AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 hoursDoc: Minor documentation fixesHEADmasterGalanakis, Minos
34 hoursCOSE: Remove old COSE libraryTamas Ban
34 hoursAttest: Refine compile time build optionsTamas Ban
34 hoursAttest: Add attest key id to the COSE headerTamas Ban
34 hoursAttest: Replace crypto related size definitionsTamas Ban
34 hoursBuild: Compile QCBOR test suite togheter with the libraryTamas Ban
34 hoursCOSE: Add test suite to NS code onlyTamas Ban
34 hoursCOSE: Rename test executor functionTamas Ban
34 hoursAttest: Align attestation service to new COSE libraryTamas Ban
34 hoursBuild: Add new version of COSE library to TF-M buildTamas Ban
34 hoursAttest: Return with real token size to callerTamas Ban
34 hoursCOSE: Improve PSA crypto adapterLaurence Lundblade
34 hoursCOSE: Full independent implementation of RFC 8152 COSE_Sign1 messagesLaurence Lundblade
34 hoursApp: Increase NS test stack sizeTamas Ban
34 hoursQCBOR: Improve handling of end of data and error; add indefinite length encodingLaurence Lundblade
46 hoursPlatform: update sign.py for cysecuretools v1.3.3 (psoc64)Andrei Narkevitch
46 hoursPlatform: Debug Access Port (DAP) driver (psoc64)Andrei Narkevitch
46 hoursPlatform: move debug printouts out of tfm_spm_hal_init_isolation_hw (psoc64)Andrei Narkevitch
46 hoursPlatform: fix CM0P not printing debug messages (psoc64)Andrei Narkevitch
4 daysPlatform: PSoC64: S-IRQ: enable Core Test (CORE_TEST)Alamy Liu
4 daysPlatform: PSoC64: S-IRQ: enable Clocks for TCPWM0 CountersAlamy Liu
4 daysPlatform: PSoC64: S-IRQ: Initialize Interrupt for TFM_TIMER0_IRQAlamy Liu
4 daysPlatform: PSoC64: S-IRQ: porting tfm_spm_hal_xxx_irq()Alamy Liu
4 daysPlatform: PSoC64: S-IRQ: timer interrupt handlersAlamy Liu
4 daysPlatform: PSoC64: S-IRQ: Add plat_test.cAlamy Liu
4 daysPlatform: PSoC64: S-IRQ: Add platform_irq.hAlamy Liu
4 daysPlatform: PSoC64: S-IRQ: Define CY_TCPWM0_TIMERxAlamy Liu
4 daysPlatform: PSoC64: S-IRQ: define TFM_PERIPHERAL_TIMER0Alamy Liu
4 daysPlatform: PSoC64: S-IRQ: compile TCPWM Counter driverAlamy Liu
4 daysTest: IRQ: use defined name from platformAlamy Liu
4 daysCore: Unify register clear in naked functionsMate Toth-Pal
5 daysDocs: Add mailbox design on dual-core systemsDavid Hu
5 daysDocs: Update dualcore comms prototype doc to match codeChris Brand
5 daysDocs: Clarify behaviour of multiple NS PSA client calls feature in dual-cpuChris Brand
5 daysDocs: Typos etc in dual core comms designChris Brand
5 daysDocs: Rst version of dual core comms designChris Brand
5 daysDocs: dual-core boot designChris Brand
8 daysTest: Increase client partition stack sizeKen Liu
9 daysBuild: Remove mbed-crypto building workaroundKen Liu
9 daysPlatform: Set PPC privilege based on RoT flagsMate Toth-Pal
10 daysPlatform: Add support for cy8ckit-064b0s2-4343w boardAndrei Narkevitch
10 daysPlatform: Update sign.py for cysecuretools 1.3.3 (psoc64)Andrei Narkevitch
10 daysBuild: Remove obsolete script fileKen Liu
12 daysTest: Add Crypto test for key access controlJamie Fox
12 daysPlatform: Move PSoC64 exports into TF-M general export folderDavid Hu
12 daysDualcpu: Add export filesDavid Hu
12 daysBuild: Fix arch type of Cortex-M0plus in GNUARMDavid Hu
2020-01-10Core: Fix privileged in memory check for NS callerMate Toth-Pal
2020-01-10Core: Fix the access to service signalJaykumar Pitambarbhai Patel
2020-01-10Core: Initialize UART after programming the PPC/SAUJaykumar Pitambarbhai Patel