AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 daysPlatform: Add GPIO platform service for Musca-A and B1HEADmasterTamas Kaman
3 daysCC312: Fix Windows buildGyorgy Szing
3 daysCore: Add memory overlap check in psa_callSummer Qin
4 daysCrypto: Remove workaround for redefinition errorsJamie Fox
4 daysPlatform: Fix XXX_ATTR_FN section label in GNUARM linker scriptDavid Hu
4 dayscmsis: Update includes to those of CMSIS v5.6.0Ronald Cron
5 daysCore: Update the return status for psa_replySummer Qin
6 daysCore: Change the type of ns_caller from int32_t to boolSummer Qin
6 daysBuild: Remove heap_size from manifestEdison Ai
6 daysPlatform: Fix QSPI uninit for Musca-A platformTamas Kaman
7 daysBuild: Put libtfmsprt.a library into UNPRIV_CODEmingyang sun
7 daysSPRTL: 'memory copy' and 'memory move' functionsMingyang Sun
7 daysBuild: Enhance tools for IRQ checkEdison Ai
10 daysCore: Change the type of ns_caller from int32_t/uint32_t to boolSummer Qin
10 daysCore: Update parameter packing mechanismSummer Qin
10 daysCore: Refine veneer function descriptionSummer Qin
10 daysTest: Add the dependence of platform serviceEdison Ai
10 daysCore: Add dependency supportEdison Ai
11 daysCore: Add support for ALL_SRC_ASMChris Brand
11 daysCore: Change the signature of multi-core entry pointChris Brand
11 daysPlatform: Add multi-core specific SPM HAL APIs declarationsDavid Hu
11 daysBuild: Skip installing veneer in multi-core topologyDavid Hu
11 daysBuild: Improve multi-core build in CommonConfig.cmakeDavid Hu
11 daysDualcpu: Fix SPE mailbox HAL APIsDavid Hu
11 daysDualcpu: Call core memory operation APIs in SPE mailboxDavid Hu
11 daysCore: Add connect handle checkSummer Qin
11 daysDocs: Add missing platforms to documentationMarton Berke
12 daysTest: Add platform secure service test suiteMate Toth-Pal
12 daysInterface: Enable Platform service in IPC modelMate Toth-Pal
2019-11-29Doc: Updated for Version 1.0-RC3TF-Mv1.0-RC3Tamas Ban
2019-11-29Attest: Remove hard coded public key from test suiteDavid Vincze
2019-11-29Attest: Implement API to get attestation public keyDavid Vincze
2019-11-29Attest: Extend attestation API to get public keyDavid Vincze
2019-11-29Interface: Apply guard to avoid redefinition errorDavid Vincze
2019-11-29Platform: Get attestation private key from OTP on Musca-B1Xu Yong
2019-11-29Platform: Generate attestation key and program it to OTP on Musca-B1Xu Yong
2019-11-29Platform: Get the hash of ROTPK from CC312 OTPTamas Ban
2019-11-29Platform: Use CryptoCell HUK to derive a key as SST keyXu Yong
2019-11-29Platform: Get device lifecycle from CC312 on Musca-B1Tamas Ban
2019-11-29Boot: Add OTP provisioning functionality to MCUBootTamas Ban
2019-11-29Crypto: Enable CC312 runtime libraryRaef Coles
2019-11-29Boot: Enable CC312 runtime libraryRaef Coles
2019-11-29Platform: Enable CC312 integrationRaef Coles
2019-11-29Boot: Switch boot to use mbed-cryptoRaef Coles
2019-11-29Platform: Extend S binary slot on Musca-B1Tamas Ban
2019-11-28CC312: Support out-of-tree build for CC312Raef Coles
2019-11-28CC312: Fix CRT parameter generation in CC312 libRaef Coles
2019-11-28CC312: Make public LCS and ROTPK getter functionsTamas Ban
2019-11-28CC312: Fork CC312 runtime library inside tf-mDavid Vincze
2019-11-26Doc: Adjusted tfm_secure_irq_handling document headersGalanakis, Minos