AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-27SPM: Allow to pack binary format SPs as early TAspsa-developmentImre Kis
2022-04-27SPM: Handle binary format SPsImre Kis
2022-04-27SPM: Add support for load relative memory regionsImre Kis
2022-04-27Forward load address to user_ta_ctxImre Kis
2022-04-01core: add vm_get_prot()Ilias Apalodimas
2022-03-01SPM: fix Linux OP-TEE driver compatibilityBalint Dobszay
2022-03-01SPM: Return OP-TEE ID in PARTITION_INFO_GETBalint Dobszay
2022-03-01SPM: use FFA_SECONDARY_EP_REGISTERBalint Dobszay
2022-02-11core: FF-A: Release tx buffer in mem_retrieveJelle Sels
2022-02-08SPMC: Enable handling 64-bit direct messagesBalint Dobszay
2022-02-07FF-A: Fix incorrect linked list with mem-shareJelle Sels
2022-02-02plat-corstone1000: reserve 3MB CVM memory for optee-osVishnu Banavath
2022-02-02plat-corstone1000: add corstone1000 platformVishnu Banavath
2022-02-02Core: Fix device memory caching propertyJelle Sels
2022-01-31Remove SP dev kitImre Kis
2021-12-06manifest: Add memory regionsJelle
2021-11-30Fix: add missing error check during SP initJelle Sels
2021-06-03core: Fix linker error in thread_foreign_intr_exittopics/stmm-backportImre Kis
2021-06-02sp: Add support for building 32 bit SP dev kitAndrew Beggs
2021-04-23core: Fix strict-aliasing rules warningJelle Sels
2021-04-14SPMC: Pass device regions to SPJelle Sels
2021-04-14SPM: Ignore HW_CONFIG boot argumentBalint Dobszay
2021-04-14SPM: Fix paged_init_primary() incorrect argumentBalint Dobszay
2021-04-13core: use absolute dts path for trusted servicesJelle Sels
2021-03-24SPM: Implement SP loading from FIPBalint Dobszay
2021-03-22SPM: DT handling improvementsBalint Dobszay
2021-03-19SPM: Handle SPMD boot argumentsBalint Dobszay
2021-02-10SPM: fix UUID byte order for PARTITION_INFO_GETBalint Dobszay
2021-02-10core: Fix incorrect mem_share freeJelle Sels
2021-02-10SPMC: Fix thread_spmc build errorJelle Sels
2020-12-15SPMC: Add device_tree bindings for device memJelle Sels
2020-12-15SPMC: Add device memory support for SPsJelle Sels
2020-11-25SPM: Fix secondary core init for FVP platformBalint Dobszay
2020-11-17sp: Adding optee_ prefix to the SP devkit interfaceImre Kis
2020-11-17sp: Fixing in-tree SP build errorsImre Kis
2020-11-17SPMC: FIX mem share xtest failureJelle Sels
2020-11-06sp: Fix not linking .sp_head sectionBalint Dobszay
2020-10-28sp: Add first version of SP build supportImre Kis
2020-10-20SPM: Map shared SP memory in secure memoryJelle Sels
2020-10-20SPM: Put SP in dead state after panicJelle Sels
2020-10-20SPM: Handle FFA_FEATURES for SPsJelle Sels
2020-10-20SPM: Add S-EL1 SP functionalityJelle Sels
2020-10-19SPM: Handle FFA_MEM_RETRIEVE_REQJelle Sels
2020-10-09SPM: Add handling of FFA_ID_GETJelle Sels
2020-10-09SPM: Add support for SP to SP mem sharingJelle Sels
2020-10-09SPM: implement FFA_MEM_SHARE NW-SPJelle Sels
2020-10-09SPM: Add rxtx buffer from SPsJelle Sels
2020-10-09SPM: Add FFA_PARTITION_INFO_GET for SPJelle Sels
2020-10-09SPM: Initial FF-A SP's supportJelle Sels