ci-yadp-builder.git[no description]7 days
dockerfiles.git[no description]54 min.
fvp-dockerfiles.git[no description]7 days
hafnium-ci-scripts.git[no description]7 days
hafnium-job-configs.git[no description]54 min.
mbed-tls-job-configs.git[no description]54 min.
misra-dockerfiles.git[no description]53 min.
qa-tools.git[no description]54 min.
terraform.git[no description]54 min.
tf-a-ci-scripts.gitTrusted Firmware A (TF-A) CI scripts 22 hours
tf-a-job-configs.gitTrusted Firmware A (TF-A) Jenkins job configs 54 min.
tf-ci-scripts.git[no description]54 min.
tf-ci-users-guide.git[no description]54 min.
tf-lava.git[no description]
tf-m-ci-scripts.git[no description]54 min.
tf-m-job-configs.git[no description]2 days
tf-tuxpub-deploy.git[no description]54 min.
tf-tuxput-deploy.git[no description]3 days
TF-A.git[Staging CI] Gerrit settings common to all projects under the TF-A namespace 44 min.
TF-A/tf-a-tests.git[Staging CI] Trusted Firmware-A Tests 45 min.
TF-A/trusted-firmware-a.git[Staging CI] Trusted Firmware for A profile Arm CPUs 26 hours
ci.git2 years
ci/ci-yadp-builder.git[no description]7 days
ci/mbed-tls-job-configs.git[no description]4 days
ci/mbedtls-amis.git[no description]7 days
ci/tf-a-ci-scripts.git[Staging CI] Trusted Firmware A (TF-A) CI scripts 14 hours
ci/tf-a-job-configs.git[Staging CI] Trusted Firmware A (TF-A) Jenkins job configs 44 min.
ci/tf-ci-scripts.git[no description]44 min.
ci/tf-m-ci-scripts.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 44 min.
ci/tf-m-job-configs.git[no description]2 hours