The AArch64 build has been tested on the following Fixed Virtual Platforms
+- ``FVP_CSS_SGI-575``
+- ``FVP_RD_N1Edge``
+- For ``FVP_CSS_SGI-575`` and ``FVP_RD_N1Edge``, internal version of the
+ models were used.
+Still to come
+- More tests.
+- Support for new platforms.
+- Design improvements.
+- Stability improvements.
+- Enhance test framework to make it easier to implement tests.
+- Fixing known issues (see the `change log`_ for more details).
+Getting started
+Get the TF-A Tests source code from `trustedfirmware.org`_.
+See the `User Guide`_ for instructions on how to install, build and use the TF-A
+See the `Design Guide`_ for information on how the TF-A Tests internally work.
+See the `Porting Guide`_ for information about how to use this software on
+another Armv8-A platform.
+See the `Contributing Guidelines`_ for information on how to contribute to this
+*Copyright (c) 2018-2020, Arm Limited. All rights reserved.*
+.. _Contributing Guidelines: contributing.rst
+.. _license: license.rst
+.. _change log: docs/change-log.rst
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+.. _Software Delegated Exception Interface (SDEI): SDEI_
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+.. _issue tracker: https://developer.trustedfirmware.org/project/board/9/
+.. _mailing list: https://lists.trustedfirmware.org/mailman/listinfo/tf-a-tests